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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11...

Last night I was in bed watching ShowTime and noticed Fahrenheit 9/11 had 45 minutes left. Okay... I have watched half of this movie before and got so ticked that I had to turn it off. I decided, last night, if I could stay awake that I would try to make it to the end.

Michael Moore has balls. His greatest points in the movie were how he pulled back the bloody veil of the bloodshed of a war that has been censored for the American publics consumption. I loved when he asked several congressman to sign their children up for the military. I didn't know that only 1 congressman has a child in the military. This documentary is hilarious, heart renching and devastating. When he interviewed several of the soldiers over in Iraq, most of their comments were they really didn't understand why they were there. Those scenes really got to me.

Those who say Moore hates the USA are idiots. Moore shows more support for our troops than any other filmmaker I have seen. I was expecting this film to be more of a "bullet through the heart" of Bush's presidency. In fact, the documentary doesn't have that much dirt on Bush or his government. The documentary, itself, was more focused on our troops and how they are doing in the war. Very emotional stuff.

Those who know me know that I am and will always be a card-carrying Democrat. I do have family and friends who are card-carrying Republicans and I do respect their opinions. Do I support our President? I did not vote for him... but he is our President and a majority of my fellow Americans did cast their ballot for him. I do not agree with most of the things our President does and I can't stand to hear him speak. After watching these videos Bush on Sovereighnty and Bush's One Finger Solute I had to hang my head in shame. I have to say I do not agree with the war in Iraq... BUT... I will and forever "Support our Troops" no matter what. Our Troops chose to defend and serve our country... they have to abide by the "Commander in Chief's" ruling. That was their decision when they signed the dotted line. I respect that whole heartly and give them Cudo's. The "American Soldier" are the true heros of our country, not those who sit behind the desk in the Oval Office, be if the "Oval Office" is Republican, Democrat, Liberal, etc....

Until we meet again...

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