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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My lucky penny...

The start of this week has been amazing.

***A little info you will need to know to lead up to this story. My grandparents past away two years ago. They left my sisters and myself all their belongings. They left my parents their house, which I have now purchased. My grandparents were well off folks, but you would never know it as tight as they were with their money. In the end, they have made my family's lives a lot more comfy in more ways than one. Which is great... but I would give everything back just to have one more moment with them. ***

I found a penny on the floor of Home Depot yesterday... I picked it up and put it in my pocket... I never do this... I mean NEVER... but for some reason this penny was calling my name.

Last night I was re-arranging my study. I was moving a small cherry roll top desk that had belonged to my grandmother. As I was pulling this heavy piece of furniture... the top came flying open... it was a secret compartment. The only thing inside the compartment was a piece of foil that was folded in half. I picked up the foil and to my surprise there was $1***.00 inside the foil. "Holy, crap!" I yelled.... I am actually still yelling... My lucky penny is going to stay in my pocket for a while.

Until we meet again....

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