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Thursday, October 27, 2005

...pulled an "Ashley Simpson"

Gee Whiz... today was a day that I should have gotten back in bed and prayed that I could start it all over again. I do believe I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because I had my grumpy "pants" on. My shower was to short... I didn't get to feed my son breakfast because I was running late (daycare had to feed him)... I had a bad hair day... my boss left for Vegas and put me in charge of "well...hell if I know" I'm new... and to top it all off... I pulled an "Ashley Simpson"...

How Girl on the Blog Pulled an Ashley Simpson...

When I got home from work I got my rump in gear and headed to the gym. Once at the gym I started sweating to the tunes of "It's My Party", "I'm a Barbie Girl", "Mony Mony", and the "cheese list" goes on and on. I was about to pull my hair out because the music was getting on my nerves.

Could the music get any worse?

Out of no where... "These Boots Are Made For Walking" comes on. Not the great version by Nancy Sinatra... the trashy version by Jessica Simpson. AHHHHH!!!!!

What else could go wrong with this day?


I was running in place on a 2 inch tall pallet. I was getting my "groove on" with this great inspirational song. SUDDENLY..... Stumble, Stumble, Stumble. I stumble my way off the pallet. I quickly tried to recover... and I danced a little jig... hoping everyone watching me make an ass of myself would really think this was a part of my exercise program.

I know I didn't fool anyone... but what a great story they can tell for a bunch of laughs. One time at the gym, I saw this girl and she...made an ass of herself...

Fortunately, I wasn't on Saturday Night Live in front of millions.

Another classic move by the smooth and savvy Girl on the Blog.

I pulled an aerobic "Ashley Simpson"...

How was your day?

Until we meet again...

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