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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

... don't talk to "my child"

When I was in high school and college I remember recruiters from different branches of the military always having a table set up somewhere on campus. I never thought much about it. I did get several calls from the Army and Air Force, but I never pursued it. It wasn't for me... little did I know I would eventually marry a military man.

NOW it seems that recruiters are not welcome in schools according to the Washington Post...

...a visit this fall to the Bethesda school by recruiters had parents firing off frantic missives on the school listserv. They demanded to know exactly what recruiters were doing on campus and why the parents had not been told in advance. Goodwin was puzzled.

Recruiters "have been allowed on campus for as long as I can remember," Goodwin said. "But maybe people are more sensitive about it now because of the war."

This, to me, is a little crazy. It was okay for the recruiters to be in the schools when there was no war but when there is a war it is not okay?

I asked my teenage neighbor when I said the word "military" what was the first thing he thought of... Surprisingly he said "Death". I was a little floored. I think of "heroes". He thinks of "death". I believe this has been drilled into his head by his parents and the media. He is getting ready to decide on his future path and the military is not an option... due to a little encouraging.

But the military is spreading its own word -- about the benefits of a career in the armed services. This month, the Pentagon launched a $10 million marketing campaign aimed at encouraging parents to be more open to allowing their children to enlist. Although officials say the effort is not tied to growing antiwar sentiment, the commercials feature kids broaching the topic of enlistment with apprehensive parents and urge mothers and fathers to make it a "two-way conversation."
Regardless if the parents of the high school or college age students try to protect their children from the "military" (sounds so crazy) it is really a great option for a lot of young men and women. With all great things there are risk. You can't keep your children in a "hole" forever. If "spreading their wings" means joining the military neither you or anyone can stop them from making that decision. At least the recruiters can lead them in a good direction.

Still, these are different times. With the Army having difficulty meeting recruiting goals and rumors about a draft continuing to circulate on the Internet, people are anxious.

What I am getting out of all of this is... it was okay to talk to "my child" when there was no war... but sense there is a war going on now... don't talk to "my child". So, parents are saying... "let it be someone else's child but not mine." If this continues... there possibly may be a draft. Like it or not WE have to have a military and the recruiters are doing their jobs to insure a secure future for us all.

Read the full story "Military Faces Parental Counterattack".

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