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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh yeah....soooo sexy.

Sorry guys and gals... I really don't have anything to write tonight...


But I will leave you with a post I found over at CaliValleyGirl's blog ... go check her out!
While reading it I laughed my ass off... because it is so true and I have been there and done that and, on some occasions, still do it.... Hold on to your ass... you may laugh it off toooooo!!!!

Girls Gone Wild

I found this at AFSister, and was screeching with laughter at recognizing myself in some of these:


And drumroll on this one:

Oh yeah...soooo sexy.

Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

...his girl named Sue

To understand this post you will have to know who Eugene is. Please refer back to
"His name is Eugene"


"May I help ya?" the heavyset lady screeched while folding a white towel.

With a nervous twitch in my voice I answered, "Yes, mam. Ummm... I'm lookin fer Eugene."

"Which one?" she annoyingly huffed.

"Eugene Johnson."

With her 'southern hospitality' she snapped, "What da ya want with him?"

I held up a brown bag, "I'm here to feed em suppa."

"He's already eaten" she hastily snapped as though I had offended her.

I shrugged my shoulders and hung my head, "Well, I guess he can have this food fer lunch tomorra."

She sat down on an old blue ragged couch and grabbed a tattered washcloth out of a laundry basket, "He's up the stairs. First door on ya right."

While creaking along the rickety stairs, I couldn't help but notice the walls had been freshly painted a deep depressing grey. The cigarette burned, drink stained carpet was a hideous shade of green. I laughed to myself, "I wonder if the heavyset lady chose these colors?"

I made my way to the top of the stairs and as luck would have it, Eugene's door was open.

I tapped on the side of the door.

"Eugene! Eugene?!?" I quietly bellowed.

I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my right eye. He was sitting in a large dingy leather brown chair in front of a foggy window, a window in much need of a good cleaning. He was chewing on the end of a cigar, gazing into an unknown land.

He never said, "Come in." So I invited myself into his room. The walls were a brilliant shade of the same depressing grey and the carpets were just as bad, if not worse than the stair way.

"Eugene, I don't know if ya rememba me. I met ya this past Friday in front of Beasley's. Ya picked up my keys for me." I timidly explained as I bent down on my knees one foot from the right side of his chair.

I laid my purse down and sat the brown paper bag in front of me.

"I brought ya some suppa, but the lady downstairs said ya've already eaten. Maybe ya can have it for lunch tomorra. It's just some grilled chicken, brown rice and a baked potato I bought from the Heritage House. I didn't know if ya liked ya potato with butter or sour cream so I had em put it on the side."

He continued to stare out the window into the darkness with his hollowed filled eyes.

"I brought you a Christmas card. It has a picture of my son on the front. I thought ya might like to have it." My voice quivered, as I kept getting more and more nervous because he wouldn't respond.

I was in mid-sentence when he took the chewed up cigar out of his mouth and declared, "I don't like chicken."

Startled I replied, "Well what do ya like?"

"Macaroni and Cheese"

I chuckled out loud, "Out of all the foods I can't cook, Mac and Cheese is about the only thing that I can! Next time I come I'll have to bring ya a big bowl full, huh?"

He didn't answer. Instead he stuck the chewed up cigar back in his mouth and continued to stare into 'Never land'.

For ten minutes I rambled about everything and anything. Finally, after realizing he wasn't going to talk, I decided to give up. I proceeded to stand and leaned towards my purse that I had placed beside his chair.

Surprised, I felt a hand grab my arm. I looked up and there he was looking me straight in the eye. His hollowed filled eyes were now twinkling.

He smiled and whispered, "It's been a long, long time, Sue."

In the midst of being startled and not knowing what to say I blurted out "Oh, no sir, no sir! I'm not Sue. My name is Shayna. I met you this past Friday."

He stared at me, almost in disbelief, and then slowly turned his head back towards the window. He stuck the chewed up cigar back in his mouth and returned to the 'land far, far away'. The twinkle was gone and the hollow returned.

I grabbed my purse; almost embarrassed I assured him "Eugene, I'll be back before Christmas. Ya take care."

I walked out the door and down the stairs and left him in his own little world.

I started to cry on my way home. I didn't know if I had done the right thing by trying to befriend this lost soul. But... I kept on seeing his twinkling eyes. He was so happy when he thought I was the girl named Sue. Whoever this woman is/was, she obviously meant a lot to him, because I have never been looked at that way before.

I suppose that maybe I brought him a little happiness. His eyes did twinkle and for one brief moment he had left the land far, far away and I... I, momentarily, was his girl named Sue.

Until we meet again....

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Moving at the Speed of Life...

We are Bound to Collide with Each Other....

"I will understand you. I will judge you. I will berate you. I will help you. I will need you. I will comfort you. I will abandon you. I will love you. I will kill you." - Crash

...we are all victims... and we are all guilty of it...

As a human race our assumptions most often prevent us from seeing the actual person(s) standing before us.

We judge one by skin color, one by gender, one by sexual preference, one by occupation, one by social status, one by class, one by beauty, one by education, one by religion and the list goes on....
Do we not all share the same world? Do we not share similar fears and hopes? If you prick yourself will you not bleed as if I pricked myself and bleed?

Until several hundred years ago, most people everywhere in this world never saw anybody who didn't look like them. They were not racist, bias, prejudice because, as far as they knew, there was only one race... the human race.

Most people in this world are genuinely good people... but it's their behavior and attitude that will determine whether or not they are actually good or bad people.

Tomorrow is yet another day for you to begin to become who you want to be. People use their past experiences, their upbringings or anything "external" to explain their behavior and shit, but the truth is that YOU have total control of yourself and YOU make every single decision in your life every single day. -Berge Garabedian
To say you think this way or act this way because it is the way you were "brought-up" is a bunch of bull. You have your own "brain" and your own "thoughts"... you are the only one that can make yourself who you are.

I grew up in the town home of the KKK. We never embraced these idiots. When they would come to town to do their Klan marches, my town would turn their back on them. The entire town would shut down. My mother-in-law was quoted in USA today stating, "The KKK is a disgrace to this community and we do not want their hate here." For this statement she ended up receiving hate mail from all over the USA. From prisoners, from Klan members, from Skin Heads. They all stated horrible things... such as... what they would like to do to her and how could she turn her back on the "white power". Her first name and last name was given in the paper. Most of the envelopes addressed to her only had her name, city, state and zip code... no physical address. Scary!!! (Cowards who stand behind hatred... I say... WHATEVER!)

Gender Bias - Although I do believe that women are becoming more and more accepted as equal in the "man world"... I do think we have a ways to go. Just because you are a pretty face doesn't mean you don't have brains. To many times this comes to be an issue.

"I am not an idiot you fool. Do not talk to me like I am a child. Even though I was born without a dick and with a vagina doesn't mean I am an idiot! Believe it or not... I can make rash decisions on my own, I can live on my own, I can pay my own bills, I can feed myself, I can pump my own gas... wow... I may be just like you! I will not be bare-foot and pregnant, serving you 24 hours a day... those days are over!"

I really like this...

Unless governments move quickly to combat gender bias in subsistence economies, rapid population growth will continue unabated. To date, however, far more emphasis has been put on curtailing women's fertility than on improving their health and productivity.

If women in subsistence economies are the major suppliers of food, fuel, and water for their families, and yet their access to productive resources is declining, then more people will suffer from hunger, malnutrition, illness, and loss of productivity.

Investing in women is the fastest way

Dang... makes me feel important... makes me proud to be a woman... INVEST IN ME!!!!

The fact of the matter is... Prejudices exist! It is an unquestionabe force within our world, the acceptance is so widespread that it can be discovered within the most broad-minded people and enlightened organizations, subtly taking its toll in spite of the best of intentions.

Take Eugene... he is a perfect example of preconception...

Our soldiers... men and women, heterosexual and homosexual, black, white, yellow, brown, purple green... are fighting for peace... fighting for the good in the human race... they have hope and faith in this world!

I am a caucasian, I am a woman, I am a Methodist, I am a Democrat, I am a mother, I am a once college drop out, I am a heterosexual, I wear short skirts, I dye my hair, I have homosexual friends, I have African American friends, I have Japanese friends, I have Latino friends... are these reasons to be Racist, Bias and Prejudice towards me? If so... you obviously have nothing better to do with your time... shame on you! And shame on me.... if I lower myself to your level!

Until we meet again...

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Monday, November 28, 2005

And I will write you a song

A very short Blog-Roll...
Alice her take on raping bastards!
Graham has a great post... regarding JFK
CaliValliGirl supports JLO...
Courting Destiny's love for the Miracle on 34th Street...
D.Rad embraces his feminine side...
Leigh is surfing it up...
The day in the life of the AverageBusinessman...

(The first person to get the correct answer will win an all paid trip to my side bar under "Weekly Blog Winner")

Two part question... must answer both correctly!

What Singer-songwriter, who took home five Grammys with her break-out debut, Come Away With Me, is the daughter of what equally accomplished musician and onetime Beatles guru?

Good Luck!

Until we meet again....

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Help Eugene...

I want to thank each one of you for your kind words regarding Eugene. I have received several emails on how you can help Eugene. There are so many Eugene's in this world. I am going to try my hardest to help take care of him. I request that you do the same for the Eugene's in your community. Just a friendly hello, a meal every now and then, a shirt, a fresh pillow, money to your local vets organization, etc...

www.soldiersangelsnetwork.org is a great organization that is helping prevent "Eugene's". I have adopted a soldier a little over a month ago. You can do the same.

www.gi-bracelet.org is a great organization. Many military families fall into financial hardship when the breadwinner is injured or killed. The entire purchase price of each GI Bracelet is donated to support our troops and their families!

http://www.v-r-a.org/ Veterans Rights Advocates

There are tons of organizations... if you feel you must help (which is wonderful)... please help the thousands of "Eugene's"...

Thank each and everyone of you, again. I will keep you up to date on my adventures with Eugene...

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

His name is Eugene...

Was everyone's Thanksgiving as tasty as mine? I do believe I will be working out at the gym every day next week to get the 5 lbs, I gained this holiday, off. Gee Whiz... I was definitely not worshiping "my temple"... I was torturing it by stuffing Turkey, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Ham, Cranberries, Broccoli Casserole, Bread, Stuffing, Deviled Eggs, Cheese Ball, and Cherry Pie down my throat. I hope the "weight fairy" is not punishing each one of you.


Ever since I was a little girl, there has always been one man who really scared me. Eugene wanders around our town square. Coffee in hand he talks walks and shakes to himself. He never will look anyone straight in the eye... he is in a land far, far away. He has always been a sort of "icon" in the community. He is one no one talks about and no one seems to befriend... but everyone knows him.

Friday I was in town and I witnessed a miracle. One, I do believe, I helped create.

"Damn-it Eugene! I can't keep taken ya pennies. Ya gonna have to start bringin dolla' bills and silva coins to pay for ya coffee and donuts. This is my thurd time tellin ya this." Ledia stated with a southern tone that would make anyone feel two-inches tall.

Eugene looked past Ledia's right shoulder with hollow eyes. It was a look of one who had no soul.

Ledia looked down, the tone of her voice lowered, shaking her head, "Eugene, just rememba next time. Okay?"

She handed him his steaming hot black coffee and one glazed donut.

The afternoon went by and I ran into Eugene again. This time he was sitting on a bench outside of Beasley's clothing store.

I walked by him with my son in my arms. I noticed his eyes were following me. For some reason I stopped and turned and looked at him. Our eyes met. The once filled hollow eyes were now glistening.

To my surprise the soft-spoken 'scary' man whispered, "I had me a son once."

Startled, I smiled "Ya did? There is nothin like 'em."

While stealing a glance of my son his voice quivered "Yeah, nothin like 'em. It's been 62 years since I seen him."

My heart dropped and I didn't know what to say. Before I could really think I sat down beside him and blurted out "Would ya like to hold my son?"

He looked at me with deep desire and then slumped down and hung his head. "No, mam."

I sat with him for a few more minutes in silence. I finally stood up to walk away. While in the mist of standing I dropped my keys. Eugene bent over and picked them up.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"No, miss, thank you for talkin' to me," he stated while handing me my keys.

He leaned back on the bench and his brief glistening eyes turned back to hollow.

Eugene is a WWII vet. I asked my mother-in-law what happened to him. She says his wife left him while he was over seas fighting. When he returned she had taken his only son and all of his possessions. He has never been the same. Wandering the streets for years... with a lost soul. I wonder if his "lost soul" is from what he saw during the war or from a broken heart. My mother-in-law said she never knew of him having any family except a brother, a brother who is now dead. It really didn't matter; he never came to see Eugene in the first place.

Eugene lives in a veteran's home near my residence. I do believe I will be seeing him again real soon. The man who once scared me as a child, in my eyes, is now a man who needs a friend. To bad it has taken years for me to realize this. To bad no one else has tried to befriend this lost soul.

I am so thankful for my freedom and for those who fight for us. I salute each one of you. Let us never forget those like Eugene. Even after the war... he is still fighting in a land far, far away.

Until we meet again....

Update... http://girlontheblog.blogspot.com/2005/11/his-name-is-eugene.html.
This is the permalink for this entry. Since changing my blog skin... my permalink icon has been taken off. I can't figure out how to get it back on. At the beginning of the year I will be changing my blog address. I will let everyone know when this happens.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Gee Whiz...

My Inbox has been bombarded with emails... okay 13 to be exact... but it's the most emails I have had in one day sent to my "Girl on the Blog" account. Guys and Gals... how am I suppose to know that you read my blog if you do not comment? All the emails I have received have been from bloggers I have never heard from before... bitching at me about my decision to not post my rants about the war... (Bitch on... I love to be bitched at every now and then... keeps me thick skinned)...

Few of the emails... (I will not post them all... if I did, this post would be a mile long...)

"I think it is a horrible idea that you are going to stop writing regarding the war. I come to your site almost everyday and enjoy your thoughts and spunk. You say you do not understand this war, but who really does? It will be a great shame if you stop writing about your feelings of the war. Do not let one soldiers outlook on the war be your demise."
I have spunk? I want to make one thing clear... it was not Sgt Hook who made me come to the decision... all he has done (not intentionally) is make me rethink the "soldiers view" and rethink my slandering. ALSO... the good Sgt sent an email stating that I should "write what feels right"...
Another email...

"It is your God given right to oppose anything you want to oppose. If you want to oppose the war, you have that right. Do not stop your writing. This would be a shame to all that read you."

Yes it is and thanks...
Update... Received another... a special one... from a dear old friend...
"There are always those who feel they have to justify what they write. You do not. You have said time and time again that you always have to justify yourself. Get over it! You are an American and your right to Freedom of Speech is yours. Having been a soldier, I do not support this war. You of all people know this. *****, you shouldn't do this. Do not give up on your writing. Tammi and I love your site! The men and women who read your journal do not know how lucky they are. To know you is an honor and to read your works is a privilege. - "Ben"
A dear friend of mine from Hopkinsville, KY (near Ft. Campbell, KY). He always knows how to suck up! ;)


"It's about time you decided to have a decent post. Your bitching about the best President ever has really gotten to be annoying. Screw you and screw those who agree with you. B-I-T-C-H!"
Thanks for being honest, Daniel... and here is my honest response to your comment...
See... even your dear President agrees with me. Oh... and I don't know what President you are talking about when you stated "The best President ever"... get real!
SOOOOO... my dear readers... I have come to this... I WILL WRITE ABOUT THE WAR... but I will try not to bash its entirety as much as I have been and if I don't understand any incident regarding the war... I will be keeping my mouth shut. OKAY... is everyone happy now? :) Gee Whiz... you guys are pushy... but I truly appreciate each one of your comments (via comment box and via email)... it's always nice to know that I have readers who appreciate my "so called" writing and I also appreciate those who think my writing "sucks" (at least your being honest).
By the way... Hope you all are not in Turkey Coma....
Me and my Turkey...

Until we meet again....
UPDATE: OH... I will be having my "Blog Winner" contest on Monday... so be prepared... I expect each of you to study up on your "musical" knowledge...

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One more thing...

Just one more thing before I go off to enjoy my Happy Thanksgiving...

Sgt Hook was interviewed yesterday on WTIC News Talk 1080. After listening to his interview... I feel that I cannot justly write about something I really do not understand. I am not there, in Iraq, to know exactly what is going on and I am sure our media "blows" a lot of it out of proportion. I know there is good being done there... all we hear of is the bad.
I encourage each of you to listen to the interview,

Oh... and Sgt... it was good to hear your voice!

(It's always nice to put a voice with the writer)

Until we meet again....

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Happy Thanksgiving...

I am going to be busy the next few days... as are we all. I will not be blogging that much... Sooooooooooo, I wanted wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving... Try not to eat to much, enjoy your family and friends and, most of all, stay safe.

"Most of my relatives prefer their cranberries in cranberry sauce or cranberry bread, but Thanksgiving for me is a time for loading up on cranberry schnapps." General Lee Moody- Cusson, Minnesota

Read through some of my most recent entries... stay a while is you like... it may be this weekend before you get to read a new post from me. ;) Better yet, visit some of my favorite bloggers over in my "Those Who Rock" navigation area... they are the true writers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until we meet Again....

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What are you thankful for...

Those of you who wonder why I am such a Sgt Hook fan... wonder no more...

(you may need a tissue)


Home for Thanksgiving

He meticulously checked his team's weapons, just as he always did. Two of the seven were pissed off but cleaning their M-4 carbines nonetheless. He wasn't considered the most poplular, but he was thorough. He then checked the vehicles. Three up-armored hummers riddled with pock marks from IED shrapnel. At his displeasure, two more soldiers scrambled to find a fuel can to top off their vehicle.

Gottdamned complacency was setting in, he thought to himself, a knot forming in his stomach, he spat on the desert floor just before walking to the CP for an update while his team squared away the deficiencies he had found. "Get your shit together gottdammit, I'll be back in five and you'd better be tight," he had barked. They were good kids. Kids, he thought, he was only a few years older than them himself at 26.

He stepped into the CP for the brief from the S2. This was their third convoy this week and their 113th since arriving in country some 8 months ago. Three of the seven had been with him from the start. They had lost two to IEDs, one fatal and one bad enough to buy a ticket home. Another of the original seven went and got himself promoted and now had his own team. They often passed each other on the road heading in opposite directions. The fourth left on emergency leave and never came back.

He sat in his seat, staring out the window as the trees went by at a rapid pace. "Mom," he asked, "when are we gonna get there?"

"In just a few minutes honey," she answered stealing a glance in the rearview mirror. "Are you excited to pick up your sister from school?"

"Yeah mom, cause I wanna go buy the Turkey for dad for when he comes home for Tanksgiving," the four year old with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes strapped into his car seat matter-of-factly answered.

She smiled, almost unable to contain herself. She too was excited.

He smiled at the sight of his team standing at rigid attention in front of their hummers, weapons at the position of present arms as he approached. OK smart asses, let's get to the brief. He shared with his team the intel he got from the 2. He went over procedures for contact as he always did, the more seasoned members his team rolling their eyes as they always did. "Let's go," he quietly yet firmly said. They climbed into their chariots under the roar of two CH47 Chinook helicopters passing overhead.

She was frustrated with the traffic trying to get on base. The gate guard was checking every driver's ID causing the line of cars to move at a snail's pace.

Traffic was unusally light on the road. From the lead vehicle he keyed the mic, "keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious, my spidey sense is up today."

"And why should today be different from any other day spidey?" came over the radio in a tinny encrypted voice, followed by a few chuckles. He looked at his driver who was beaming from ear to ear. "You leaving tomorrow on R&R sarge?" the driver asked without taking his eyes off of the road ahead.

"Yeah," he said wiping the sweat dripping down from beneath his kevlar helmet.

She tipped the commissary bagger two bucks she really couldn't afford, buckeld the kids into their seats, and slid behind the wheel of their SUV, her skirt hiking up exposing her shapely left thigh. A thigh that longed for his touch. A thigh she missed feeling his hand on as he fell asleep next to her. A thigh she covered pulling her skirt back over while closing the heavy door.

The explosion lifted the right rear of his vehicle into the air, flipping the hummer onto its left side.

The crash slammed her head into the steering wheel. An old red pick-up truck had slammed into the SUV's rear as she was backing out of the parking spot. She immediately checked on the kids thanking God they were alright, albeit crying loudly. She took a second to collect her thoughts noticing blood trickling down her cheek.

He immediately checked on his driver cursing his death but not pausing a second, struggling to free himself from the half-overturned vehicle as bullets struck the now exposed underbelly. He could taste the salt of his own blood as he began kicking out the windshield. Squeezing through the frame where the windshield had once been, he rolled onto the ground keeping the hood of the truck to his right for cover, his M-4 in hand he immediately started returning fire. His heart and mind were in a horse race as he fought the enemy and the urge to get up and run to his trail vehicles to check on his soldiers.

He yelled, "mommy! mommy! mommy! what happened?" She wiped the blood from her forehead and unbuckled he and his sister, leading them from the SUV to the shade of a nearby tree, comforting her scared children with words of reassurance, "It's OK babies, just a little accident."

He low crawled from his upturned hummer to the second vechicle where both occupants had dismounted and taken up defensive positions fiercely engaging the enemy with all they had. He cut off a scream as the burn of a 7.62mm AK47 round struck his left thigh. "You guys alright?" he yelled over the report of automatic weapons fire. He was answered with a quick pair of nods. "Cover me!" he yelled and stood up to run to vehicle number three.

He held tightly to his mom, not understanding what had happened. His 7-year old sister attempted to comfort her little brother with words and a hug.

He fell to the ground partly from the pain in his thigh, and partly from the explosion of vehicle number three as a rocket propelled grenade slammed into it killing three of his men. His heart broke just before a bullet struck his right shoulder shattering the bones within. "Sarge!" he heard from behind him as another explosion sand-blasted his face. Rolling to his right, he winced in pain, desperately trying to pull the trigger. He barely felt yet another hot round hit his left foot as he faded out of consciousness.

She layed in bed with their daughter on her left, their son on her right, all wearing one of daddy's flannel shirts, each pretending he was hugging them with arms of the shirt. She kept their minds off of the events of earlier with planning daddy's welcome home Thanksgiving dinner just a few days away. Her heart warmly swelled as their children giggled and smiled and anticipated trading in their flannel shirts for real hugs. As did she.

His eyes closed, drifting off to dream world. His sister had already fallen alseep. She was dozing herself as David Letterman came to an end when the ring of the doorbell startled her. She nervously walked down the steps wrapped in his flannel shirt and peered out of the peep hole in the locked door. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor at the sight of an Army officer and a Chaplain standing outside under the porch light dressed in their green class 'A' uniforms adorned with medals and such.

The Army officer and Chaplain awash in the porch light could hear her wailing through the door, "but he was supposed to be home for Thanksgiving in just three days."

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Sgt Hook out

Unti we meet again....

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

...more to this world than politics

The past few months I have been receiving emails from people I never knew read my blog. They never comment in my comment box... instead they email me... which is always welcome. I received the following email a few weeks back and have received a few emails like this one. So... I thought I would answer this question.

"Why are you not writing more about the affairs of our government? You really should. I have read your comments at Political Notio's and your comments are really well written and right on the money. I keep coming back hoping you have written something other than about your son. There is nothing wrong with this, I just would like to read your views a little more."

I believe there is more to this world than politics. I throw in my two-cents once in a while. I am no expert and do not claim to be one. I have my opinions... and they are my opinions. When I started this blog I never intended for it to become a "POLITICAL BLOG". I will continue to write about any thoughts I have for the day... be if my thoughts are about my son, my car, my dog, or my nation. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement to write outside of my box.
Thanks to everyone who read with comment, those who read without comment and those who read and post their comments via email to me.


Today I could have jumped out of my ride and bitched slapped the woman ahead of me. She was swerving all over the road. As I made my way up closer to her vehicle I noticed that the stupid winch was putting on her make-up. If you leave home without your face... no one else wants you to risk their life while you "put it on". STUPID!!!

Talk About Not Having an Exit Strategy... Sorry, I couldn't resist!!!!


I have been blessed to have had men in my life that could cook. My husband is an EXCELLENT cook. Everything he makes is superb. My high school sweet heart is now a "Big Time" chef in Atlanta... he is also a gay, witch (but that's another story). I dated a soldier that could cook up anything mouth watering delicious. My best friend "Ben" can grill a mean "steak".

Gee whiz, I'm getting hungry!


I never knew George Clooney was a Kentucky boy!


Cheney Slams War Critics, Praises Murtha

You know "Dick" is the perfect name for this man...

Murtha has the Bush administration in fear... I do believe... In fear that America may be listening and agreeing with this war vet.

"He's a good man, a Marine, a patriot — and he's taking a clear stand in an entirely legitimate discussion," Cheney told the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Cheney, who represented Wyoming in the House of Representatives in the 1980s, called Murtha "my friend and former colleague."

Bush and other administration officials toned down their criticism, fearful of a backlash in support of Murtha. Bush on Sunday called Murtha "a fine man" and longtime supporter of the military.



Cowell's Uncertain "Idol" Future

I am in LOVE with Simon Cowell and yes... I am in the closet American Idol fan... If Simon leaves the show... it will not be the same...

Now I shall go to bed in tears....

Until we meet again....

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

"I Walk the Line"

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line
"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash"... now I understand why women melted in his presence and why men wanted to be him.

Last night I was blessed to see the reincarnation of Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix was Cash. He walked, talked, acted and his musical voice... oh my goodness... his musical voice was Johnny. There were times I didn't see Phoenix... I saw Cash. Reese Witherspoon did a wonderful job portraying June Carter... although, I do believe Witherspoon was a lot cuter than Carter was... I always thought Carter was a little "homely". Witherspoon almost reminded me of a cute and free spirited "Minnie Pearl"... but Carter so often reminded me of Pearl as well. I loved Johnny Cash... the man and the entertainer. Phoenix said it best in an interview regarding Cash... "Johnny Cash met with kings and royalty, but also with prisoners. He found the nobility of the human race in both." This movie shows Cash's lows and highs... It is Cash's landmark 1968 performance at Folsom Prison that bookends the film. This movie is first and foremost a love story. It follows the roller coaster love affair between Cash and the woman who would eventually become his wife of 35 years, June Carter. All-in-all this movie is a must see if you are a Cash fan... even if you are not... I do believe you will walk a way a fan. The fact is... Cash was the voice of rebellion that altered the face of music. He was a rebel and an icon that many others and I will never forget.... "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" will echo forever in my musical soul...

Harry Potter was great as well... probably the best one yet. A lot like the book... some parts were left out and some were a little embellished... but all-in-all a great and entertaining movie!

Go and vote for your favorite Bloggers...

My personal favorites...

Military Blogger... Sgt Hook ... agree or disagree with the man... he is a wonderful writer.

Political Blogger... Political Notio ... oh wait... he is no longer with us... BOOOOOO! So I will have to go with Graham at The Cognoscenti... Great...Great writer.

Young Wisdom, Humor and Sass goes to... Alice: In Wonderland or Not

I could go on but I don't want to give each of you BIG HEADS... Although the ones I mentioned above... their heads are probably about to explode... :) LOL!!!

I hope you all know you are all winners in my book!!!!


Although I HATE TO DO THIS... I have to give a little...just a little credit to Bush for trying to lower a little of the "hellish" heat that has been stirred.

Bush came to the defense of Murtha, the hawkish congressman who has been denounced by Republicans for advocating withdrawal. Bush's own spokesman had compared the combat-decorated Vietnam veteran to war critic-movie producer Michael Moore and suggested Murtha was counseling surrender to terrorists.
On Sunday, Bush called Murtha a "fine man and a good man."
"I know the decision to call for the immediate withdrawal of our troops by Congressman Murtha was done in a careful and thoughtful way," the president said. "I disagree with his position." Murtha told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday he hoped the administration would take his proposal seriously and the president would "get a few of us to the White House and talk to us about this very difficult problem which the whole nation wants to solve with a bipartisan manner."

Although I am not sure how sincere he really is...

"People should feel comfortable about expressing their opinions about Iraq," Bush said, three days after agreeing with Vice President Dick Cheney that the critics were"reprehensible".

Read full story here.

Thanks to Lizzy for the Blog-Roll over at Night Bird's Fountain!

Well... I must get off to my studies... fun, fun, fun!!!

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sex, Lies, Rock & Roll and Politics...

Nothing really to write here... just wanted to get your attention. Did it work? Sex sells...right? I'm really not a tease... really!

I really could tie in Politics here... but I shall refrain from doing so. I found this a little funny... I almost feel guilty that I thought this was funny... but I love Sarah Silverman... although I do not think it is funny to accuse a man falsely of rape no matter what the cause... her justification for this "it's all in the name of comedy"...

Full story here.

Silverman has a gift for inspiring absurdly instructive public controversy. Her most notorious fiasco occurred in 2001, when she told a joke on Late Night With Conan O'Brien that unapologetically hinged on the word "chink." This summer, she got into trouble in a venue that was supposed to be trouble-proof: The Aristocrats, a documentary that challenged 100 comedians to offend its audience as ingeniously as possible. While most of the comics went straight for the "piss-sh*t-suck-f*ck" paradigm, which very quickly became about as offensive as a newborn koala, Silverman turned the old-school joke against an iconic old-schooler. She implied, via an emotionally supercharged soliloquy full of loaded pauses, that she had been sexually abused by the 79-year-old show-business institution Joe Franklin. At the end, she looked straight into the camera and said, dead seriously, "Joe Franklin raped me" an anti-punch line that completely paralyzed the theater I was at. Instead of laughing, we were all stuck trying to decide whether this was some new species of joke or just plain old slander. When Franklin threatened to sue soon after the movie was released ("I didn't like the nature of that wisecrack"), it made the joke strangely better. Silverman was the only comic in the film who met the challenge of the joke: She pushed it too far.
Okay I lied... I have to throw this in...

In the Bush administration "the negation of truth is so systematic. Dishonest accounting, willful scientific illiteracy, bowdlerized federal fact sheets, payola paid to putative journalists, 'news' networks run by right-wing apparatchiks, think tanks devoted to propaganda rather than thought, the purging of intelligence gatherers and experts throughout the bureaucracy whose findings might refute the party line -- this is the machinery of mendacity...The point here is not the hypocrisy involved, though that is egregious. The point is the downgrading of truth and honesty from principles with universal meaning to partisan weapons to be sheathed or drawn as necessary. No wonder the Bush administration feels no compunction to honor the truth or seek it; it conceives truth as a tactic, valuable only insofar as it is useful against one's enemies." Russ Rymer
Rock & Roll:
I wish I had a lucky penny that would bring me enough money to buy Dylan Poems, Hendrix Jewelry at Auction .

On Monday, the rare cache of Dylan poems goes on the auction block in Christie's Rockefeller Center location, with an anticipated value of $60,000 to $80,000. It's the top item in a rock and pop memorabilia auction that also features a medallion worn by Jimi Hendrix at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, rare lyrics written by Jim Morrison and an assortment of Beatles' items.
Wow... how great would this be to own one of the rare cache of Dylan poems... or to even own some of the "bling, bling" Hendrix wore... I would do anything to own a piece of paper Morrison wrote his lyrics own... the Beatles' were great musicians but I am not a huge fan like most...so who ever wants their items... they can have them (I will not be excepting hate mail for this comment).

My favorite past time... well, to read about politics. I don't consider myself a political woman or an expert... but I do have my opinions... take them or leave them... feel free to agree or disagree anytime.

House Rejects Iraq Pullout After GOP Forces a Vote

Differences over policy on the Iraq war ignited an explosion of angry words and personal insults on the House floor yesterday when the chamber's newest member suggested that a decorated war veteran was a coward for calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.
This pisses me off more than the following words can ever say... I wish I had been there... this "newest member" needs a fat lip and so does the "officer" who asked her to send congress a message. If they think he is a coward then all of the following links are cowards too... I dare for this "newest member" and "officer" to call these heroes cowards... Go ahead... look them in the eye and say it! I didn't think so....

Like I have said before... "I honestly do not think we should pull our troops out all at one time. We need to clean up what we started. We need to gradually pull ourselves away. There are Iraqi people who are in dire need of us and we need to show them how to help themselves... and yes other countries need to help do their part, as well."

Murtha galvanized the debate as few others could have. He is a 33-year House veteran and former Marine colonel who received medals for his wounds and valor in Vietnam, and he has traditionally been a leading Democratic hawk and advocate of military spending.

...It was past 10 p.m. when Murtha addressed a relatively subdued House. Hunter's resolution "is not what I envisioned" because it avoids a broader debate of the war, which "is not going as advertised," Murtha said. "The American people are way ahead of us" in wanting a strategy to bring the troops home, he added. "It's easy to sit in your air-conditioned offices and send them into battle."

Brilliant man... enough said.

BTW... I have a date tonight with my "perfect man"... no not John Edwards or MJ (sorry I just had to throw you in)... my hubby. We are going to the movies to see a double feature.... "Walk the Line" and "Harry Potter"... I can't wait.... not only has it been a while since we had a "date"... I have been looking forward to seeing these movies for months. I'll let you know my reviews later on.

Until we meet again....

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blah day...

Today has been a very "BLAH" day... I have a head cold... the weather in Tennessee is about to kill me. It was was 78 degrees on Monday and Tuesday... and then it dropped into the 30's and 40's yesterday and today. We had several severe tornadoes around these parts... scary. I have only been in one Tornado and that was when I lived in Clarksville, TN back several years ago (I climbed in the bathtub and held on to my dog for dear life...the tornado hit 5 houses down...and yes it really sounds like a train)... looks like poor Clarksville got hit again, but not as bad.

*Two months ago my brother-in-law had a Land Rover until it was smashed by a tree. Severe winds came through. Luckily the tree fell on his "Pride and Joy" and not his house.

*Sgt Hook has written up an interesting post... There are always two sides to every story and he has proven one of those sides... Although, I still have a hard time excepting the fact that all soldiers are for this war. Several of the ones I know are not in favor or will not say. Who's right and Who's wrong? Is there really a Who's right and Who's wrong when it comes to supporting this war? Is there really a Who's right and Who's wrong when it comes to supporting our troops? Will the I'm right... Your wrong... war ever end? Who knows!!!!

*Found a blogger I really like... Pia Savage with her blog Courting Destiny . Check her out... very good writer and great thoughts...

*Found another penny today... I didn't pick it up... I thought I would let some other person get a little lucky...

*I really need to stop swearing... My son has picked up the "sh*t" word... I am so embarrassed. I guess the little guy does listen to everything I say... I am so ashamed... I have to break him of this rant of "sh*t, sh*t" as he toddles around the house... I'm a baaaadddd mommy... I guess I am the one that needs to stand in the corner... am I grounded?

Well guys and gals... I am totally out of creativity and any thoughts... I think I will call it an early night... Sweet Dreams....

Until we meet again...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't disappoint me....

Below is the chorus to my weekly "CONTEST"... If you are the first one with the correct answer... your blog will be featured in my Navigation area under "Weekly Feature Blog Winner"...

You must list the song title, group who originally sang the song and the movie it was included in.

Come on... it's not that hard... You can do it!!!

Don't disappoint me... this is one of my favorite songs...

"Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of Heaven,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgment day,
On the bloody morning after...."

Hint: The band members were Satan worshipers (wow...I didn't know this) and this song was their only hit.

Until we meet again....

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris Sapp... for more information regarding the song, group and movie see Left of Centrist.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My lucky penny...

The start of this week has been amazing.

***A little info you will need to know to lead up to this story. My grandparents past away two years ago. They left my sisters and myself all their belongings. They left my parents their house, which I have now purchased. My grandparents were well off folks, but you would never know it as tight as they were with their money. In the end, they have made my family's lives a lot more comfy in more ways than one. Which is great... but I would give everything back just to have one more moment with them. ***

I found a penny on the floor of Home Depot yesterday... I picked it up and put it in my pocket... I never do this... I mean NEVER... but for some reason this penny was calling my name.

Last night I was re-arranging my study. I was moving a small cherry roll top desk that had belonged to my grandmother. As I was pulling this heavy piece of furniture... the top came flying open... it was a secret compartment. The only thing inside the compartment was a piece of foil that was folded in half. I picked up the foil and to my surprise there was $1***.00 inside the foil. "Holy, crap!" I yelled.... I am actually still yelling... My lucky penny is going to stay in my pocket for a while.

Until we meet again....

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Monday, November 14, 2005

...in mourning

I am in a state of mourning...I can't blog tonight.... Political not: But You Can't Stay Here

Stop by and wish MJ a fare-the-well... He has been one of my favorite bloggers and I will miss his writing, humor and brains! Did I mention he is democrat? A damn perfect man!

Until we meet again....

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

...honest, truthful, and virtuous

I was reading the Washington Post today and came across one of my favorite men, John Edwards (he is damn good looking and smart and democrat and older... a great recipe for a GOTB man). He has written an article "The Right Way in Iraq" that says everything I have ever wanted to say about this war...

"Almost three years ago we went into Iraq to remove what we were told -- and what many of us believed and argued -- was a threat to America. But in fact we now know that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction when our forces invaded Iraq in 2003. The intelligence was deeply flawed and, in some cases, manipulated to fit a political agenda."

Honestly, when 9/11 happened... I was ready for us to have bloody revenge on those accused of this massacre. I still believe those who stand accused (Bin Laden and Hussein) should fry in hell. I, as many Americans, fell for the "weapons of mass destruction" lie... I hate being lied to by anyone... I usually have to whip some ass when I am lied to in a manner such as this. Want a fat lip? Lie to me again.

"The world desperately needs moral leadership from America, and the foundation for moral leadership is telling the truth."

"The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous" (Frederick Douglass).

"While we can't change the past, we need to accept responsibility, because a key part of restoring America's moral leadership is acknowledging when we've made mistakes or been proven wrong -- and showing that we have the creativity and guts to make it right."

Can I get a "Hell, yeah"!!! I would have more gratitude and more respect for our government if they would get some balls and say "yes, we did make a mistake...let's fix it"... Instead we get a "but, but, but"... How am I suppose to have respect for this?

"The argument for going to war with Iraq was based on intelligence that we now know was inaccurate. The information the American people were hearing from the president -- and that I was being given by our intelligence community -- wasn't the whole story. Had I known this at the time, I never would have voted for this war."
Lies of men will make this country weaker. Honest men who acknowledge their mistake make this country stronger... An honest man is a hell of a lot sexier than a man full of poo!

"George Bush won't accept responsibility for his mistakes. Along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, he has made horrible mistakes at almost every step:
failed diplomacy; not going in with enough troops; not giving our forces the equipment they need; not having a plan for peace.

Because of these failures, Iraq is a mess and has become a far greater threat than it ever was. It is now a haven for terrorists, and our presence there is draining the goodwill our country once enjoyed, diminishing our global standing. It has made fighting the global war against terrorist organizations more difficult, not less."

Truer words have not been spoken... I love this man!

"What is success? I don't think it is Iraq as a Jeffersonian democracy. I think it is an Iraq that is relatively stable, largely self-sufficient, comparatively open and free, and in control of its own destiny.

A plan for success needs to focus on three interlocking objectives: reducing the American presence, building Iraq's capacity and getting other countries to meet their responsibilities to help."

I honestly do not think we should pull our troops out all at one time. We need to clean up what we started. We need to gradually pull ourselves away. There are Iraqi people who are in dire need of us and we need to show them how to help themselves... and yes other countries need to help do their part, as well.

"First, we need to remove the image of an imperialist America from the landscape of Iraq. American contractors who have taken unfair advantage of the turmoil in Iraq need to leave Iraq. If that means Halliburton subsidiary KBR, then KBR should go. Such departures, and the return of the work to Iraqi businesses, would be a real statement about our hopes for the new nation.

We also need to show Iraq and the world that we will not stay there forever. We've reached the point where the large number of our troops in Iraq hurts, not helps, our goals. Therefore, early next year, after the Iraqi elections, when a new government has been created, we should begin redeployment of a significant number of troops out of Iraq. This should be the beginning of a gradual process to reduce our presence and change the shape of our military's deployment in Iraq. Most of these troops should come from National Guard or Reserve forces.

That will still leave us with enough military capability, combined with better-trained Iraqis, to fight terrorists and continue to help the Iraqis develop a stable country.

Second, this redeployment should work in concert with a more effective training program for Iraqi forces. We should implement a clear plan for training and hard deadlines for certain benchmarks to be met. To increase incentives, we should implement a schedule showing that, as we certify Iraqi troops as trained and equipped, a proportional number of U.S. troops will be withdrawn.

Third, we must launch a serious diplomatic process that brings the world into this effort. We should bring Iraq's neighbors and our key European allies into a diplomatic process to get Iraq on its feet. The president needs to create a unified international front."

See... I told you this man is the perfect man... he just needs a big bow tied around him and put under my tree....

"Too many mistakes have already been made for this to be easy. Yet we must take these steps to succeed. The American people, the Iraqi people and -- most important -- our troops who have died or been injured there, and those who are fighting there today, deserve nothing less."
I take these words to heart... Too many mistakes have been made and we do need to take these steps to make this situation right. Everyone involved in this war... be it if they are here or there... are worthy of the above statement. We do "deserve nothing less"....

"America's leaders -- all of us -- need to accept the responsibility we each carry for how we got to this place. More than 2,000 Americans have lost their lives in this war, and more than 150,000 are fighting there today. They and their families deserve honesty from our country's leaders. And they also deserve a clear plan for a way out."
Our soldiers and their families should NEVER be forgotten. They do deserve a "clear plan"... as do we all.

John Edwards, in my book, doesn't get any better than him. Do you want to argue with me? I didn't think so....

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Can I get a "Freak"...

Cindy Jackson was born in 1956 on a farm in Ohio and like most little girls, said "Barbie was her idol". It was during those years she got the idea that she "wanted Barbie's life, not her body". "I wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, not a farmer's wife". When Cindy's father died in 1988 and left her a nice sum of money (why do the vain always fall into money?) she finally had the chance to make that dream a reality. So, she started a $100,000 + plastic surgery hobby which continues to this day. She decided she was going to make herself look like her idol, Barbie.


Her Wish List from 1988 she wanted: larger, less tired-looking eyes, small feminine nose High cheekbones, fuller better-shaped lips, perfect white teeth, a smaller more delicate jaw and chin, to have just the one chin, to eradicate premature facial wrinkles and acne scarring, a flawless, unlined complexion, a defined waistline and flat stomach, to lose her love handles, saddlebags and cellulite, thinner thighs and slimmer knees, to get rid of flab left over from being 50 lbs. overweight in the '70s. Not to have to wear a lifetime of hardship etched on her face.

Her Procedures She Had Done: Eye lifts, Nose jobs, Cheek implants, Lip enhancement, Cosmetic Dentistry, Chin reduction, Jaw reshaped, Facelifts, Breast implants in,
Breast implants out, Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, Fat transfers, Liposuction, Filler injections, Laser treatment and much more...

It was during these years that she realized she had indeed managed to attain her childhood dream and chose the Deep and Meaningful Barbie Life of starting her own plastic surgery referral service, the Cosmetic Surgery Network.

Cindy is fast to add that no, she is not a freak but a designer woman ahead of her time.


****Give me a freaking break... Granted, there are a few cosmetic changes I would "LOVE" to make to myself (ie... stretch marks from pregnancy) but why in the world put yourself through torture... I just don't get it!! I wonder if she is as "Happy" as she thought she would be by making a "FEW" changes to her outer self. I have to ponder on the question... Is her inner self the true ugly duckling?****

How funny is the above pic... "Two peas in pod"...

Until we meet again....

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Feature You?

Weekly competition...

Name that Tune and Artist...

The FIRST person who answers correctly will get their BLOG special prominence, attention, publicity in my "Feature Blog Winner" section for the week.

Come on... You can Do It...

Artist Hint.... born Matthew Shafer on June 6, 1974 in Michigan, gained notoriety as a DJ and rapper with Kid Rock's entourage.

Provided by VideoCodes4U.com

Until we meet again...

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Friday, November 11, 2005

...not just another holiday

How appropriate that we celebrate Veterans Day during this month dedicated to giving thanks. Our children are living in a time when the movement of our armed forces (Army, Air Force, Marine, Nay and Coastguard) are the topic of almost every news topic and daily conversation. I am sure that each one of us has been touched either directly or indirectly by the events following September 11th. Take time today to remember and honor our veterans. Set aside time for reflection related to this important day. It's the least we can do... they sacrifice/sacrificed their lives in order for us to live a better life....

Veteran's Day is not
Just Another Holiday.

Until we meet again...

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

...its great being a smart woman with a DAMN fine ride

Two weeks ago I bought a NEW 2006 Suzuki XL-7 Grand Vitara... It is a very sharp ride and ohhhh so roomy.

I have been in heaven riding in this "metal cloud" of a vehicle... Needless to say, I am still working out all of the "newness" of this gorgeous ride. What I am trying to say is... this sexy SUV gets a way from me... before I know it I am doing 65 in a 45 or 45 in a 15...

Today, while on my way to work, I was driving down the same highway stretch I do everyday. At a certain intersection the speed drops from 65 to 35 with no notice. To my surprise, two cops jump out and motion for me to pull over. YES... these idiots were on the side of the road pulling people over by just making a stop motion with their hands and then motioning to pull over. An officer, who looked a little like Barney Phife, asked me did I know how fast I was going. I helplessly stated, "Why no officer I don't know... I honestly don't know". Which I think I was doing around 55 but he cut me some slack and said I was going 45. His 'partner' comes over (goof ball looking jerky) and asked, "Do you know why we post speed limit signs?" I looked at him with what I know had to be a "GO TO HELL" look... I handed him my driver's license, registration, and Insurance Cards. He then proceeds to ask me about my " babelicious" ride... I proceeded to "bat" my eyes and give him the same spill the dealer gave me about this "man magnet" of transportation. I am a great sales person... I can sell a bag of poo to you and you would think you were getting gold. So... we talked awhile and shared a smile and a laugh. Letting my old school "flirting" and my sales experience do all the talking... they let me off with a warning. They took the bate so I lured them into my web.

TIP: A guy will not pass up an 'okay' looking female and a HOT/SEXY/MANLY MAN of a ride... I knew I had them so I went with it...

I ran into a guy friend at the store tonight. He proceeded to tell me that he got a ticket today at the same police stop. I laughed and told him what happened to me. He was a little perturbed. He said, "It must be nice being a woman"... I replied, "Well, sometimes... but better yet... its great being a smart woman with a DAMN fine ride"....

Moral of the Story: If you know you got something going for you... take advantage of it... hence the 'stellar' motor vehicle....

Until we meet again....

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Republicans Anonymous...

I LOVE this post from American Politics Journal...

cartoon by Mo Paul

Republicans Anonymous
Keep coming back...Democracy works!
by Alan Bisbort

Nov. 5, 2005 / HARTFORD (apj.us) / Welcome to the first meeting of Republicans Anonymous. I'll be your monitor for this session. Before we start, though, I'd like to say, wow, there sure are a lot of you here today in the Astrodome...what's that? Two high school gyms in the area are also packed to the rafters, watching by closed circuit TV? Incredible! And a simulcast in Spanish is being piped down to Argentina? Hey, this is better than the PTL Club before the hairspray fumes got to Tammy Faye. We didn't even have to advertise. We just told a couple of ex-Enron execs' ex-wives down at the homeless shelter about it yesterday morning and I guess that's all it took.

It strikes me that you're all here today because you no longer want to be republicans. But, for whatever reasons, you are afraid to take those first steps away from the party of corporate thugs, common criminals, perjurers, inside-traders, cat killers, racists, misogynists, money launderers, treasonists, pedophiles, wife beaters, hypocrites, and other assorted major league axeholes.

Fear not, my friends. The diehard Republican is, at his/her core, a bully and a wanker and a bullywanker. Show him some spine and he is reduced to twitching like a bug sprayed with Raid, spewing stuff about Vince Foster and the Clintons, whining like Dr. Bill Frist, seeking comfort in Big Gulps filled with OxyContin, or, in the case of Bill O'Reilly, turning to phone sex, even with his own wife who refuses to have any other kind of sex with him.

One of the most common reasons I've heard from women who are recovering Republicans is that you are afraid of your husbands' reactions when they find out you've switched sides. Two words of advice: withhold sex. No matter how hopped up on Viagra he is, no matter how many Libby Dole pin-up calendars he's gazed at, do not give it up. Chances are you've secretly loathed him all these years you've been married to him and been forced to listen to all those horrible unsolicited soliloquies about liberals and Chelsea Clinton. Get out of that sick relationship. NOW. Rather than dwell on the past, and the reasons for not having made this leap of faith sooner, let's concentrate on the present and future. To that end, Republicans Anonymous has come with its own 12 Steps that can help guide your footsteps.

Step 1: I admit that my life has become unmanageable due to my powerlessness over my untreated and chronic Republicanism.

Step 2: I believe that a power greater than Republicanism, alternately called facts and truth, can restore me to sanity.

Step 3: I have made a decision to turn my will and my life over to facts and truth.

Step 4: I have made a searching and fearless moral inventory of the Republican Party, and found it to be despicable and without any redeeming values whatsoever.

Step 5: I am admitting, in front of all these thousands of other anonymous Republicans, that I was wrong and deluded, and I am now sick and tired of the fear and the shame and the HIDING from my better instincts.

Step 6: I am entirely ready to have the impeachment process remove all the defects of character possessed by the Demon Republicanism.

Step 7: I humbly ask the people of the world who are not Republicans to forgive me and help me remove this terrible stain upon my character.

Step 8: I began to compile a list of all the people that my Republicanism has harmed and then gave up because I realized it has harmed all 6 billion people on the planet and I'd get writer's cramp trying to write all of their names down and, besides, the names from India and Solomon Islands are really hard to spell.

Step 9: I resolve to make amends to all of them, somehow.

Step 10: I will continue to monitor my latent Republicanism, knowing that, like all addictions, it may never fully leave me and thus I must be vigilant to catch myself before I start thinking like Newt Gingrich or one of those other helmet-haired white pundits who will be forgotten five minutes after the dirt and sod is kicked over their miserable bones.

Step 11: I have sought through meditation on the U.S. Constitution to improve my conscious contact with Democracy, as the forefathers designed it.

Step 12: I will try to carry this message to other Republicans and to use the newfound principles of facts and truth to counter the delusional race-baiting and fear-mongering that divides people rather than brings them together.

Keep coming back. Democracy works!

In all seriousness... Something has got to give... (I am taking this from a comment post I posted on MJ's blog) "This has become a country with no sympathy and/or humanity and a country up to their eye balls in decadence that we no longer have any right to chastise other countries on the way they run their governments." I am beginning to wonder if we will be able to "dig ourselves out of the hole" we have been put in. Democrats 2008 save us!

Until we meet again....

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I thank my lucky stars...

While growing up... I never imagined that my sisters would eventually become my best friends...
All the hair pulling... name calling... and fights... seemed to be a daily ritual at our house. My poor dad never stood a chance in a house full of women... PMS "ruled the roost"!
I thank my lucky stars... daily... for my sisters...
What is a sister?

She is your mirror shining back at you with a world of possibilities.
She is your witness who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway.
She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark.
She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink.
Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child.

~Barbara Alpert~

Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

...need I say more

I was going through some old pictures tonight and found the following picture and couldn't stop laughing... I am so "hoarse" now... there for a moment I couldn't catch my breath...
Please feel free to do the same... laugh it up...

Early 90's of the up and coming "Girl on the Blog"... need I say more...

Gee Whiz... What was I thinking?!?!

I wasn't the only one who had the big hair and tight rolled pants...

...I know you are out there...

Until we meet again...

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Monday, November 07, 2005

...far out names

I have to say that I am getting annoyed more and more by stupid people. Especially when it comes to naming their children. I have three incidences that truly "boggle my mind".

1) My mother is an elementary school teacher. The stories I hear from her are so unbelievably idiotic and scary. It amazes me that some people are able to be parents. For example: Every year before school starts the teachers get a list of the children's names that are going to be in their class that year. On my mother's list there were some far out names but nothing like one child's name. His name was pronounced Shatheed... BUT... spelt SHITHEAD. Who in their right mind would spell their child's name S-h-i-t-h-e-a-d? This parent needs to be strung up by their toenails and beaten with a wet noodle.

2) My best friend is also a teacher. A very similar story... she had twin girls in her class... their names were pronounced Reginna and Veginna... BUT... spelt Ragina and VAGINA. Oh my goodness... VAGINA... The parent of this child should have every last pubic hair pulled out individually with a set of scalding hot tweezers.

3) I heard this story from my boss (don't know how true this is). A lady was registering her child for kindergarten. The individual helping this parent register asked her how she pronounced the child's name. The parent stated "FaMolly". The individual then proceeded to ask where did she get the name. The parent stated "The hospital named her for me. They wrote it on her hospital arm bracelet". The child's name was spelt FEMALE. Now this parent should be dropped on her head several more times and then tossed around and then dropped on her head some more.

Is our society this stupid? How can people get away with "scarring" their children for life just because they are so ignorant? Boggling... isn't it?

Oh... and don't even get me started on celebrity baby names. 1. Moon Unit (Frank and Gail Zappa)2. Fifi Trixibelle (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)3. Satchel (Mia Farrow and Woody Allen)4. Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)5. Daisy Boo (Julia and Jamie Oliver)6. Rumer (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)7. Peaches (Paula Yates and Bob Geldof)8. River (Arlyn and John Phoenix)9. Rocco (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)10. Nell Marmalade (Helen Baxendale and David Eliot)11. Maddox (adopted by Angelina Jolie)12. Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani (Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence)13. Dweezil (Frank/Gail Zappa)14. Brooklyn (Victoria/David Beckham)15. Eugenie (Sarah Ferguson/Prince Andrew)16. Zowie (Angie and David Bowie)17. Rolan (Gloria Jones and Marc Bolan)18. Phoenix Chi (Mel C and Jimmy Gulzar)19. Coco (Courtney Cox and David Arquette)20. Romeo (Victoria and David Beckham)

What ever happened to George, Jane, Henry, Linda, Ann, William, James, Bob, etc?

Until we meet again....

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

..."Music Highway"

I didn't make it to the award show... damn stomach virus... but all is well... it is suppose to be on TV the next couple of weeks. There is always next year. Seriously, there was no way I could have gone... no matter how bad I wanted too.

I did take a quick trip this weekend to West TN. Sang one song at a college and turned right back around and came home. It is really beautiful countryside...

On my way back home I noticed I was on "Music Highway"... a great name. "Music Highway" leads you right to the heart of music... Nashville, TN. The air in Nashville is like no other... you can hear the music and smell it too. Every time I return to "Music City" I am hypnotised by the "beauty" of the art. To only imagine how many dreams came true and drowned in "Music City" only boggles my mind. Listening to the music from the world's throbbing heartbeat gives me great pleasure every time.

Where would we be without the musical composition of Bach, of Beethoven, of Mozart? What would we do without the folk ballads of Dylan, Joni, Buffett, and Bruce? Who could dance, sing, laugh or cry without The blues of B.B., the jazz of Miles, the rock guitarists like Jimmie, Eric and George? Where would Nashville be without Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, Chris LeDoux (my list goes on and on)?

If you think long and hard about it... music is a language that everyone speaks. Without divisions and barriers it brings us together as one. No matter what type of "music" you prefer... it is "music". Maybe "Music" should run for president... sorry I had to throw that in.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all could ride down the "Music Highway" ... just to know that we, for one moment, could have a sense of togetherness?

And the music plays on....

Until we meet again....

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's the least we can do...

I have a damn stomach bug... oh my gosh... I feel like crap. Just hope I can make it to the award show tonight.

I was checking my email and got an email from a great guy... He asked that I spread the word about the following... Hats off to you Sgt Hook... also to BlackFive where most of the information came from...

WHAT: Friendly fundraising competition for Valour-IT.
WHEN: November 2nd through Veterans Day (the 11th).
WHERE: Based in the blogosphere, spreading everywhere else.
WHY: Because giving wounded warriors with hand and arm injuries access to a computer supports their healing and puts them back in touch with the world.
HOW: Blogger teams will be divided along military branches, with civilians "up for grabs."

I donated... now it is your turn!!! It's the least we can do...

View All who have donated!

Until we meet again...

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

... don't talk to "my child"

When I was in high school and college I remember recruiters from different branches of the military always having a table set up somewhere on campus. I never thought much about it. I did get several calls from the Army and Air Force, but I never pursued it. It wasn't for me... little did I know I would eventually marry a military man.

NOW it seems that recruiters are not welcome in schools according to the Washington Post...

...a visit this fall to the Bethesda school by recruiters had parents firing off frantic missives on the school listserv. They demanded to know exactly what recruiters were doing on campus and why the parents had not been told in advance. Goodwin was puzzled.

Recruiters "have been allowed on campus for as long as I can remember," Goodwin said. "But maybe people are more sensitive about it now because of the war."

This, to me, is a little crazy. It was okay for the recruiters to be in the schools when there was no war but when there is a war it is not okay?

I asked my teenage neighbor when I said the word "military" what was the first thing he thought of... Surprisingly he said "Death". I was a little floored. I think of "heroes". He thinks of "death". I believe this has been drilled into his head by his parents and the media. He is getting ready to decide on his future path and the military is not an option... due to a little encouraging.

But the military is spreading its own word -- about the benefits of a career in the armed services. This month, the Pentagon launched a $10 million marketing campaign aimed at encouraging parents to be more open to allowing their children to enlist. Although officials say the effort is not tied to growing antiwar sentiment, the commercials feature kids broaching the topic of enlistment with apprehensive parents and urge mothers and fathers to make it a "two-way conversation."
Regardless if the parents of the high school or college age students try to protect their children from the "military" (sounds so crazy) it is really a great option for a lot of young men and women. With all great things there are risk. You can't keep your children in a "hole" forever. If "spreading their wings" means joining the military neither you or anyone can stop them from making that decision. At least the recruiters can lead them in a good direction.

Still, these are different times. With the Army having difficulty meeting recruiting goals and rumors about a draft continuing to circulate on the Internet, people are anxious.

What I am getting out of all of this is... it was okay to talk to "my child" when there was no war... but sense there is a war going on now... don't talk to "my child". So, parents are saying... "let it be someone else's child but not mine." If this continues... there possibly may be a draft. Like it or not WE have to have a military and the recruiters are doing their jobs to insure a secure future for us all.

Read the full story "Military Faces Parental Counterattack".

Until we meet again....

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