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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...imbecilic war mongers

When I first read "Sgt Hook's" entry on Milestones and Support I totally agreed with him... then I started reading his last paragraph of his entry... I had to step back ... I disagreed.

"Support the Troops but Not the War.

I've heard this mantra many times and I can understand where some might see nothing wrong with such a statement. From a soldier's perspective (mine), supporting one without the other doesn't work. A soldier goes to war believing in what he or she is doing. We don't pick up arms to fight an unjust war, ever. It is the core of the American soldier and what makes our Army the greatest in the world. By supporting the troops but not the war, you are discounting our beliefs, our values. We don't like war. We aren't a bunch of brainwashed, imbecilic warmongers. We are warriors who believe that when our nation calls, it is for a just cause. And we answer that call for we will always support America and defend our way of life. Always. So when Americans don't support what we are doing for them, then from a soldier's perspective (again, mine), they aren't supporting the troops either. Sgt Hook out"

I know that the great "Sgt Hook" is a true soldier and hero. I would never say anything to offend him or any soldier on purpose. I was around Army and Air force soldiers for 6 years and know how proud they are of their job. Their fight to protect our Freedom and us is their job. I would never intentially belittle their beliefs or values. And... I have never once thought that the American soldier were "a bunch of brainwashed, imbecilic war mongers". BUT... I, being an American, do not believe that my choice to not support the war is taking away from my support of the troops. I have family and friends who are in this WAR... and I, for one, support them and love them so much. I have lost 2 friends in this war, so I know what the hardship and grief war brings...nevertheless, this doesn't stop my support of the troops. These friends and family members (soldiers) in this war ... have different views from the great "Sgt Hook". As do we all have our own opinions. I will continue to Support Our Troops but not this war... I will continue to place my "Welcome Home" Signs in my yard, fly my American Flag, keep my yellow ribbon magnet on my car, my yellow ribbon pin... and will do this proudly... because I am proud to be an American and I am proud of our troops no matter what someone thinks of me for my political views, opinions or values. I suppose the war of words and views will out last us all....

Until we meet again...

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