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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...who protect

Every once in awhile I come upon a "blog entry" that really makes me think... I was reading Sgt Hook's entry, last night, "Not Alone In This Fight" . Regarding the families of the men and women soldiers... It just reminded me of a poem I had come across about a month ago... (I have a list of poems that I keep... I love poems and anytime I can share one... I am happy too.)
by Beka Joy (Pearl) Anast
To the Women Who Protect Our Country - by letting their men go
Every morning when I wake up with my husband sleeping peacefully beside me,
I think of you.
Every time the phone rings and I pick it up without fear,
I pray for you.
Every time I pick up dirty underwear, socks and work boots,
I am grateful for you.
Every crisis that I face is less of a crisis,
when I remember you.
Every time we bicycle to the park and talk while the kids play,
I sigh for you.
Every time something breaks and Daddy fixes it,
I admire you.
Every night when the kids are tucked in bed, kissed and prayed for by their Daddy,
I thank God for you.
When you start to complain... just remember how good you have got it...
Until we meet again....

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