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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Troop Homecoming Signs...

Friday night I was laying in bed watching WSMV Channel 4 news out of Nashville... Dan Miller was reporting on the following...

Group Sells Troop Homecoming Signs

A family readiness group in Warren County is selling homecoming signs with the anticipated return from Iraq of the I-Troop division of the 278th Tennessee National Guard unit. The signs sell for $5.00, and their goal is to have one in every yard in Tennessee to show support for the returning soldiers.

The signs can be purchased through the McMinnville Armory in Warren County or by calling ***- ***-*** or e-mailing ********* .

The group is also setting up various locations in several other counties to sell these signs so look for them in Rutherford, Coffee, and Warren counties. Families from all over the state of Tennessee are a part of I -Troop.

The Full News Broadcast... Watch It Here...

If you watch the full broadcast regarding this topic... I wonder if you will be as floored as I was when Dan Miller stated... "she says that alot of people have refused to buy the $5.00 signs because they do not support the war"... FIRST OFF... the signs are not about the war... they are about the soldiers that are having to fight in the war... I just don't get some people!!!!

To not support the war is one thing... but to have a "slap in the face" like the above is ridiculous... Just because you do not support the war doesn't mean you can't support the troops... and if you think like this... open your mind. I am not that closed minded and supporting our troops is not even a question for me... and to not buy a $5.00 sign... is a shame. So... I have placed an order for 2 signs. YAY!!!!

What is so "SAD"... I have read that there are signs coming up missing out of people's yards. I dare, whoever it is, to try and take the signs out of my yard.
Give me a break....

Until we meet again...

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