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Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I need to think about it"

It seems that my life has become... "I need to think about it"... or ... "another obstacle to jump over"... or ... "another damn stinky diaper"... or ... well, I could go on....

Today I have had a "I need to think about it" day. I have been offered a job with a company out of New York. The job is an assistant to the President of a Marketing Company. I will be able to work at my office from home. We will correspond via email and by phone. I assume that I will eventually have to go to New York. I have done a lot of research on the company and it is a fantastic company. They have great clients and I am an idiot if I do not take this job. BUT... "another obstacle to jump"... what about school, and the job that I have already been promised in my hometown, my son, my family... etc... Will this be the best move for me? If I don't take this job will I eventually kick myself in the a$$? This is the job that I have wanted for awhile now. It has fallen in my lap and I am having to think about it!!!! I have a conference call with the President of the company on Monday at 9:00 am. I guess, I will get a better feel for the job then. I am excited, concerned and overwhelmed. This could be the job of a lifetime...

I guess I will go and clean my kitchen and ponder over this "obstacle". I also have to change "another damn stinky diaper".

Until we meet again.

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