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Monday, October 31, 2005

...life will be complete

I am headed to the The 10th Annual Christian Country Music Awards at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Thursday night. I still have my Nashville connections. I am not real sure if I am going to know a lot of these muscians...BUT... I am sure I will have a good time. I do know that Josh Turner is going to be hosting it... and that is good enough for me. Just to see him will complete my night. ;)

Have I mentioned that I will also be going to see THE ROLLING STONES in Memphis, TN the 1st weekend of December. EXCITEMENT!!! My life will be complete... LOL!

Oh and by the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

My Little Spook...

Until we meet again....

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

...indulged more on his death

Sgt Hook has posted a blog that really has me thinking...

In this entry, the one you are reading right now, I am not by any means "supporting" the reasoning behind why we went to war. I do still believe that there was not enough "truth" to even get involved with the Iraqi situation... (ie WMD's) BUT... after reading the following Sgt Hook entry... I can understand Hook's complaint on why some people say they support the troops but not the war. My Track Back ...imbecilic war mongers

This is Hook's complete entry titled "The Rest of the Story" .

In brief... the entry is about Marine Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr who was killed this past May on his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq. The 'Times' did a story about him this past week and indulged more on his death than on his personal cause of fighting for the Iraqis...

He had written a letter to his girlfriend and left it for her in case he died in the fight... The 'Times' only posted a little portion of the letter....

Sifting through Corporal Starr's laptop computer after his death, his father found a letter to be delivered to the marine's girlfriend. "I kind of predicted this," Corporal Starr wrote of his own death. "A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances."

The complete part of this paragraph Starr actually wrote...

"Obviously if you are reading this then I have died in Iraq. I kind of predicted this, that is why I'm writing this in November. A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances. I don't regret going, everybody dies but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live. Not have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. To do what they want with their lives. To me that is why I died. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark."

I do believe that "we", through out the world, deserve to know a little more than just the bad... we need to be reminded of the good that is actually going on in this War. Yes, our soldiers are being killed... but they signed that dotted line to protect and serve all Americans and others no matter what. When they are "Called" to fight... They will always be there. This is what are men and women are fighting for... a better future for the Iraqi people... a better future for us... a better future for our children... a better future for Peace.

Again, I stress that I am not in support of this war because of the lack of truth behind it... BUT... we are in this War no matter if we like it or not. I am glad that some good is coming out of this situation... thanks to our soldiers.

Thanks Sgt Hook for bringing this to our attention.

Until we meet again....

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Friday, October 28, 2005

...back home safe and sound

Welcome Home 278th!!!
They have been been fighting insurgents, helping Iraqi children by building schools, baking in sweltering heat, and gagging on desert sand... our 278th National Guard Unit have finally made it back home to their family and friends.
Share your thoughts and appreciation for the 278th on Nashville, TN Channel 4 Discussion Board!!!
Watch Videos From Their Return Home.... YAY!!!
1st Video
2nd Video
3rd Video
4th Video
5th Video
It is so wonderful to have these men and women back home safe and sound... My love and support goes out to all of them and their families. WELCOME HOME!!!!
Until we meet again...

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

...pulled an "Ashley Simpson"

Gee Whiz... today was a day that I should have gotten back in bed and prayed that I could start it all over again. I do believe I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because I had my grumpy "pants" on. My shower was to short... I didn't get to feed my son breakfast because I was running late (daycare had to feed him)... I had a bad hair day... my boss left for Vegas and put me in charge of "well...hell if I know" I'm new... and to top it all off... I pulled an "Ashley Simpson"...

How Girl on the Blog Pulled an Ashley Simpson...

When I got home from work I got my rump in gear and headed to the gym. Once at the gym I started sweating to the tunes of "It's My Party", "I'm a Barbie Girl", "Mony Mony", and the "cheese list" goes on and on. I was about to pull my hair out because the music was getting on my nerves.

Could the music get any worse?

Out of no where... "These Boots Are Made For Walking" comes on. Not the great version by Nancy Sinatra... the trashy version by Jessica Simpson. AHHHHH!!!!!

What else could go wrong with this day?


I was running in place on a 2 inch tall pallet. I was getting my "groove on" with this great inspirational song. SUDDENLY..... Stumble, Stumble, Stumble. I stumble my way off the pallet. I quickly tried to recover... and I danced a little jig... hoping everyone watching me make an ass of myself would really think this was a part of my exercise program.

I know I didn't fool anyone... but what a great story they can tell for a bunch of laughs. One time at the gym, I saw this girl and she...made an ass of herself...

Fortunately, I wasn't on Saturday Night Live in front of millions.

Another classic move by the smooth and savvy Girl on the Blog.

I pulled an aerobic "Ashley Simpson"...

How was your day?

Until we meet again...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...imbecilic war mongers

When I first read "Sgt Hook's" entry on Milestones and Support I totally agreed with him... then I started reading his last paragraph of his entry... I had to step back ... I disagreed.

"Support the Troops but Not the War.

I've heard this mantra many times and I can understand where some might see nothing wrong with such a statement. From a soldier's perspective (mine), supporting one without the other doesn't work. A soldier goes to war believing in what he or she is doing. We don't pick up arms to fight an unjust war, ever. It is the core of the American soldier and what makes our Army the greatest in the world. By supporting the troops but not the war, you are discounting our beliefs, our values. We don't like war. We aren't a bunch of brainwashed, imbecilic warmongers. We are warriors who believe that when our nation calls, it is for a just cause. And we answer that call for we will always support America and defend our way of life. Always. So when Americans don't support what we are doing for them, then from a soldier's perspective (again, mine), they aren't supporting the troops either. Sgt Hook out"

I know that the great "Sgt Hook" is a true soldier and hero. I would never say anything to offend him or any soldier on purpose. I was around Army and Air force soldiers for 6 years and know how proud they are of their job. Their fight to protect our Freedom and us is their job. I would never intentially belittle their beliefs or values. And... I have never once thought that the American soldier were "a bunch of brainwashed, imbecilic war mongers". BUT... I, being an American, do not believe that my choice to not support the war is taking away from my support of the troops. I have family and friends who are in this WAR... and I, for one, support them and love them so much. I have lost 2 friends in this war, so I know what the hardship and grief war brings...nevertheless, this doesn't stop my support of the troops. These friends and family members (soldiers) in this war ... have different views from the great "Sgt Hook". As do we all have our own opinions. I will continue to Support Our Troops but not this war... I will continue to place my "Welcome Home" Signs in my yard, fly my American Flag, keep my yellow ribbon magnet on my car, my yellow ribbon pin... and will do this proudly... because I am proud to be an American and I am proud of our troops no matter what someone thinks of me for my political views, opinions or values. I suppose the war of words and views will out last us all....

Until we meet again...

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...life's little pleasures

Click on "Play Video" to see/hear my favorite little pleasure in life...

I didn't know how much "life's little pleasures" meant to me until I went back to work. Not being able to hear my "little man's" laugh all day has been killing me. On the upside, seeing his face light up when I walk in the door from a long day of work... Priceless....

Until we meet again...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One small woman...

This morning I awoke to the news of Rosa L. Parks death. Mrs. Parks has been known as the "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement". I bet she never imagined that by not giving her seat to a white man... on a bus in Montgomery, AL... would end up changing the course of America.

Mrs. Parks' determination, self-possession, and her exertions to make Americans aware of the history of the civil rights fight serves a strong message. The past indecent segregation laws... remind us that the struggle for civil rights, racial discrimination and freedom are not completely over. Even though Americans have come a long way, Mrs. Parks' deeper impregnability, guidance, and political independence... against all likelihood... inspire us.... and cause us to remember... there are a lot more improvements to be made. Mrs. Parks' was a true roll model for all and has left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten.

"Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others." Rosa Parks

One small woman... changed history.....

Until we meet again...

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Monday, October 24, 2005

...best laid plans of mice and men

I have to say that I have come across a lot of great bloggers. MJ, blogger of Political Notio, is one of my favorites... not to take away from the great Sgt.Hook. MJ's entry "The Support" ... is one of his best.

My favorite part of this entry...

"Oh the best laid plans of mice and men...

At a time when those on the left who supported this war are scrambling to save face, and those on the right are in complete denial of a presidency unable to produce, what are we to offer that can say yes America we still believe in thee? Can we not in the least say somehow there has to be a better way?"

How true are these words? His entries always leave my mind hungry for more...

So... do yourself a favor and check out his blog... Political Notio...

Until we meet again...

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Troop Homecoming Signs...

Friday night I was laying in bed watching WSMV Channel 4 news out of Nashville... Dan Miller was reporting on the following...

Group Sells Troop Homecoming Signs

A family readiness group in Warren County is selling homecoming signs with the anticipated return from Iraq of the I-Troop division of the 278th Tennessee National Guard unit. The signs sell for $5.00, and their goal is to have one in every yard in Tennessee to show support for the returning soldiers.

The signs can be purchased through the McMinnville Armory in Warren County or by calling ***- ***-*** or e-mailing ********* .

The group is also setting up various locations in several other counties to sell these signs so look for them in Rutherford, Coffee, and Warren counties. Families from all over the state of Tennessee are a part of I -Troop.

The Full News Broadcast... Watch It Here...

If you watch the full broadcast regarding this topic... I wonder if you will be as floored as I was when Dan Miller stated... "she says that alot of people have refused to buy the $5.00 signs because they do not support the war"... FIRST OFF... the signs are not about the war... they are about the soldiers that are having to fight in the war... I just don't get some people!!!!

To not support the war is one thing... but to have a "slap in the face" like the above is ridiculous... Just because you do not support the war doesn't mean you can't support the troops... and if you think like this... open your mind. I am not that closed minded and supporting our troops is not even a question for me... and to not buy a $5.00 sign... is a shame. So... I have placed an order for 2 signs. YAY!!!!

What is so "SAD"... I have read that there are signs coming up missing out of people's yards. I dare, whoever it is, to try and take the signs out of my yard.
Give me a break....

Until we meet again...

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Friday, October 21, 2005


Today I awoke to a phone call at 6 a.m. ...

"I am calling in regards to the 1966 Mustang add you had on the "Swap and Shop" (it's local) website." I said "I am sorry you must have dialed the wrong #"... He stated "Is your number ***-****?" "Yes it is" I replied, yawning. Then he stated, "Is your name *****?" Startled, I shyly stated "Yeah"... "Well the add says you are the one to contact" he replied, with a little anger in his voice. I told him "I am sorry but I have no clue about a 1966 Mustang and I know I am not selling one". He hung up...

I started getting calls one right after the other... OH MY GOSH!!!! Every time I had to explain they had the wrong number... Some of them continued to call back... I went on the website... SOMEONE HAD PUT MY NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THIS ADD...

1966 Mustang Convertible
Mint condition
20,000 miles
Like New (has been kept in storage for years)
Owner of the car has past away and family must get rid of it.

$2,000.00 obo (Must sell)

Contact: *****
Phone: ***-***-****

I called the owner of the website and had them take the add off...

WHO WOULD DO THIS? Probably some of my crazy friends that have nothing else better to do than aggravate me on my very last day home with my son before I start my job in the "real world" on Monday... Track Back "The One..."

The kicker is... I am still getting the DAMN calls!!!

Until we meet again...

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I am on The Democratic Pary mailing list... I received this email today...


Dear *****,

Republican leader Tom DeLay surrendered to police yesterday and was arraigned this morning on charges of criminal conspiracy and money laundering.

To show the Democratic Party's commitment to doing things differently, we set out to raise $340,000 -- double the amount of money that Tom DeLay is accused of laundering through the Republican National Committee.

So far over 8,000 people have contributed $324,423 towards that goal. Join them now and you could be the one to push it over the top:


And, don't forget, until midnight tonight every dollar raised will be matched by committed Democrats who want to encourage grassroots donors to grow the fundraising base of our party.

Tom DeLay is just the tip of the iceberg. You can send a message that you're fed up with him and the entire Republican culture of corruption - let's show that ordinary people contributing whatever they can afford can double the most notorious money-for-influence machine in politics.

Thank you so much.

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Don't miss Governor Dean on ABC's 'This Week' with George Stephanopoulos this Sunday morning -- check your local listings for the air time in your area.

Is this not the cheesiest mug shot? Why isn't he holding a number sign? When I print this picture off and hang it on my wall...no one will know this is a mug shot... LOL!!!

"Even if DeLay is acquitted, it will be hard for Republicans to stomach the mug shot and it will be harder for Democrats not to overuse the picture in campaigns."

What is really sad about this is... He really looks like he is having a good time...

Until we meet again...

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pick Up Lines...What The???

Today, on my way home from the gym, I noticed that I was getting very close to "E"... So, I stopped at a gas station. As I was pumping gas, a car pulls up with two guys in it... One of the guys got out of the car and started to pump gas... he kept looking at me... ugh, CREEPY!!! Then the passanger gets out and proceeds to come over to me and my pump... He asked if I smoke... I told him "No, I don't smoke" (smoke free for 5 years)... He said "There is no need of you to smoke because you are 'smoking' "... What the???? First off... My hair is wet from sweat, I am in work out shorts and a T-shirt and a knee brace... YEAH THAT'S SMOKING!!! I just looked at him with disgust on my face. He walked away and went into the store. CRAP... I had to pay for the gas... I had to follow him into the store. I went to the back of the store to get some cold bottle water... As I turned around... BAM... there were the two guys. The guy that had been pumping gas said "you know you look like Daisy Fuentes"... WHAT THE??? First off my hair is shoulder length and I have blue eyes and I am white as snow... Yeah... I really look like her... I wish!!! The 'pick up line guy' said "No man... She looks like that girl off of 'Planet of the Apes' "... okay so now I look like an ape... even better...

Some guys just KILL me... Needless to say, I got the heck out of there as fast as I could...

Why do some guys feel like they need a pick up line? At least the old geezer who hit on me in WalMart was straight to the point on what he wanted to know... Blog Trackback "Flattered or Disgusted".

Pick Up Lines You Shouldn't Use
  • You make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae.
  • Do you believe in the hereafter? Well, then I guess you know what I'm here after.
  • Are your legs tired, because you've been running through my mind all day long.
  • Do you have a Bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  • Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy!
  • Hey baby, you've got something on your butt: my eyes.
  • Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!

Classic Pick Up Lines (Okay to Use)

  • "Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding?" Ilsa in "Casablanca"
  • "Everything wrong with you I like," Captain Randall in "A Guy Named Joe"
  • "We're going to know each other eventually, why not now?" Rick in "Across the Pacific"
  • "Here's looking at you kid," Rick in "Casablanca"
  • "Mind if I get drunk with you?" Vantine in "Red Dust"
  • "Oh, now don't turn ordinary on me, I get tired of ordinary dames. And I don't want to get tired of you," Johnny in "Johnny Eager"

Until we meet again...

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...another hotdog

My ex-husband was/is in the US Air Force... Every now and then I go on a particular website to see "The Lost and Fallen" that were in his line of service... This morning I did just that and have been in tears sense...

I was aware of a friend "SSGT Jason Faley" that past in March 2001 while performing night CAS training in Kuwait. I will never forget when I found out... I was sitting at my computer, putting items on eBay... the news was on... and Faley's (that is what I always called him) face appeared on the screen... "Holy crap... there's Faley" I thought to myself with a smile... I was expecting them to tell what great things he was doing (stupid me)... Then Demetria Calidimos (the reporter) went on to tell the heart wrenching news... Read more here... My ex called me 2 weeks later... telling me of the news and to tell me he was getting married... I remember Faley being such a kind soul... goofy... and loved hotdogs... I would have hotdogs ready for him when he came to the house... I can't eat a hotdog without thinking of him... I hope that his son will be told of what a great father he had... what a hero he was... what a great man...

I wasn't aware of "Chief Warrant Officer Dennis P. Hay"... that is my shock for today... I can't say to much right now... I just wish I had known earlier... Read more here...

To these guys... I took advantage of knowing them... I guess I pushed aside the reality of their job... To them I owe so much... I just wish I could make them another "hotdog"...

Until we meet again...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The One...

Okay... I took the New York job last month... and I have enjoyed it... working at home and being able to be with my son. Reference to Blog Entry "I need to think about it" . I was also offered a job to manage a Doctor's office. But... I thought the New York opportunity would be a lot better for me. NOW... I have taken a job with a company that designs/resells/ markets/ websites. It is 30 minutes from where I am living. GREAT opportunity and is so close to home... (I am still going to school to finish up some medical courses... I really shouldn't have started taking the courses... I just did it when I thought I would be working for the Doctor.... oh well... I will have something to fall back on)

PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG: I love my son... but I have been getting a little anxious to get back around adults. I love to baby talk every once in awhile... but "baby talk" has become my 1st language this past year. I catch myself talking to my family and friends in this "language". It is time, I do believe, to expand my language skills to my 2nd language... "English"... I guess I could throw in some Spanish "Me pongo nervioso cuando hablo espanol" or Italian " Tu sei sempre nel mio cuore" ... I am not very good in either of these but I could get by, I suppose... I will be putting my son in private daycare... I will take him for about 2 hours on Friday just to see how he does... I am a little upset about living him... but I knew this day was coming and I have to let go sometime...

I start Monday... and I am so excited... My on office... my on clients... my on employees... EXCITEMENT!!!!

I am laughing as I write this. What is so funny? I feel like I am "Job Dating"... Dating around to see what "Job" is right for me... The other two were okay... but maybe this is "THE ONE"... LOL!

Until we meet again...

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...who protect

Every once in awhile I come upon a "blog entry" that really makes me think... I was reading Sgt Hook's entry, last night, "Not Alone In This Fight" . Regarding the families of the men and women soldiers... It just reminded me of a poem I had come across about a month ago... (I have a list of poems that I keep... I love poems and anytime I can share one... I am happy too.)
by Beka Joy (Pearl) Anast
To the Women Who Protect Our Country - by letting their men go
Every morning when I wake up with my husband sleeping peacefully beside me,
I think of you.
Every time the phone rings and I pick it up without fear,
I pray for you.
Every time I pick up dirty underwear, socks and work boots,
I am grateful for you.
Every crisis that I face is less of a crisis,
when I remember you.
Every time we bicycle to the park and talk while the kids play,
I sigh for you.
Every time something breaks and Daddy fixes it,
I admire you.
Every night when the kids are tucked in bed, kissed and prayed for by their Daddy,
I thank God for you.
When you start to complain... just remember how good you have got it...
Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

...if I had signed the contract

My whole life I have lived in Tennessee. Although, I have visited almost all 50 states, there is nothing like home sweet home...Tennessee. Growing up so close to Nashville, I grew up with country music roots. I can remember when I was a little girl... dancing on my mothers feet to the "rocking" tunes of Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Hank Williams Sr. and I could go on and on...

I grew up with my family pushing me to be a musician. I took professional singing lessons and piano lessons from the time I was 9 years old until I was 18 years old. I traveled from state to state singing at churches, conventions, reunions, etc....

One of the best memories I have from my singing tours... is when the "Gulf War" was going on... I, and a group I was singing with, were standing on the steps down below the "Lincoln Memorial" in Washington D.C. .... Straight in front of us was the "Washington Monument" and to the left of us was "The Wall"... No one was paying us that much attention ... UNTIL... we started singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic"... A crowd of people...black, white, yellow, brown... surrounded us... Women and Men crying... tears filled my eyes... I just knew we were not going to get through the song but we did... As long as I live I will never forget that feeling I had at that very moment... I was so proud to be an American....

At the age of 16 years old a life long dream came true... I performed at the Grand Ole Opry. I sang back up for Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Gary Chapman and Michael W. Smith... I also performed with the Nashville Symphony. I cannot describe to you how terrified I was. I knew from that day forward my life would never be the same... and it was not.

I went on to do back up for Donna Summers on her 1995 Christmas Album. I did a few back up tracks at Amy Grant's studio on her farm. I was offered a recording contract with a "Big Name" record label in 1999... BUT... life has a funny way of working out. The music world is a cruel world if you do not want to play by their rules. I began to realize, the career that I had worked so long for was not what my life had in store for me. I was 22 and my dreams were crushed just because I wanted rights to my songs and wanted rights to the way I looked...

Needless to say, I walked away from the world of music and have not looked back...

Okay, okay... Yeah... sometimes I wonder what might have been... but "what might have been" is not "what is"... and "What is"... is wonderful! I continue to sing in my hometown and surrounding cities... I haven't given up music completely. The memories I have of all I have accomplished with my music is something I am very proud of... but I wouldn't trade my life now for what might have been if I had signed the contract.

Until we meet again...

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Care to Comment?

I have today off... and I decided to start reading my blog comments... the blog comment in my Blog Entry "The Older Woman... The Younger Man" had my blood boiling. Granted everyone has their right to Freedom of Speech but they don't have the Freedom to bash. I can take criticism on my political views... but when someone starts to criticize my personal life... then that is another story...

Care to Comment?

Watch what you say... you could end up with a black eye... LOL!

Also, have the balls to sign your name and not ANONYMOUS...

Until we meet again....

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Older Woman... The Younger Man?

Obviously I can't seem to get to sleep... I have become an insomniac... My hubby has crashed on the sofa so I guess there will be no snuggling tonight... I was laying in bed reading several different magazines... all seem to be about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher... I am not one that gets caught up in the Hollywood Gossip... but this relationship between the two of them is just to weird but interesting for me... So... I decided to get up and blog while this is fresh on my mind...

* Granted if I was in to chicks and digg the older woman... Demi Moore would be in my top 10 picks... Demi is a sexy older woman... What younger woman doesn't wish they could look like Demi when they are in their 40's? I know I sure hope to heck I do... ;)

* Okay... Ashton is a sexy guy... BUT... and I mean BUT... I think after awhile he would just get on my nerves... His lack of maturity just turns me off... I am still picturing the pothead from "Dude Where's My Car"... the worse movie ever....

* Then we have Bruce Willis (Demi's ex-husband... just in case you didn't know)... this guy goes on vacation with Demi and Ashton... parties with them... went to their wedding.... OKAY... first off... my ex-husband is just that, my ex-husband... I don't want him around me or my husband... I couldn't imagine me hanging out with him on a day to day bases... we didn't get along while we were married and I know we wouldn't get along being "just friends"... They say they do this because they all like each other and it's good for the kids... Granted I get "getting along for the Kids"... but come on you don't have to be "bosom buddies"... This is way to weird for me!

* Then there is the whole age thing... I have always been attracted to older men... I think the older a man gets the sexier he is... I have dated several older men and ended up marrying an older man (6 years difference)... My best friend would agree... she married a man 12 years older... BUT... I just don't get the older woman wanting a younger guy or a younger guy wanting to be with an older woman... Maybe it is just because I can never picture myself with a younger man... The youngest guy I ever dated was 1 year younger... and I only went out with him once... so immature... and that is what turns me off of younger men... immaturity! The thoughts of being 12 years older than my stud... yikes!!! I wonder, though, if Ashton will get bored with her and look for a younger woman in a few years.

* Oh well... I guess, as long as they are happy... who am I to judge....

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

He's Back!!!

For all of you who are fans of the military bloggers... a damn good blogger is back...
Sgt Hook has returned! I am sure he will continue to do us all proud!

Until we meet again!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Raj Bhakta...

Raj Peter Bhakta, a former contestant on the TV show "The Apprentice," is considering running for Congress. If he runs he will try to win the 13th District seat of Pennsylvania. He would be running against the now "owner" of the seat Democratic State Senator Allyson Y. Schwartz.

I watched "The Apprentice", when he was a contestant, and admit that I was a little taken back by Raj good looks and savvy ways (although his bow tie was a little to much and kind of dorky in a sexy way... can you be dorky in a sexy way?) ... BUT... he is Republican and that ruined it for me.

Raj lost the chance to win "The Apprentice" when he was leader of a renovation of a house where he took a 4 bedroom and changed it into a 3 bedroom house. He also hired back contractors that ate more than worked and his course of action over all was questionable. Some say he is a ladies man but others, say he has a lot of work to do. He did squeeze a date out of Trump's Secretary but it was just coffee, so she says. Whether Raj will make it in Congress is very uncertain, as he is a strange and horny guy who just can't seem to get the girls to love him. In the end all of this was enough to get Trump to say to him "Your Fired".

If he does make it to Congress, heaven forbid... will he be another "play boy" in politics... I can hear/see him now... "Barbara ( Senator Barbara Boxer) would you like to go for coffee?" / "Olympia (Senator Olympia Snowe) my place or yours?" / "Kay (Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson) I think you've got something in your eye. Oh nevermind, it's just a sparkle." and his "Play Boy" list could go on and on... :)

Lord help us if we get another "Celebrity" in politics...

Until we meet again...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

30 Years Ago in 1975...

I have always found interest in history. Today, I looked up information on the history of 30 years ago... 1975 (2 years before my birth). Alot had happened and alot has changed in 30 years...
Check 1975 out!
A country without a history is a country of madmen.
Until we meet again...

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Monday, October 10, 2005

What Might Have Been...

I think about my past now and then. My failed marriage, old jobs, high school, college, ex's, when I first met my husband, my miscarriage, the birth of my son...etc.... Sometimes I think of what might have been if I had done this or that differently.

  • Where would I be if my ex-husband and I didn't get a divorce when we did... would I still be living the military wife roll?
  • I dream of my child that never was... the most difficult moment of my life losing my child... were they a boy or a girl? She or he would be 7 years old this year.
  • Where would I be now if I had finished college when I should have?
  • Why did I date this guy and that guy... what was I thinking?
  • What about the one that got away... wonder how life is treating him now?
  • If I had continued with my music "career"... where would it have taken me?
  • Sometimes I wonder if my husband and I never met... where would my life be? How horrible my life would be without him...
  • How empty my life would be if I never experienced the birth of my son...

Then... I begin to realize that "What Might Have Been" is just that. My life has turned out for the best and looking back... I wouldn't change a thing!

Until we meet again....

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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I just have to say a little something about Harriet!!!

**The reasoning behind Judicial Nominee Harriet Miers**

I am starting to believe that Bush knows that after his final term (inadequately as it has become and I am afraid it will be getting worse) is over there will be people, who were formerly his "pals", will be disparaging him. They will do what they have never done before and actually be honest about his pitiful administration. He does not want any legal forms of any kind of relevance to his ignorance (his Presidency) to be available to any of them or any of us. This is where she comes in to play... David Frum in National Review wrote: "Keep an eye on Harriet Miers, White House counsel. Miers was the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association, a co-managing partner of a 400-lawyer firm in Texas, a one-time Dallas city councilor, and by the by, the personal lawyer to one George W. Bush. She joined his staff as governor, served as staff secretary (Richard Darman's old job) in the first administration, and now oversees the White House's legal work."

It's all beginning to make sense now... ;)~

Until we meet again....

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Old "Blue Eyes" Himself...

I usually listen to a small and tight group of artists and my media player confirms this.

* At the top of the play list I have my brigaide that consist of Matchbox Twenty, AeroSmith, The Rolling Stones, Sarah Mclachlan, Harry Connick Jr. and Edwin McCain. There is no clear leader because the order changes.

* My second brigaide incorporates Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Keeney Chesney, Trisha Yearwood, Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley and Keith Urban.

* My third brigaide features Limp Bizkit, 50 Cent, Nelly, Lil' Kim, Greenday, Gwen Steffani, John Legend and Eminem.

* The fourth brigaide are"my little secret listening pleasures" the 'IDOLS' Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Ruben Suddard, Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood and Season Idols 1-4.

Looks strange now that I sublimated this list... kinda mixed category of artistic composition... some of the names shouldn't be there... Besides, the fact is that from time to time I need a little dose of various musical talents. The most popular for me is Alternative and Country. BUT...TODAY... it is Frank Sinatra. Old 'Blue Eyes' himself... sometimes I wish I could have been apart of his "Rat Pack".
(pic by Tim Williams)

Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Getting Away...

When I started this blog, I started it just to ramble about anything and everything. It has become more of a political outsource for me. I want to try to get away from that a little. I will continue to speak my Democratic mind occasionally but will also continue just to "blurt" out anything I think is worth "blurting" out.

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Me and Politics...

I found the following "Poem"... what great political satire... BUT... Ohhhhh, how true!!!!

The Whos down in Whoville
By DougGoodkin

The Whos down in Whoville liked this country a lot,
But the Grinch in the White House most certainly did not.
He didn't arrive there by the will of the Whos,
But stole the election that he really did lose.
Vowed to "rule from the middle," then installed his regime.
Did this really happen or is it just a bad dream?

Continue Reading the Rest Here.
Like I said before in one of my previous blog entry's...

"Those who know me know that I am and will always be a card-carrying Democrat. I do have family and friends who are card-carrying Republicans and I do respect their opinions. Do I support our President? I did not vote for him... but he is our President and a majority of my fellow Americans did cast their ballot for him. I do not agree with most of the things our President does and I can't stand to hear him speak. After watching these videos Bush on sovereignty and Bush's One Finger Solute I had to hang my head in shame. I have to say I do not agree with the war in Iraq... BUT... I will and forever "Support our Troops" no matter what. Our Troops chose to defend and serve our country... they have to abide by the Commander in Chief's "ruling". That was their decision when they signed the dotted line. I respect that whole heartily and give them Cudos. The "American Soldier" are the true heroes of our country, not those who sit behind the desk in the Oval Office, be if the "Oval Office" is Republican, Democrat, Liberal, etc...."

*Blog Back Track*


I am adding a Great Blogger to my THOSE WHO ROCK category, Political Notio. MJ is a great writer and I was fortunate enough to cross his blog just by accident. I have truly enjoyed his writings... anyone that can make me think and smile at the same time deserves a THOSE WHO ROCK *star*! Check out his writings on nomination of Harriet Miers "Pandering Base".
Until we meet again....

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

First Steps...

My son took his first steps today... I literally cried... I can't believe he is growing up so fast...

*He is talking all the time... he says mama, dada, duck, bye-bye, dog and ty (our dog)

*He is waving bye-bye, giving kisses, clapping his hands all the time and giving '5'.

*He is into everything... I mean everything...

*He loves books... he can sit for hours just looking at books and when I read to him...well...he is in heaven.

*He is dancing now... He dances to any music that happens to be playing... shaking his little bum up and down/back and forth.

*He shakes his head no when I tell him "no sir"

*He laughs at himself all the time... he thinks he is so funny... He is such a happy child...

He is the love of my life... my heart... my soul... my angel... my son....

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Soldiers have to BUY own Body Armor?!?!?!

When I read the following article I couldn't believe after one year of Congress demanding the Pentagon to pull their heads out of their a$$...that these 'Pentagonians' have not done a thing!!! What is so hard about taking care of the AMERICAN SOLDIER by reimbursing them for buying body army to help protect them in the WAR that our government insisted on? I have read several articles regarding this issue and I am dumbfounded...

September 30th, 2005 5:58 am
Pentagon still not reimbursing troops who buy own body armor
By Lolita C. Baldor /
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Nearly a year after Congress demanded action, the Pentagon still hasn't figured out a way to reimburse U.S. troops for body armor and equipment they purchased to better protect themselves while serving in Iraq.

For Marine Sgt. Todd Bowers that extra equipment — a high-tech rifle scope bought by his father for $600 and a $100 pair of goggles — turned out to be a life-or-death purchase. And he has
never been reimbursed.

Bowers, who is from Arizona but going to school in Washington, D.C., was shot by a sniper during his second tour in Iraq, but the round lodged in his scope, and his goggles protected his eyes from the shrapnel that struck his face.

"We weren't provided those going to Iraq," he said yesterday. "But they literally saved my life." He and other soldiers and their parents are still spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for armor they say the military won't provide. One U.S. senator said yesterday he will try again to force the Pentagon to obey the reimbursement law it opposed from the outset and has so far not implemented.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., said he will offer amendments to the defense appropriations bill working its way through Congress to take the issue out of the hands of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and give control to military unit commanders in the field. "Rumsfeld is violating the law," Dodd said. "It's been sitting on the books for over a year. They were opposed to it. It was insulting to them. I'm sorry that's how they felt." Dodd said men and women in uniform "are serving halfway around the world. And they shouldn't have to rely on bake sales and lemonade stands to raise money" to get them the equipment they need.

Pentagon spokeswoman Air Force Lt. Col. Ellen Krenke said the department "is in the final stages of putting a reimbursement program together and it is expected to be operating soon." But defense officials would not discuss the reason for the delay. Krenke said the Pentagon's first priority is to ensure that soldiers "have all they need to fight and win this nation's wars."

Others don't see it that way.

"Your expectation is that when you are sent to war, that our government does everything they can do to protect the lives of our people, and anything less than that is not good enough," said a former Marine who spent nearly $1,000 two weeks ago to buy lower-body armor for his son, a Marine serving in Fallujah.

The father asked that he be identified only by his first name — Gordon — because he fears retribution against his son.

"I wouldn't have cared if it cost us $10,000 to protect our son, I would do it," said Gordon. "But I think the U.S. has an obligation to make sure they have this equipment and to reimburse for it. I just don't support Donald Rumsfeld's idea of going to war with what you have, not what you want. You go to war prepared, and you don't go to war until you are prepared." Under the law Congress passed in October, the Defense Department had until Feb. 25 to develop regulations for the reimbursement, which is limited to $1,100 per item. Pentagon officials called it "an unmanageable precedent that will saddle the DOD with an open-ended financial burden."

In a letter to Dodd in late April, David Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel, said his office was developing regulations to implement the reimbursement, and would be done in about 60 days.

Soldiers and their families have reported buying everything from higher-quality protective gear to armor for their Humvees, medical supplies and even global positioning devices.

Jesse Berney (with one of my favorite Blog Sites The Democratic Party Blog) has said it best... Read his Entry.

"It is a crime -- literally -- that the Pentagon has not reimbursed the troops for their body armor and other vital equipment. It is equally reprehensible that our troops and their families are still purchasing this equipment themselves.... We can do better than this."

Until we meet again...

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