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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11...

Last night I was in bed watching ShowTime and noticed Fahrenheit 9/11 had 45 minutes left. Okay... I have watched half of this movie before and got so ticked that I had to turn it off. I decided, last night, if I could stay awake that I would try to make it to the end.

Michael Moore has balls. His greatest points in the movie were how he pulled back the bloody veil of the bloodshed of a war that has been censored for the American publics consumption. I loved when he asked several congressman to sign their children up for the military. I didn't know that only 1 congressman has a child in the military. This documentary is hilarious, heart renching and devastating. When he interviewed several of the soldiers over in Iraq, most of their comments were they really didn't understand why they were there. Those scenes really got to me.

Those who say Moore hates the USA are idiots. Moore shows more support for our troops than any other filmmaker I have seen. I was expecting this film to be more of a "bullet through the heart" of Bush's presidency. In fact, the documentary doesn't have that much dirt on Bush or his government. The documentary, itself, was more focused on our troops and how they are doing in the war. Very emotional stuff.

Those who know me know that I am and will always be a card-carrying Democrat. I do have family and friends who are card-carrying Republicans and I do respect their opinions. Do I support our President? I did not vote for him... but he is our President and a majority of my fellow Americans did cast their ballot for him. I do not agree with most of the things our President does and I can't stand to hear him speak. After watching these videos Bush on Sovereighnty and Bush's One Finger Solute I had to hang my head in shame. I have to say I do not agree with the war in Iraq... BUT... I will and forever "Support our Troops" no matter what. Our Troops chose to defend and serve our country... they have to abide by the "Commander in Chief's" ruling. That was their decision when they signed the dotted line. I respect that whole heartly and give them Cudo's. The "American Soldier" are the true heros of our country, not those who sit behind the desk in the Oval Office, be if the "Oval Office" is Republican, Democrat, Liberal, etc....

Until we meet again...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Wind is Blowing...

Hurricane Katrina...

Hurricane Katrina has brought a lot of rain to our area and caused the National Weather Service in Nashville to issue an Inland Tropical Storm warning for southern middle Tennessee, which is in effect until 1pm today. Wind speeds are/were expected to reach 39 - 73 mph in our area, with 50mph gusts possible. Last night it was hard to sleep because the wind was so bad. None of our trees were blown down but some of our neighbors trees were. I have not heard of any tornados touching down any where near by. The National Weather Service has also issued a Flood Watch for our area. Schools are out in most of southern middle Tennessee today. I do not think the storm, for our area, was as bad as everyone thought it was going to be... thank goodness!

Nature and It's Upset...

USA TODAY's editorial page devotes its space this morning to Katrina and examines the hurricane issues driven by people and nature. "Katrina is the latest reminder that in a world of natural and manmade dangers, not every place can be secured against the worst-case scenario. Some forces of nature exceed the rational limits of human preparedness."

If you would like to donate to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina... Here are some links...

American Red Cross

United Way

The United Methodist Church

Convoy of Hope

The Salvation Army

Cudos goes out to all those who are donating and helping in this disaster relief.

Until we meet again...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Losing "The Baby" Weight

One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life is trying to lose "the baby" weight. It has been a very depressing "adventure" for me. I am addicted to soda, Coke or Pepsi. I got really bad after having my son. Soda was my coffee. Of course, when drinking 6 cans of soda a day I was never going to lose weight.

I gained 30 lbs when pregnant with my son. THIRTY POUNDS!!!! It has taken me a year to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. In the last month I have lost a total of 9 lbs... count them 9 lbs. This was the last 9 lbs I needed to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. ;)~ My secret... I have not put ANY fast food in my mouth in 3 weeks... AND... I have one glass of soda and six 12 oz bottles of water a day... AND ... I am exercising with my FIT Channel.

I went with my sister almost 2 months ago and bought over $200 worth of new clothes. Everything I bought is now to big. My jeans hang off my booty and my shirts are to loose. My mother-in-law said she would fix them for me. She is a sewing genius.

I just wonder if my "skinny" clothes have missed me as much as I have missed them.

Until we meet again...

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Girl on the Blog!

For the past month or so I have found interest in the "blogging" world. There are some really great blog writers. Gosh... people with all that talent... maybe our society is not intellectually crippled. I have found interest in a lot of blogs... the military bloggers, military wife bloggers, the parenting bloggers, the PCOS bloggers, and so many more. Being the New Girl on the Blog... I will try not to be a bore and hope to bring something new, something old, something fun to the "blogging" world.

As I have gotten older "28-years-old" I am finding myself becoming more anal. The things that use to not bother me... get under my skin now. Does this come with age? Am I really turning into my high school librarian... now she was anal.

For example...

* When we age, why do we women think we have to start dressing like we are 16 years old again? There are some really great looking older women out there... but the mid-drift shirts and the daisy dukes... or better yet... going bra-less...doesn't leave much to the imagination... WOW... Those of you women that do this... leave this to the younger girls. You can still look attractive without looking... well... "Yes I am 40 but I want to be 16" look.

* The English language has taken an incredible beating the last few years with the advent of "liketalk". What I thought was a passing fad - the typical American teenagers faddish interjection of the word "like" into every single sentence -- has become so rampant it is a disease. Even thirty and 40 year olds and business executives talk this way! "Like" is used not only as "um" is used, a chronic and useless interrupter - it actually takes the place of adjectives, nouns, imagination, intelligence, etc. etc. etc. For example, you no longer have to say,"Sally was mad at me." You just say,"She was like "oh my gosh I am so mad at you!" No need for such tedious sentences as "Harry said, I'll take care of it." Now it's "Harry was LIKE I'll take care of it" So you see there's no past tense any more, there's just the pea-brained characterization of any event, any shade of meaning, past, present or future, relevant or irrelevant, as "LIKE". Now when you combine that with the word "ALL" and ever-rising popularity of the word "sh_t", you have something approaching the deterioration of our daily discourse to the most atrocious and stupid sounding toilet talk...For example: "Sally told me, yesterday, how much she loves Justin Timberlake's voice and his moves. She said she could listen and watch him all day. Now we can say, "Justin Timberlake?" Sally was all like, 'he's the sh_t!" I confess... I catch myself talking this way from time to time... it is such a shame. WHAT HAS HAPPENED???

* Greeting cards that throw sparkles, sequins or confetti on the hapless recipient. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Now when opening cards I get in the mail... I open them over the trash can.

* The expression that "Nobody can hurt you unless you let them." Really gets under my skin... I guess because I know it is true.

* Being put on the speakerphone without warning. This has happened to be a number of times.

* Adults who still blame their parents for their problems... get therapy if it is that bad!

I could go on and on... but... "like" I got to go it's time for "Weeds".....Goodnight...

Until we meet again...

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