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Friday, September 30, 2005

What about it, R-Frist?!?!?!

Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, and HCA, the hospital founded by his father in Nashville, TN, are under investigation. This all comes about due to R-Frist ordered his stock shares in HCA sold this past June when they were at their peak and in July they plummeted around 9 to 10 %, after it went public that HCA wasn't meeting financial expectations.

Will R-Frist become the next Martha Stewart? Will he not be able to call his dream of a life time "The Oval Office" home? Or... will he be watching his P's and Q's while showering in a overcrowded Davidson County jail? Hmmmm... I am curious to see if R-Frist can get out of this.

I will definitely stay tuned to see if... He hears the words stated off of Martha Stewart's Apprentice..."You just don't fit in"... Or the words of Donald Trump's Apprentice "You're Fired"... Or the words of a "gal pal" in the cell next door "Pass the soap"!

Read More about the Investigation.

Until we meet again....

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