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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's the least we can do...

I have a damn stomach bug... oh my gosh... I feel like crap. Just hope I can make it to the award show tonight.

I was checking my email and got an email from a great guy... He asked that I spread the word about the following... Hats off to you Sgt Hook... also to BlackFive where most of the information came from...

WHAT: Friendly fundraising competition for Valour-IT.
WHEN: November 2nd through Veterans Day (the 11th).
WHERE: Based in the blogosphere, spreading everywhere else.
WHY: Because giving wounded warriors with hand and arm injuries access to a computer supports their healing and puts them back in touch with the world.
HOW: Blogger teams will be divided along military branches, with civilians "up for grabs."

I donated... now it is your turn!!! It's the least we can do...

View All who have donated!

Until we meet again...

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