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Monday, September 12, 2005


This week has started out being such a hard week for me. My son will be turning one on 9-19-05 and we are having his 1st birthday party on Saturday, 9-17-05. I do not want to give my child up to "age". I want him to stay a baby forever. I know this is not possible... but I can always wish... can't I? He is "talking" all the time now... carrying on conversations with me... I have no clue what he is saying... I just agree with everything that comes out of his little mouth. Sometimes I feel as though he might be swearing at me... :) Specially when I am changing his diaper... or when I tell him "no".

I can never express how much my son means to me... how happy he has made my life. I thought I knew what love was... but I didn't... until I looked into the eyes of a 6 lbs 6 oz tiny angel the Dr. had placed upon my chest... that kind of love is the best love I have ever experienced.

My son teaches me abundantly more each day . There is more to life to appreciate than I ever imagined . The simplest things in life such as a hug, kiss and a hand held in mine are some of the most heartfelt moments of my life . He teaches me to laugh, have fun and truly enjoy life to the fullest . I would have never thought that my child would be teaching me ... how ironic .

Motherhood has introduced a lot of different emotions . Joy, love, fear and admiration are just the tips of the emotional roller coaster I have discovered with my son . The instinct to protect him comes naturally . There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my son . I have become more aggressive and courageous than I ever knew I could be .

I thank God everyday for giving me the pleasure and honor of being my son's mother. The hardest job I have ever had to do in my 28 years of life... but the best job I have ever had in my 28 years of life.

So... I drag my feet... cussing his birthday... this year has flown by so fast. Before I know it he will be a grown man.

Until we meet again...

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