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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


October will be Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is something that is very serious and needs to be brought to everyone's attention. Women are more prone to this cancer... BUT... men are at risk as well! It doesn't matter what age or sex you are... get a mammogram!!! It could save your life!

The following came from and more information can be read at http://www.healthsearches.org .

"What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

In many cases, there are no outward signs of breast cancer. If there are outward signs and symptoms of breast cancer, the most common include any of the following:

* An abnormal lump in or near the breast
* An enlarged lymph node under the arm
* An area of thickening in the breast
* A dimpling (i.e., presence of a dimple) or puckering in the surface of the breast
* Scaly, puckered skin on the breast or other changes in texture of skin of the breast
* Swelling of the breast
* Other distortion in shape of the breast
* Changes in color (i.e., appearance of redness or rash) on the breast
*Changes in color or texture of nipple or aerola (pigmented area around the nipple)
* Abnormal discharge (blood or other fluid) from the nipple

Other possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer include any of the following:

* A nipple that has changed position
* An inverted nipple (pushed inward instead of sticking out)
* Soreness of the breast

A woman who experiences any of the signs and symptoms in either of the two lists above should see her doctor as soon as possible. Remember that most of the signs and symptoms in the two lists above can occur with breast cancer or certain conditions other than breast cancer. Therefore, most of the time, such changes result from conditions other than breast cancer, but it is always best to determine the cause. Before you are evaluated by your doctor, never assume that any change you notice is nothing to worry about, and never assume that the lump, rash, or other symptom will just clear up on its own. Keep in mind that breast cancer is most easily treated when it is detected in the early stages. Therefore, it is important that your doctor rule out any possibility of breast cancer as soon as you detect or notice any abnormal changes." Read

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