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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Flattered or Disgusted?

I am not sure if I should be flattered or disgusted... just creepy....

I was in the chips isle at my local Wal-mart store. In the same isle there was an elderly man, had to be at least 70 or 80 yrs old, in a scooter cart. I noticed he was looking at me. I smiled at him and glanced back down at the Doritos I was thinking of buying. The elderly man says... "everything is getting so expensive"... I responded, as nicely as I could, "yes, it has." He started looking me up and down and said "how expensive are you?" I looked at him and said "excuse me?" He again asked "how expensive are you"... I said with a silly smile... "Very." Needless to say... the old guy wanted to get a little more personal with his questions... I shall not tell the rest of the conversation... but lets just say... my mouth fell to the floor with questions he asked and comments he made about my skirt I was wearing. Nevertheless... the comment I made to him, to shut him up, wasn't one he would have expected to come out of my mouth either. As I snatched up my Doritos and hurried out of the isle... I could feel his eyes watching my every move. Creepy... I wonder if he even knew what he was saying... who knows....

Should I feel flattered or disgusted that I had the "wheels turning" of an old geezer? This, I can honestly say, has never happened to me before. A 70 something year old man trying to pick me up in the chips isle of a Wal-mart store.

Until we meet again...

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