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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The One...

Okay... I took the New York job last month... and I have enjoyed it... working at home and being able to be with my son. Reference to Blog Entry "I need to think about it" . I was also offered a job to manage a Doctor's office. But... I thought the New York opportunity would be a lot better for me. NOW... I have taken a job with a company that designs/resells/ markets/ websites. It is 30 minutes from where I am living. GREAT opportunity and is so close to home... (I am still going to school to finish up some medical courses... I really shouldn't have started taking the courses... I just did it when I thought I would be working for the Doctor.... oh well... I will have something to fall back on)

PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG: I love my son... but I have been getting a little anxious to get back around adults. I love to baby talk every once in awhile... but "baby talk" has become my 1st language this past year. I catch myself talking to my family and friends in this "language". It is time, I do believe, to expand my language skills to my 2nd language... "English"... I guess I could throw in some Spanish "Me pongo nervioso cuando hablo espanol" or Italian " Tu sei sempre nel mio cuore" ... I am not very good in either of these but I could get by, I suppose... I will be putting my son in private daycare... I will take him for about 2 hours on Friday just to see how he does... I am a little upset about living him... but I knew this day was coming and I have to let go sometime...

I start Monday... and I am so excited... My on office... my on clients... my on employees... EXCITEMENT!!!!

I am laughing as I write this. What is so funny? I feel like I am "Job Dating"... Dating around to see what "Job" is right for me... The other two were okay... but maybe this is "THE ONE"... LOL!

Until we meet again...

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