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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Moving at the Speed of Life...

We are Bound to Collide with Each Other....

"I will understand you. I will judge you. I will berate you. I will help you. I will need you. I will comfort you. I will abandon you. I will love you. I will kill you." - Crash

...we are all victims... and we are all guilty of it...

As a human race our assumptions most often prevent us from seeing the actual person(s) standing before us.

We judge one by skin color, one by gender, one by sexual preference, one by occupation, one by social status, one by class, one by beauty, one by education, one by religion and the list goes on....
Do we not all share the same world? Do we not share similar fears and hopes? If you prick yourself will you not bleed as if I pricked myself and bleed?

Until several hundred years ago, most people everywhere in this world never saw anybody who didn't look like them. They were not racist, bias, prejudice because, as far as they knew, there was only one race... the human race.

Most people in this world are genuinely good people... but it's their behavior and attitude that will determine whether or not they are actually good or bad people.

Tomorrow is yet another day for you to begin to become who you want to be. People use their past experiences, their upbringings or anything "external" to explain their behavior and shit, but the truth is that YOU have total control of yourself and YOU make every single decision in your life every single day. -Berge Garabedian
To say you think this way or act this way because it is the way you were "brought-up" is a bunch of bull. You have your own "brain" and your own "thoughts"... you are the only one that can make yourself who you are.

I grew up in the town home of the KKK. We never embraced these idiots. When they would come to town to do their Klan marches, my town would turn their back on them. The entire town would shut down. My mother-in-law was quoted in USA today stating, "The KKK is a disgrace to this community and we do not want their hate here." For this statement she ended up receiving hate mail from all over the USA. From prisoners, from Klan members, from Skin Heads. They all stated horrible things... such as... what they would like to do to her and how could she turn her back on the "white power". Her first name and last name was given in the paper. Most of the envelopes addressed to her only had her name, city, state and zip code... no physical address. Scary!!! (Cowards who stand behind hatred... I say... WHATEVER!)

Gender Bias - Although I do believe that women are becoming more and more accepted as equal in the "man world"... I do think we have a ways to go. Just because you are a pretty face doesn't mean you don't have brains. To many times this comes to be an issue.

"I am not an idiot you fool. Do not talk to me like I am a child. Even though I was born without a dick and with a vagina doesn't mean I am an idiot! Believe it or not... I can make rash decisions on my own, I can live on my own, I can pay my own bills, I can feed myself, I can pump my own gas... wow... I may be just like you! I will not be bare-foot and pregnant, serving you 24 hours a day... those days are over!"

I really like this...

Unless governments move quickly to combat gender bias in subsistence economies, rapid population growth will continue unabated. To date, however, far more emphasis has been put on curtailing women's fertility than on improving their health and productivity.

If women in subsistence economies are the major suppliers of food, fuel, and water for their families, and yet their access to productive resources is declining, then more people will suffer from hunger, malnutrition, illness, and loss of productivity.

Investing in women is the fastest way

Dang... makes me feel important... makes me proud to be a woman... INVEST IN ME!!!!

The fact of the matter is... Prejudices exist! It is an unquestionabe force within our world, the acceptance is so widespread that it can be discovered within the most broad-minded people and enlightened organizations, subtly taking its toll in spite of the best of intentions.

Take Eugene... he is a perfect example of preconception...

Our soldiers... men and women, heterosexual and homosexual, black, white, yellow, brown, purple green... are fighting for peace... fighting for the good in the human race... they have hope and faith in this world!

I am a caucasian, I am a woman, I am a Methodist, I am a Democrat, I am a mother, I am a once college drop out, I am a heterosexual, I wear short skirts, I dye my hair, I have homosexual friends, I have African American friends, I have Japanese friends, I have Latino friends... are these reasons to be Racist, Bias and Prejudice towards me? If so... you obviously have nothing better to do with your time... shame on you! And shame on me.... if I lower myself to your level!

Until we meet again...

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