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Friday, October 21, 2005


I am on The Democratic Pary mailing list... I received this email today...


Dear *****,

Republican leader Tom DeLay surrendered to police yesterday and was arraigned this morning on charges of criminal conspiracy and money laundering.

To show the Democratic Party's commitment to doing things differently, we set out to raise $340,000 -- double the amount of money that Tom DeLay is accused of laundering through the Republican National Committee.

So far over 8,000 people have contributed $324,423 towards that goal. Join them now and you could be the one to push it over the top:


And, don't forget, until midnight tonight every dollar raised will be matched by committed Democrats who want to encourage grassroots donors to grow the fundraising base of our party.

Tom DeLay is just the tip of the iceberg. You can send a message that you're fed up with him and the entire Republican culture of corruption - let's show that ordinary people contributing whatever they can afford can double the most notorious money-for-influence machine in politics.

Thank you so much.

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Don't miss Governor Dean on ABC's 'This Week' with George Stephanopoulos this Sunday morning -- check your local listings for the air time in your area.

Is this not the cheesiest mug shot? Why isn't he holding a number sign? When I print this picture off and hang it on my wall...no one will know this is a mug shot... LOL!!!

"Even if DeLay is acquitted, it will be hard for Republicans to stomach the mug shot and it will be harder for Democrats not to overuse the picture in campaigns."

What is really sad about this is... He really looks like he is having a good time...

Until we meet again...

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