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Saturday, November 05, 2005

..."Music Highway"

I didn't make it to the award show... damn stomach virus... but all is well... it is suppose to be on TV the next couple of weeks. There is always next year. Seriously, there was no way I could have gone... no matter how bad I wanted too.

I did take a quick trip this weekend to West TN. Sang one song at a college and turned right back around and came home. It is really beautiful countryside...

On my way back home I noticed I was on "Music Highway"... a great name. "Music Highway" leads you right to the heart of music... Nashville, TN. The air in Nashville is like no other... you can hear the music and smell it too. Every time I return to "Music City" I am hypnotised by the "beauty" of the art. To only imagine how many dreams came true and drowned in "Music City" only boggles my mind. Listening to the music from the world's throbbing heartbeat gives me great pleasure every time.

Where would we be without the musical composition of Bach, of Beethoven, of Mozart? What would we do without the folk ballads of Dylan, Joni, Buffett, and Bruce? Who could dance, sing, laugh or cry without The blues of B.B., the jazz of Miles, the rock guitarists like Jimmie, Eric and George? Where would Nashville be without Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, Chris LeDoux (my list goes on and on)?

If you think long and hard about it... music is a language that everyone speaks. Without divisions and barriers it brings us together as one. No matter what type of "music" you prefer... it is "music". Maybe "Music" should run for president... sorry I had to throw that in.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all could ride down the "Music Highway" ... just to know that we, for one moment, could have a sense of togetherness?

And the music plays on....

Until we meet again....

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