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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Can I get a "Freak"...

Cindy Jackson was born in 1956 on a farm in Ohio and like most little girls, said "Barbie was her idol". It was during those years she got the idea that she "wanted Barbie's life, not her body". "I wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, not a farmer's wife". When Cindy's father died in 1988 and left her a nice sum of money (why do the vain always fall into money?) she finally had the chance to make that dream a reality. So, she started a $100,000 + plastic surgery hobby which continues to this day. She decided she was going to make herself look like her idol, Barbie.


Her Wish List from 1988 she wanted: larger, less tired-looking eyes, small feminine nose High cheekbones, fuller better-shaped lips, perfect white teeth, a smaller more delicate jaw and chin, to have just the one chin, to eradicate premature facial wrinkles and acne scarring, a flawless, unlined complexion, a defined waistline and flat stomach, to lose her love handles, saddlebags and cellulite, thinner thighs and slimmer knees, to get rid of flab left over from being 50 lbs. overweight in the '70s. Not to have to wear a lifetime of hardship etched on her face.

Her Procedures She Had Done: Eye lifts, Nose jobs, Cheek implants, Lip enhancement, Cosmetic Dentistry, Chin reduction, Jaw reshaped, Facelifts, Breast implants in,
Breast implants out, Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, Fat transfers, Liposuction, Filler injections, Laser treatment and much more...

It was during these years that she realized she had indeed managed to attain her childhood dream and chose the Deep and Meaningful Barbie Life of starting her own plastic surgery referral service, the Cosmetic Surgery Network.

Cindy is fast to add that no, she is not a freak but a designer woman ahead of her time.


****Give me a freaking break... Granted, there are a few cosmetic changes I would "LOVE" to make to myself (ie... stretch marks from pregnancy) but why in the world put yourself through torture... I just don't get it!! I wonder if she is as "Happy" as she thought she would be by making a "FEW" changes to her outer self. I have to ponder on the question... Is her inner self the true ugly duckling?****

How funny is the above pic... "Two peas in pod"...

Until we meet again....

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