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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flab... Flab... Flab...

I have started back to the gym to get rid of the excess "baby flab". (When losing the weight... you have to tone it... or you begin to look like the Michelin Man.) I am SOOOOOOoooooo... sore!!! I love it! I feel great! I am working the flabby excess skin away. GROSS... I know... but "girls" you know what I am talking about. Now... all I need to do is get rid of the stretch marks on my belly... and my bod will be back to the way it was. Yet... I fear that I will have to wear the stretch marks for the rest of my life... I guess I should wear them as a "badge of honor"... I did carry a child for 8.5 months and I did give birth... so.... I guess, these are my "scars of life" and I should wear them proudly.... :)~

When I look in the mirror now... I am liking what I see! Girlish Figure... oh how I have missed you!! Welcome Back!!!

Until we meet again...

P.S. If anyone knows what a Blogging "Pipe Break" error is... Please let me know...

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