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Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye...

I want to make one thing VERY, VERY clear. My personal information, life, etc... is mine!!!! If I want anyone to know this information I will give it to you personally.

I took on blogging as a way out from the "Real World". At the time it all began, I was a stay at home mom and needed some sort of outlet. I never really expected to have a lot of people reading my blog. I started this blog for myself... no one else but me.

While blogging I have given each of you all I want to give you about my personal life, opinions, pics, etc.... Now I am forced to make the decision of "Not to blog". Why? Because I was contacted by a blogger who frequents my comment box. Who frequently emails me... who today crossed the line and found out "who I am". Yes, he found the real me. I am taking down all pics of me and my son. This is TRULY a shame!!!!!

While I have enjoyed blogging... I cherish my personal life and do not want to put my family in harms way.

I want to take this time and thank each of you for "reading" me. You all are a great group of people... and if I decide to continue to blog somewhere else... I'll let you know! ;)

I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season and wish you nothing but the best in the New Year. You guys and gals have been a blast!!!!! Cheers to each of you!


Until we meet again....

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Red Ryder - Weekend

This will be my last post until next week... I have a busy weekend ahead.

My best friends are coming into town. We are going out to one of the pub's in Franklin to do a little Karoaking... I am excited... It's been a while since I did the ole' karaoke. Tonight! Tonight! It's coming Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Hot Damn, Tonight! My friend is turning 41... he doesn't look a day over 30. I think it's his Hawaiian blood. So, we will be "partying" it up. I feel a little bit of Cher, little bit of Shania, little bit of Nancy Sinatra will do the night some good. Or maybe a little "Deck the halls with boughs of horry, ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra." Got to get those ole' vocal chords ready... LOL!

Since, I didn't get to do my Christmas/Holiday shopping this past weekend... How about a nice football? I guess I will have to get it done this weekend. Oooh fuuudge! So there goes my relaxing weekend before the BIG HOLIDAY... BIG CHRISTMAS... What ever you prefer to call it!

Can't wait for Christmas/Holiday... the only reason being... "The Christmas Story" will be playing over and over again on TNT... That is the best Christmas Gift EVER.... thank you, TNT... :)

"No! No! I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! "

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid. "


Let us not forget the children that will be going without a Christmas/Holiday. It's good to take care of those in other lands but it's even better when we take care of the children in our own land... there are so many children in the USA that will not have a Christmas/Holiday.

9:00 p.m. Saturday, December 24, 2005

While waiting at the bus stop, Gina saw him lying underneath a newspaper on the cold hard pavement. She couldn't help but stop and stare. He was dressed in green and was covered in dirt.

As she stood looking down at him, she thought to herself "He looks like he needs a good home."

She leaned over and pulled the newspaper off of him and asked, "Would ya like to go home with me?"

He did not respond, but the look in his hard brown eyes told her that he did.

On the bus ride home, Gina and he never spoke a word. She just held on to his soiled hand. The thoughts of her little boy, Thomas, kept running through her head. A tear came to her eye.

The bus stopped in front of a dingy apartment complex on the out skirts of the Lower East Side.

She and he made their way to apartment 3B. While thumbing her keys around to try to find the right key, she never let go of his hand.

10:30 pm Saturday, December 24, 2005

She ran water in the rust stained sink.

"I suppose a good scrubbing will get you clean," she assured him.

She took off his green tattered clothes and laid them on top of the toilet seat and proceeded to scrub him clean, the best she could.

"I am sorry I have no clothes for you to wear. But I know that a soldier is always comfortable in his uniform." She whispered with a smile.

She placed the tattered green clothes back on him.

6 AM Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Mommy, mommy!" Thomas yelled while swinging Gina's bedroom door open.

"Look what Santa brought me."

He held up the tattered green clothed "GI Joe" his mom brought home the night before.

See, I told you Santa would come this year." He giggled with excitement.

The Salvation Army

Hope each of you have a great and safe weekend!

Until we meet again....

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Play it again, Sam Continued...

I have decided to continue my Play it again, Sam post... one reason being, I don't think it is fare that I only picked a select few of my "Those Who Rock" ... the other being, I have really nothing to post today...

This time I am not only posting what song reminds me of you I am also putting a little twist on the whole concept... I will be including a description of what I think you look like and what kind of person I think you are... :)

So.... this shall be my Thursday post... even though I am actually posting it on Wednesday. "Hey, I am always ahead of the game"...

Esoteric Wombat ... I hear the Batman Theme running through my head... and where they say BATMAN... I hear WOMBAT!!! Perfect song for you I do believe! Okay I have seen a pic of you... well just your head. Do you still have the long hair? I picture you around 6 ft tall. Brown hair brown eyes. The artsy type. Funny as hell in a dry sense of humor way!

Sgt Hook ... I hear the Billy Ray Cyrus Song "Don't Break My Heart My Achy Breaky Heart"... No, Just Kidding... I actually hear his song... "All Gave Some"... It's actually a really good song and I have performed it several times. Okay let me give you a much sexier song... "Soldier" by Destiny's Child... :) I picture you being a brilliant minded, sexy soldier... (Guys in uniform...nothing like them) in your 40's. Between 5'8 - 5'10. Brown Hair Blue Eyes. A damn fine man who is loyal to his job and his country.

Courting Destiny ... I hear "Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton... the first song that popped into my head when reading you! I picture you as a fiery red head with green eyes. Tall and slender... what every woman wants to be and then some. A New York Yankee fan and a classy but riskay woman.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not ... I hear "Down Home Girl" The Rolling Stones ... why? I don't know... first song that popped into my head. I have only seen half your head in your little profile pic... So... I am going to say you are around 5'6. Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. Sexy school girl nerd. You do not take things to heart. You are a spunky girl that doesn't take any crap!

Leigh... The Lab "Your Every Color" Train... sounds like you... I could be wrong... but from what I've read... I think I am right! You are definitely a surfer chick full of life... I have only seen your profile pic and your child hood pic. I say your dark brown hair is medium length and you have dark brown eyes. I picture you to be like you have said before a "Nora Jones" look a like. A Cool surfer chick that I would gladly catch a wave with anytime (if I knew had to surf... remember I have to teach ya how to cow tip).

Afriend: Individual Thoughts a hard one for me... I have just started reading you just this past month... hmmmm... "If Tomorrow Never Comes" Garth Brooks... just because by reading your post I picture a man who is grateful for life but often wonders if he has done enough to make everyone happy. One who, I believe, has realized that making himself happy will make the world around him happier...alcohol and cigarettes.... I picture an older man with salt and pepper hair, green eyes and a long will to live many more years!!! ;)

Amy's... Brain Droppings "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out" Cat Stevens... why because I think of Cat's when I am clicking on the link to your blog... so I had to throw in some Cat Stevens. I picture you with shoulder length brown wavy hair. Around 5'5 . I see you maybe wearing your heart on your sleeve... you have a great love for animals... a little clumsy, I do believe... falling down the steps... :)

AverageBusinessMan "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)" Buddy Holly... I just picture you to look like Buddy Holly... a great love for your wife and kid... a laid back, fun loving type of guy who gets along with everyone!

Bee "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper... I picture you being the life of every party... the pretty girl... Blonde Hair Blue Eyed California Girl... Everyone likes and loves.

CaliValleyGirl "Good Enough For Me" Tiffany... I picture you being the fun loving, soldier girl friend... brainy and a lot of fun to be around. I picture you with sandy brown hair, brown eyes and a personality to die for. A person who is open minded and loves life... but loves her soldier more.

Eli Blake's... Deep Thought "FOOT OF PRIDE" Bob Dylan.... I picture you as a man full of knowledge and are compassionate in what you believe in. You are a one who speaks his mind and gets respect every where you go. A man people look up toooooo!!!

Chris Sapp's Many Faces "Panic Song" Green Day... I picture you as a very caring person and longing for the love and compassion you give out to be returned to you. I see you being high-strung and always wanting to get the job done. I see you as 6 ft, bald, and with the "chester" cats grin... :)

Graham's... The Cognoscenti "We didn't start the fire" Billy Joel... I picture you as a handsome man... driving the girls wild with your looks and brains... I picture you with light brown hair and blue, blue eyes... around 6 ft tall... men want to be you, women want to be with you... :)

MJ... Political Notio "Country Boys And Girls" Tim McGraw... Actually when I first started reading you,what you wrote sounded like one of my best friends. So I picture you as 6'1 brown hair and green eyes... country boy tan... cowboy hat sometimes when you are not on the job... love for your wife... true-blue to your job... You like your job but sometimes you wished you were doing something else... a perfect man to say the least... ;)

SnoopDonnieDon "Leap of Faith" Michelle Branch... I have seen some pics of you... so I will say brown hair and a goatee... You have great faith, but sometimes question the way you feel... you are searching for so many answers on why you feel the way you do... Realizing you are a normal human being will be in your future...

Miz BoheMia... "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen... it's your name that gives it away... I picture you as the cool chica... the cool mom... you don't take any crap from anyone... you could kick my ass if I let ya...LOL! Just started reading you so... my image may change... :)

The Info. Bounty Hunter "Hard to Handle" The Black Crowes... I picture being Mr. Nice Guy but when the moment is right... you can be "Mr. I'll Kick Your Ass"... you are the type that all the ladies long for... the teacher image comes to mind... except for you it would be librarian... ;) Also, I picture you as looking a little like Mark McGrath and that is not a bad thing!!!!

Sooooo... this is my picture of each of you... am I right or am I wrong? Let me know how close I am to the real thing.... Also, if you haven't already... let me know what song reminds you of me and what you picture me to be like... ;)

UPDATE: My sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby was not amused by my "Monkey" picture of him... so I thought I better make a mends... If I don't... my whistling nose and I will be sleeping in the dog house... literally...

Until we meet again....

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Play it again, Sam

"Play it again, Sam" has to be one of my all time favorite lines. I always wanted to say that line... and six years ago I did, when I was performing in Franklin at a local pub (Bunganut Pig). My keyboardist name was Sam... so I couldn't help myself... "Let's play it again, Sam"...

Throughout my life music has been my "outlet"... From the time I was 3 years old until I was 23... I lived, breathed, ate and slept music. It was my passion. I came so close to making my musical dreams a reality... but I digress.

Everyone that has made a "deep impression" on my life I have "graciously" given each of them a song. So... anytime I hear a song that I have "graciously" given out... I always think of them. For example...

My ex-hubby... "I Don't Wanna Fight" Tina Turner

An ex-lover... "I Will Remember You" Sarah McLachlan

Old Spanish Teacher... "Livin' La Vida Loca" Ricky Martin

My son... "I Hope You Dance" Lee Ann Womack

My grandmother... "Wind Beneath My Wings" Bette Midler

My sisters... "Girl You Know It's True" Milli Vanilli (LONG BUT FUNNY STORY)

SOOOOO.... I thought about what song comes to mind when I read some of my fellow bloggers...

Esoteric Wombat ... I hear the Batman Theme running through my head... and where they say BATMAN... I hear WOMBAT!!!

Sgt Hook ... I hear the Billy Ray Cyrus Song "Don't Break My Heart My Achy Breaky Heart"... No, Just Kidding... I actually hear his song... "All Gave Some"... It's actually a really good song and I have performed it several times.

Courting Destiny ... I hear "Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton... the first song that popped into my head when reading you!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not ... I hear "Down Home Girl" The Rolling Stones ... why? I don't know... first song that popped into my head.

Leigh... The Lab "Your Every Color" Train... sounds like you... I could be wrong... but from what I've read... I think I am right!

I would go on... but I am so tired. Ask me what song reminds me of you in my comment box. Also... tell me what song reminds you of me.

Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Being Called Out...

The past few days I have had an on going discussion with Snoop Donnie Don: "Rent" Part 2. He misinterpreted a comment I wrote... he assumed something, that at the time, I thought was flat out stupid!

Just like the person who decides or discovers that they are gay, I have weighed all aspects of what I know and believe at the moment in order to carry out what I do in my daily life whether people like it or not. They have done the same thing whether I like it or not. But, I hope the homosexuals I meet in the future can be as gracious as those I have met in the past and are able to agree to disagree, to share their tears with me as well as a drink or dinner and my tears with them as I have been able to do. But, knowing what I know today as an expression of who I am in this part of my journey, I can't see how I can change my mind. I still don't think that it is the way God intended. But, the response of most people who subscribe to the "Judeo Christian" ethic is most often equally not as God intended. But, I could not sacrifice a relationship with one if given the opportunity, by harping on their choice or condition in life. Because I truly believe that the differences we share with others challenge and refine us and make us better if we have enough concern for the person and not just the label we have on them. But really, we cannot help in this life do anything but wrestle with the labels when we are confronted with them.

My comment: I look at it like this... I may not prefer the same sex, married to a different race, etc... but it doesn't mean it is wrong. Just because I don't prefer the situation doesn't give me the right to disagree with their total outlook on life. It's their life, I am not the one living it and as long as they are happy... that's all that matters. (I hate using the terms "they" and "them" so please forgive)

D.Rad's Response: I don't disagree with their total outlook, just part of it. We all come to conclusions about right and wrong. The world would not function or progress without some code of right and wrong. I find it interesting you brinterracialracial marriage into this discussion. What does that mean? I think there are some metacognitiive messages in your writing. I think it may be possible that you see yourself judgmental and really don't want to deal with that part of yourself because you hate it and want to avoid it. There is a difference between judgmental and truthful. Is it truthful to say that murder is wrong or the sky is blue? No. But if I were to say the murderer is bound to hell and everybody should love blue or they have bad taste, I am being judgmental... Just food for thought.

My Comment Back: No... that is not it at all!!!! I am nowhere judgmental in any since. I was thinking back to my post that I did regarding homosexuals and prejudice, bias and racism. That is why I tied in interracial marriages. I guess I should have referred in my comment back to my post. For you to say you think that I am judgmental and do not want to deal with it... is just flat out stupid!!! YOU are judging me! I thought you were better than that!
Oh and maybe you need to read my post
Moving at the Speed of Life...

Today I question myself... and realize... yes, I am judgmental to a degree.

Bush... I do not like him. Never have, never will. I do not trust the man. Every time he opens his mouth... all I hear is the teacher off of the Charlie Brown cartoons "Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa..etc". I feel as though he has brought this nation in to a deep sea of crap and I do not ever see him being known as "One of the Greatest Presidents Ever". He and his whole administration will go down as a big RED mark in history. F written in RED!

So by me stating these words... am I being Judgmental? Am I being prejudice against the "Stupid"? I think I am.
On to... Stanley Tookie Williams

My thoughts on the death penalty... fry the bastard. He has supposedly turned his life around. I do not believe this. From an interview I saw with the warden of death row, he has been in trouble starting fights and joining fights. Why show him any sort of remorse... he didn't show any remorse for those he killed. Just because you write a few children's books doesn't make you a "changed" man. BUT THEN THERE IS THE LINGERING QUESTION... should we play God? Well, I believe this... God gave Williams a brain, a life. Williams destroyed it by destroying someone else... he was caught... sentenced to death... and now Arnold has made it clear that Williams shall die. God works in mysterious ways.

Again am I being judgmental against "born again" murderers? I guess I would have to say... Yes, I am.

Here we go to the Rapist...

Rapists are, in my eyes, the scum of the earth. Anyone who can take something so precious from a man, woman or child by force... should live in eternal hell FOREVER. There is no excuse for rape... none! When a woman, man or child says NO... screams NO... mumbles NO... whispers NO... NO MEANS NO!!! I swear before each of you ... if any man or woman were to ever lay a sexual hand on my son... they will never live to see another day. I rather be damned to eternal hell for murder than to let the bastard roam free tormenting others. I have been put in a few situation where, at any moment, I felt as though the situation would have led to rape. Fortunately for me... they never got that far. I did have a friend that committed suicide after two of our "friends" ganged up on her and raped her! No one believed her (I did... but a majority of people did not) The bastards are still walking free to this day!!!! How can anyone do this to another human? How can you take something from your victim that is not yours? How????

YES... I am being judgmental when it comes to the dirty bastard rapist!

My judgmental prejudices do not regard homosexuality, bi-racial marriage, racism, gender bias, etc... BUT... My judgmental prejudices do regard stupid Politicians, Murdering the Innocent and Raping of the undefiled.

So am I judgmental? I have to say... Yes, I am.

Am I proud of it? No, I am not!


I called your bluff D.Rad... and you made me realize... I was the one bluffing in a certain since... I am not as PERFECT and opened minded as I once thought I was...

D.Rad said... I apologize if I overstepped my boundaries in the blogosphere, but I think it is okay to challenge and I know you are able to handle yourself, as you can feel free to challenge me anytime. But, I have a tendency to get caught up in the moment and the words and let that get in the way of what other things I read from you. When you brought interracial marriage into the same list as homosexuality, I looked at it and responded with my filters rather than yours. Now that I can rethink it, I see that it is from your open heart and love for others that you put those on the same list for good reasons while others usually don't. I think interracial marriage is a great thing. The voices (not crazy voices) I heard saying this as I was reading your comment were saying it negatively which led me to accuse you of what I did. So, I am glad you felt free to respond back to me the way you did.

Until we meet again....

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tag Your It!

Thanks to Sgt Hook I have been tagged...

My tag mission is to post 5 Weird Habits of mine. But you see Sgt... I really don't have any weird habits. (Although my hubby disagrees)... He has so kindly reminded me of my weird habits.

These are my hubby's top 5 Girl on the Blog weird habits... I don't find them that weird!

5) I eat cheese on everything... I mean everything!!!

4) I make up songs for my son... such as "Wake up you sleepy head, hall your hiney out of bed", "Clean up, Clean up, let us all clean up", "Tingy, tangy, tee, Wingy, wangy, wee", "Yummy, yummy, yummy let's put this goody in your tummy", "I'm going to change your diaper, cha cha cha, I'm going to change your diaper, cha cha cha" and etc...

3) When I snore (I am not aware that I do... this is just hear say from my sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby) my nose makes this cute little whistle... Whatever!

2) I belch after taking the first drink of a soda. (okay this is true and soooo unattractive)

1) I sit around in my bath towel as long as I can before I get ready for work, play... life. (this isn't that weird... I just like to be dry before I put on my clothes... that's all! :)~ )

It has been brought to my attention that I have never posted a pic of my sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby... So here he is... Isn't he cute?!?! That's what he gets for saying I have weird habits... specially the nose whistling thing!

Part II of this assignment is to tag 5 others with it. Sorry folks, you've been tagged... blame it on the Sgt!!!!!!

The Info. Bounty Hunter
Leigh... The Lab
Alice: In Wonderland or Not

Until we meet again....

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How Well Do You Know...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a blast at our Christmas Party. My visit with Eugene was a very good one. I didn't get to go shopping on Sunday. My son had a tummy bug. I am not one on cleaning up vomit... but I will do anything for my son. So... all-in-all my weekend was great... except the vomit part!

It's Monday and that means another Contest. This one is a little different (Nope, no music contest here today). You can't google the answer... (cheaters...lol)! You have to know your fellow blogger. Check out my navigation bar under "Those Who Rock". Your answer is there.
Who ever wins gets their blog posted under my "Weekly Blog Winner".

Who is this fellow blogger? Give Blogger name and blogger URL. Must have both correct to win!

*GOTB asked: Why blog?
Blogger Guest answered: Good Question I ask myself that all the time when I'm biting my fingers because I haven't posted in couple of days or gotten to read any of my usual blogs due to other pressing concerns. It's better than smoking I guess. I don't really know why I do it. I never meant to have a blog that people actually read...aside from the old dead journal and blurty things I started in high school that is. I started the blog as a place to write personal stuff and slowly over time it changed I started reading others blogs, I am a bit of a voyeur in that way, and then ...well like I said it's better than smoking.

*GOTB asked: Who is your favorite blogger (besides me...lol)?
Blogger Guest answered: That is a hard one. The blogs I read are all so different I can't really pick a favorite. The only one I go to every day without fail is Waking Ambrose. I go to Wombat daily as well but he doesn't post that often. Put it this way I try to click on everyone in my sidebar daily or read them through my yahoo but if I could only check one before leaving it would be Waking Ambrose... that way I can mull the word around in my head all day. lol

*GOTB asked: What is your life like outside of the blogging world?
Blogger Guest answered: I'm a junior in college taking six credits, two majors at two different schools within one school so ..basically that is my whole life. I go to a concerts and plays and participate in a couple of school clubs..mostly human rights related. I walk around the city a lot.

I don't go clubbing. I eat a lot of sushi, have three really good friends at school and two other really good friends in the city. I have a decent family whom thankfully do not bother me all that much, which sounds funny but I prefer to be left alone by them at this point in my life. I hang out most often with "the violin man" who is actually a film and political science major and owns a kick ass apartment; he was my first friend at this school and my saving grace freshman year of college when my roommate used our room as a freshman bordello.

I try to run at least three miles four times a week which is hard to do here in the winter unless it is on a treadmill. I snowboard, read a lot, do not talk all that much unless I know someone fairly well. I study all the time.

I take a lot of pictures all of which are currently in a private web forum maybe soon to be public haven't decided yet. I live in a dorm but am rarely there, am looking for an apartment although this school I attend may not let me out of my housing contract. I am pretty anal and like things done a certain way, prefer to get good grades and like to be right most of the time. I snowboard, spend a lot of time in bookstores, am not much of a shopper but love shoes and prefer nice
things. I just don't need a lot of anything.

I drink gin and tonic..when I drink...which is pretty rare although I do spend time in bars with friends.

I can be fun though.

*GOTB asked: If you asked an "8 ball", what your future holds, what would it say?
Blogger Guest answered: Future noble prize winner of course for what I don't know but I'm almost certain of it.

*GOTB asked: Quote a favorite lyric.
Blogger Guest answered:
Go lightly from the ledge, babe,
Go lightly on the ground.
I'm not the one you want, babe,
I will only let you down.
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who will promise never to part,
Someone to close his her eyes for you,
Someone to close hisher heart,
Someone who will die for you an' more,
But it ain't me, babe,
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe,
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe.

Go melt back into the night, babe,
Everything inside is made of stone.
There's nothing in here moving
An' anyway I'm not alone.
You say you're looking for someone
Who'll pick you up each time you fall,
To gather flowers constantly
An' to come each time you call,
A lover for your life an' nothing more,
But it ain't me, babe,
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe,
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe.
It's a great lyric for this time in my life.

*GOTB asked: If you could have lunch with any blogger, who would it be?
Blogger Guest answered: Can we just throw a luncheon and invite them all?

*GOTB asked: I picture you loving "Conspiracy Theory". What is your favorite movie?
Blogger Guest answered: American Graffiti, any old Hitchcock, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.

*GOTB asked: Vanilla or Chocolate?
Blogger Guest answered: Chocolate

*GOTB asked: Thoughts on Bush, (George Jr. that is)?
Blogger Guest answered: I didn't vote for him. Seriously maybe people will actually get out and vote next time. People in this country are fairly apathetic overall when if comes to things like presidential elections I'd be happy if people would actually know something about the issues prior to voting.

I think he and his administration are a travesty.

*GOTB asked: Describe a perfect day.
Blogger Guest answered: Right now it would be sleeping all day. In less academic prone times it would be snowboarding in the West on a sunny day, with a few good friends and sitting around talking to people all evening. The other option would be taking pictures all day while my non existent assistant carried around all my equipment.

*GOTB asked: Is there anything you would like to say to the bloggers who read this?
Blogger Guest answered: Hey come on over to my place. .......it's messy but the floors are

*GOTB asked: If you could be me (GOTB) for a day what is the first thing you would do?
Blogger Guest answered: Probably play with your son all day letting him do anything he wanted. Then I'd sneak into your closet to see if you had any shoes I liked.

Good Luck!

Until we meet again...

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

...the pocket watch, the dirty gold star and me

To understand this post you will need to know Eugene. Please refer back to "His Name is Eugene" and "...his girl named Sue."

I had a brief encounter with, who I kindly refer to as, the heavyset lady. She let me know Eugene was in the wreck room/ study. Wreck room/ Study????

"It's round the corna and at the end of the hall." She agitatedly roared.

As I walked down the hallway, I couldn't help but notice that there were no pictures, paintings or anything on the walls, just the brilliant shade of grey. I couldn't help but feel a little depressed. I can only imagine how Eugene and his fellow comrades feel everyday living in this sea of "greyness". No wonder Eugene roams the streets. He needs to have a little color in his life.

I walked into the Wreck/ Study room. It smelled of sweat and body odor. As I looked around the room, I saw a white haired, elderly man sitting on an old discolored green couch in front of a 25-inch TV, watching what look to be some sort of western. There was an African American lost soul standing in front of a grimy window, gazing into his Never land. A dark haired middle-aged man sat on a drab red chair reading a magazine. Sitting behind a beat-up metal desk sat Eugene; his arms and head were lying on the desk as he faintly snored.

As I made my way over to Eugene I could feel his comrades eyes watching me.

I didn't want to startle Eugene so I tenderly patted his back and I softly echoed "Eugene. Eugene."

He raised his head and confusingly looked up at me. While looking at me he wiped the dribble from his mouth and chin.

"I'm sorry to wake ya, Eugene." I embarrassingly professed.

"Uhhh... that's okay." He answered back with sleepiness in his voice.

"Do ya rememba me?" I asked.

"Yes, mam. Yar the one with the boy."

I was so happy he remembered me I almost cried. "Yes, Eugene, I'm the one with the boy. I brought ya some Macaroni and Cheese for your lunch, like you requested."

He looked at me with a smile and said, "Ya remembered."

"Yes, sir, I did. I also brought ya a little somethin' else."

I handed him a small box.

"My wrappin' ain't the greatest. I'm good at a lot of things, but wrappin' ain't one of 'em." I lightly chuckled.

He looked at me with disbelief. "I...I...I..." he stuttered.

"Go ahead, open it." I encouraged.

With that his shaking fingers tore the horrible wrapping job off the gift.

He looked up at me and then back down at his gift. He got up from his chair and walked over to a window in the corner of the room. He left me standing at the desk not knowing what to say. I didn't know if he was happy, sad, angry, what have you. He just left me.

I walked over to him and distressingly asked, "Are ya okay, Eugene?"

He didn't respond. He continued to stare out the window. I didn't know if I had insulted him or if I had embarrassed him or if I had made him happy. He had retreated to his land far, far away and I didn't know what I had done to make him close his door.

With a deep sigh of awkwardness I avowed, "Okay, Eugene, I'll go. Merry Christmas."

As I was turning to walk away he raised his voice "Miss!"

I stopped in my tracks and turned towards him.

He reached into his left pocket and pulled out something very small. He extended his hand towards me. I walked over and picked up the tiny gesture out of his hand. It was a small dirty star pin. I'm not sure if it was his or something he collected off the street.

I smiled at him and he bashfully hung his head and timidly retorted, "I never had a pocket watch before."

"Well, now ya do Eugene." I softly replied.

With that he turned his head back towards the window and disappeared to his far away land. I stood there for a few minutes thinking he may start talking again. He never did.

This time he knew who I was "Yar the one with the boy". Next time I may be "his girl named Sue". All I know is that for one instant he traveled outside of his Never land and had a Merry Christmas with the pocket watch, the dirty gold star and me.

If anyone knows what this gold star represents please let me know. If it has anything to do with his rank, uniform, anything pertaining to his military career... I want to give it back to him. If it is just a pin... I'll keep it. It is not just a pin to me.

Until we meet again....

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Weekend Ahead

Busy weekend ahead... I will be attending a Christmas party (free cocktails I hope) on Saturday night and last minute (damn-it *!&$@) Christmas Shopping Sunday afternoon. I am buying Eugene a gift tomorrow and taking it to him on Sunday morning. I am excited to see him again.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until we meet again....

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Pick a Topic...

This week there has been a whirl-wind of news...

Woman Allegedly Hires Hit Man for Cheese
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - In an unusual case of mistaken identity, a woman who thought a block of white cheese was cocaine is charged with trying to hire a hit man to rob and kill four men. The woman also was mistaken about the hit man. He turned out to be an undercover police officer.
Talk about some "KILLER" Cheese! It is really sad when one does not know the difference between cheese and cocaine. This is when you know YOU REALLY HAVE A PROBLEM!

Journal: Bad Vioxx Outcomes Not Disclosed
TRENTON, N.J. - Authors of a study funded by Vioxx' maker Merck & Co. failed to disclose in a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine' in 2000 that three additional patients in a clinical study suffered heart attacks while using the now-withdrawn painkiller, the journal wrote in an editorial released Thursday.
I had a very bad experience with Vioxx... My doctor gave it to me after I had inflammation set up in my right foot. Thirty minutes after taking it, I had past out and was rushed to the hospital. An allergic reaction? It's evil I tell you!

Sky marshals fatally shoot passenger who made bomb threat on jet in Miami

MIAMI -- Federal air marshals noticed the man was acting strangely even before he boarded an American Airlines jet scheduled to fly from Miami to Orlando on Wednesday.

Then Rigoberto Alpizar, 44, of Maitland in Central Florida, threatened nearby passengers aboard the jetliner that he had a bomb in his backpack, officials said.

Two air marshals confronted him, and he tried to flee. He got as far as the jet bridge, which connects the plane with the terminal, before the marshals ordered him to the ground.

That's when Alpizar made a fatal move, officials said: He reached inside his backpack. The marshals opened fire.
I don't know about you... but if a "crazy" man or woman claims they have a bomb/gun/ whatever and reaches into their bag... I will be opening fire. Granted the man might have been Bi-Polar... but he wasn't taking his meds (his wife did know this) that is his own fault as well as her and anyone else that knew of his situation. I believe the marshals did the right thing and if it were a true "bomb" situation... they would be commended right now, not criticized or questioned.

Narnia film triggers book rush, more tie-ins seen
Whichever way you look at it, the relationship between film studios and publishers is getting closer, particularly in the children's fantasy sector which has produced the hugely successful Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings screen franchises.

Now it is C.S. Lewis' turn, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the

I just can't wait to see this movie! I loved the book, even though I was forced to read it when I was a pre-teen. C.S. Lewis... I love you!

Fans Mark Anniversary of Lennon's Murder

NEW YORK - Some met John Lennon in person, others knew him from the television, still others never knew him at all. On Thursday, they gathered by the hundreds in Central Park's Strawberry Fields to remember the pacifist rock star murdered 25 years ago by a deranged Beatles fan.
When John Lennon was murdered... that was truly the day the music died!


DEAR ABBY: My husband and I were married for 35 wonderful years, and Christmas was our favorite time of year. As I sit here this morning, I remember all the time we wasted worrying about getting the "perfect" gift for everyone, when in reality the most perfect gift you can give is yourself and your love.

We had seven beautiful kids, 23 beautiful grandchildren and five adorable great-grandchildren, so it took a lot of time to shop for everyone. I realize that the most perfect gift would be to have my darling husband here with us. He passed away Oct. 10, 2003.

I now understand that the perfect gifts were the love and closeness we shared together, and you can't buy that in any department store.

So, Abby, please suggest to your readers that when they're agonizing about finding the perfect gift, they should look right under their own noses. They may find they already have it. --


DEAR MISSING HIM: Thank you for the poignant reminder that too often we take for granted those intangibles that are the most precious. You and your darling husband shared a life together filled with an abundance of riches. I hope that knowledge will bring you comfort during this time and for the rest of your holiday seasons to come.

In a blink of an eye your life could be changed forever... this is why I try not to take my life for granted... I have everything I have ever wanted... and yes "it's right under my nose" daily.

Until we meet again....

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can I get a 'Snob' ?

It has been brought to my attention that evidently I am, lack of better words, a snob! I have never intended to come off as a braggart, pretender, upstart, parvenuer, elitist... but SOME people in the past three months have made me aware that "obviously" I am (no sarcasms in my writing at all...noooo).

For Example:

The day before my son's birthday, I went to the balloon store and bought 15 helium balloons. While buying these balloons I never thought of "HOW IN THE HELL WAS I GOING TO GET THEM IN MY MALIBU?!?!" Since then I have purchased a Damn Fine Ride that would have held the mass of balloons just fine... but I digress. While I was trying to cram the cluster of balloons into my car, a kind older gentleman asked if he could help me. I guess I looked like a fool in desperate need of aid. I took him up on his offer. During our struggle of pushing and pulling the balloons into my "clown car" a red Ford Bronco pulled up beside us. A thin woman, with long black hair got out & blurted "SHAYNA!" I turned to her and said "Hello" and then turned back to the balloon fight. The lady proceeded to get her child out of her vehicle. She, I guess, decided to have a conversation with my back side. My back side was sticking out of the passenger side. This woman carried on a conversation that consisted of her job, her child, her mother, her husband and then she went into questioning me. She wanted to know what I was doing... was it not obvious?She wanted to know who I married, how old my child was, where I was living, who my in-laws were, what size panties I wore (okay... she didn't ask that but I wouldn't have been surprised if she had). The whole time this conversation was going on... my response most of the time was uh-huh, really, wow, etc. FINALLY, the older gentleman (my hero) and I got the damn balloons into my ride. YES... the woman was still talking.

I believe the expression on my face must have said it all because her next question was... "You have no clue who I am do you?"

NOPE... I had NO CLUE!!!

"Well, you look so familiar, but I am not good with names." I tried to cover up.

She gave me a "GO TO HELL" look and exclaimed, "What did I expect? You didn't know me in high school either."

With that outburst she quickly snatched up her kid and walked away. Leaving me with my 15 balloons, my clown car and EGG all over my face. I felt horrible.

BUT... after months of thinking about this incident... I am just ticked off!! If I didn't know her in high school, why in the hell did she think I would know her 10 years later?


At the diner where I was having lunch today, my waitress knew who I was. Granted, she did look a little familiar, but that was it... just a little familiar.

She also questioned me about my life. I answered every question and tried to eat my meal. I guess she was hoping that I would ask her about her life, but I didn't... I DIDN'T KNOW HER.

Out of no where I heard the dreaded words, "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?"

... NOPE... I had no clue...

I felt like I was reliving the previous incident!!!

I tried so hard to be as nice as I could "You look familiar. I am just not good with names."

Again, I got the "GO TO HELL" look. She explained that she and I had Music Lit. together in 10th grade. BIG WOOPIE!!! So what!!! I barely remember who my friends were back then... How am I suppose to remember someone I sat next to in Music Lit. years ago.

I acted like I remembered "Cindy" (name was on her name tag)... and this incident ended better than the previous. She actually gave me a free piece of pecan pie.


Until we meet again....

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The GOTB's...

I am beginning to wonder... am I or aren't I a Democrat? I have been disgusted here lately with the outburst of some officials in "our" party.

For example:

I am on the Democratic Blog emailing list... I received in the past 2 wks emails regarding the Murtha incident.

Clips from the 1st email from Tom McMahon:

Ten days ago Governor Dean asked Democrats to stand up for decorated combat veteran and Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha, who was under attack for speaking up about Iraq. More than 115,000 of you sent Murtha notes of encouragement, letting him know you would not be silent as Republicans try to score political points by attacking veterans.

Granted I do believe that the way Congresswoman Jean Schmidt went about "eluding" such crap was atrocious... BUT... I am not so sure I like the way the Democrats are trying to go about "getting back at her"...

You asked what you could do to turn the heat up on Jean Schmidt and show Republicans that questioning the service of our veterans isn't fair game. One great idea that many of you suggested was placing billboards in their home districts. So, at your suggestion, here's the proposal.
From this day forward, the Democratic Party will commit to putting up a "Shame on You" billboard in the home district of any Republican who attacks a veteran's service in order to score political points.

The first billboard will go up near Jean Schmidt's district office in Portsmouth, Ohio. The message: "Shame on You, Jean Schmidt: Stop Attacking Veterans. Keep Your Eye on the Ball -- We Need a Real Plan for Iraq".
Granted Murtha deserves nothing but respect... After all he did serve 37 years in the Marine Corps, he received the Bronze Star, two purple hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal. BUT... this whole billboard campaign has become a serious "cat fight", if you will... I feel as though I am back in high school and I am sitting back watching my football team and the opponent team fight over the football... Name calling and "calling one out" is not going to save face...

Clip of Second email from Howard Dean:

Jean Schmidt is only the latest Republican leader to cross this line of civility and respect for our veterans -- it's time to say enough is enough.

Republican leaders use these tactics to distract people from the simple fact that they have lost credibility on national security and foreign policy.

They abandoned the hunt for Osama bin Laden. They manipulated intelligence to sell the war in Iraq, and failed to plan adequately for the war before it started. They destroyed the moral authority America built up over five decades of Democratic and Republican presidents, and they alienated the universal support for our cause after September 11th.

Americans deserve to hear an exit strategy in Iraq and a plan to restore our moral leadership in the world. And questioning the patriotism of those who demand these things is absolutely out of bounds.
Although I do agree with most of this email... I still hate the "name calling" and "he said, she said" philosophy... It is so damn childish to me...

Clip of the Third Email from Tom McMahon:

This is it -- your last chance to help place billboards in Jean Schmidt's district sending her a clear message:

Granted I never did respond... I just couldn't... even though I think Jean Schmidt was way out of line... I do believe that we Democrats were going a "little over the top" with this plan...

Clip of the Fourth Email from Tom McMahon:

Unfortunately, at about 10 AM, we got two phone calls -- the first came from Lamar's Cincinnati office informing us that because of the content of the ad, they are refusing to continue to work with us. The second call came a few minutes later from Lamar's Huntington, West Virginia office, informing us that despite our signed contract, they were also rejecting our ad. This reversal came more than 24 hours after the DNC had signed a contract with Lamar, and 48 hours after they had accepted the artwork for the billboards you helped pay to put up.

So... I guess the old saying goes... "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"... Sure it's okay to be angry, sure it's okay to confront your "enemy"... but do it with class... DO NOT bow down to "their" level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Politics has turned into a colossal disfuntional virtual squabbling cycle. Control or influence of the truth, tell half-truths and unhesitatingly lie, execute the character of anyone who happens to disagree with you or your views, falsify reality to fit the storyline we want bestowed upon us. Each Political Party is Guilty of all of the above. They all have turned into behemoths. The sad thing is that any politician who speaks any sort of genuineness truths would be persecuted in today's society of animosity and hate. I guess it has turned into a "Game of Survival"... all men for themselves... What a freaking shame!!!!!

Maybe I'll start up my own Political Branch...
The GOTB's
("Getting Over The Bullshit" Party)


Also, Please Welcome one of the newest members of my "THOSE WHO ROCK" category THE INFORMATION BOUNTY HUNTER.

Until we meet again....

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All I Want For Christmas...

I got off work a little early... I am headed to the dreaded Doctor this afternoon (yes, I'm fine so don't panic)...

I found a blood boiling story over at Sgt Hook's... check it out and tell me if your blood doesn't boil... The whole story had me angry and then I read an idiot's response (Ricland) in Hook's comment box... that made my blood boil even more!!!! ;(

On to my "Happy" Place...

I have been working really hard on my Christmas Wish List this year... So, if you love me like I think you do... feel free to send me any of the following...

By the time I get home from a long day at work, I would love to slip into these socks... You can buy them for me here.

I really need this for my reck room... PLEASE!!!! You can buy it for me here.

(No it's not a "jock strap"... it's for the women or feminine men who like to wear dental floss... You can buy them for me here Sgt Hook's Supply Room) Okay maybe this is to much to ask... so for those I have offended... sorry!

My life would be "EVEN MORE" complete if you would be so kind and give me the best Christmas present EVER.... AeroSmith and Lenny Kravitz Concert... PRETTY PLEASE!

Knabe Grand Piano in Burled Circasion Walnut Satin Finish Circa 19295'2" Long 5-Year Warranty 100% 2-Year Exchange PrivilegeReNewed - This piano was fully rebuilt and refinished.

You have to admit... I would look really, really good sitting on a bench playing one of these beauty's... A little bit of Bach or Beethoven, anyone?? Well, It doesn't hurt to dream!!!!!!


Diamonds are always a "Girls Best Friend".

Simply spectacular ...glamorous diamond necklace is a breathtaking 13-5/8 carat total weight. 105 brilliant round-cut diamonds, graduated in size, are prong-set to consummate perfection in lustrous 18K white gold. Shimmering necklace is 16-inches long and has a hidden-box clasp for added security. The PERFECT GIFT FOR "GIRL ON THE BLOG"... :)


Okay... so I may be in "YEAH RIGHT VILLE" but it doesn't hurt to hope for a special gift, RIGHT?

Until we meet again....

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Monday, December 05, 2005

A Bigger Bang

Well I'm a little mixed-up ba-by
I don't know what to do...
Yes, my life is finally complete...

Congrats to Alice for guessing my "All mixed up" contest question correctly. She is a true GOTB reader... ;)

YES, I saw the greatest band in history "The Rolling Stones" at the FedExForum in Memphis, TN. It was the best concert I have EVER been toooooo! Ya know... if Mick Jagger was a few years younger... ;) WOW!!!
If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
I've been running hot
You got me ticking gonna blow my top
If you start me up...

Mick (first name bases here) is a remarkable, eminent, exalted, renowned, celebrated, majestic, dignified entertainer... the whole group is "bow down" worthy!!!! I can not believe that Mick is 62 years old (he is the same age as my father-in-law... and my father-in-law can't move like that and there is "no way in hell" I think he is sexy!!!) Mick was clapping his hands over his beautiful head, swiveling those yummy hips, strutting that righteous body and running from one end of the stage to the other. He is just amazing!!!! Keith Richards was just as amazing... he was kicking his legs, bending down on his knees, jumping up in the air and "making love" like a man should to his guitar... the greatest guitar performist I have seen in a very long time!!! I believe Keith (yes, on a first name bases here, as well) is around 61 or so... still damn sexy!!! To only have been a groupie back in the day... :)
You can't always get what you want, mmm!
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find, that ya
Get what you need
The show ripped open with "Start Me Up." Then the brilliant masters of rock belted out "You Got Me Rocking," "Shattered," "Tumblin' Dice," "Rough Justice," "Some Girls," "Satisfaction," "Honky Tonk Woman," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Sympathy for the Devil," "Brown Sugar," "You Can't Always Get What You Want".... I know I have left out quite a few... they played between 20 to 25 songs.
Brown sugar how come you taste so good
Brown sugar just like a young girl should

I could go on and on... but I'll shall refrain from rubbing it in to much. Let's just say... I had the time of my life!!!


But baby, I can't stay,
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin',
Roll me and call me the tumblin' dice.


On to reality....

The whole Saddam Trial is really getting to me. I do not understand why they are letting Saddam throw his "fits". PUT A DAMN MUSSEL ON THE MAN!!!!! I am sorry, but this man does not deserve a fair trial... why give him one... he never gave a fair trial to anyone he brutally killed or ordered to be killed. He deserves death immediately... a death as remorseless as the deaths he threw upon so many innocent people. To allow this man to belt out horrific outburst during this trial is a shame. He says he is not afraid of execution... then get it over with already!

The judge "is trying to be more just than justice itself. He should be putting some restrictions for the defendants and their team," Razzaq said, adding that the session only boosted Saddam's morale. "He is stronger and even looked healthier."


Back to morality...and my "TIPS OF THE MONTH"


After the breath taking concert... my friend and I went to a dive bar... and I met so many men lacking in intelligence and manners.

We had guys buying us beer after beer after beer...

TIP: Men... just because you buy a woman a beer... doesn't mean you are going to get lucky and doesn't mean that you are entitled to a dance... Just so we are clear!!!!

So... I had one guy come up and look straight at my breast and shout out "DAMN"!

TIP: Guys when trying to hit on a woman... do not talk to her breast!!!! It gets you no where very quick. We much rather have you look us in the eyes! ;) Our breast don't talk!!!!

The big question was "Are you here with anyone?"

TIP: It doesn't matter if a woman is at a bar with anyone or not. Look at her hand and if she has a wedding band on... stay the "HELL" away!

TIP: Just because a woman is at a bar with another woman doesn't make her a lesbian.

Tip: If a woman is out for a "good time"... she'll come up to you and ask! If she doesn't, she is obviously not interested... again, stay the "HELL" away.

And my number one TIP of the Month...

Tip: There is no need to be all up in a woman's space... we can hear you and see you just fine a foot away... No need to be all up in one's grill... Why must you insist on inching so close!!!!

It is amazing how many "God's Gift To Women" I met Saturday night in that tiny bar. What egos some guys have... they came off as such jerks...

Gosh... I don't miss being single at all!!!!!! (okay...maybe just a little...but just a little...)

Until we meet again....

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

All Mixed Up

Are you ready?????? It's time for the weekly Music Blog Contest... Whoever wins will be featured in my Navigation area under "Weekly Blog Winner"...

***What rock group did I go see this weekend?***

Hint: My life is now complete. (You have to be a GOTB reader to know)


Until we meet again....

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What say you for 2006?

I went out of town yesterday and had sooooooooooo much fun!!! I can't go into a lot of detail, as of yet, because this weekend has to do with my "Blog Winner Contest" question (which will be tomorrow)... Stay Tuned!!!!!

By the way... the TITANS truly suck this year!!!! So I am now dropping them as "my team" and going for my hottie quarterback, Peyton (former UT Vols man)... GO COLTS !!!!!! You say... "You can't switch teams like that!"... Watch me!!!

The New Year is quickly creeping up on us. If you are like me, every year you ponder on the thought of the New Year's resolution and eventually come up with a lame one. My past resolutions have consisted of I'll give up chocolate, I'll give up biting my nails, I'll give up men, I'll give up chewing gum, I'll give up my road-rage, I'll give up sex for 1 year, I will lose at least 10 lbs, etc.... While my resolutions were always well intentioned, unfortunately I failed at keeping them. New Year's resolutions are made to "better a person". We leave perverse demeanors behind and try to adopt new behaviors that will help us become "a better person". With all the hoop-la surrounding these affirmations, it's easy to get caught up in it without really taking them to heart.

So I have decided to be serious this upcoming year.

My resolution for 2006... Drum Roll Please...

To stay exactly the same!!!! I vow not to change. When midnight is upon us New Year's Eve...I will remain "Girl on the Blog". I have a wonderful son, husband and family. We are completely, absolutely happy and healthy. There have been events in my life that have taught me to appreciate who I am and what I have become. Besides a few vanity pounds, I like who I am and Damn-it, I love my life! So... my resolution is to continue to "dance" every minute, every second, every hour of every day. Why change a good thing? So as I fell short of my past resolutions, this one I know I'll be able to keep.

What say you for 2006?

Until we meet again....

Just a Girl \ E.Webscapes

PS... It's always nice to have a "weekend to myself" but it's nice to come home to someone who missed me as much as I missed him!

My little "cheese head"....

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Friday, December 02, 2005

One Tin Soldier...

9:00 p.m. Saturday, December 24, 2005

While waiting at the bus stop, Gina saw him lying underneath a newspaper on the cold hard pavement. She couldn't help but stop and stare. He was dressed in green and was covered in dirt.

As she stood looking down at him, she thought to herself "He looks like he needs a good home."

She leaned over and pulled the newspaper off of him and asked, "Would ya like to go home with me?"

He did not respond, but the look in his hard brown eyes told her that he did.

On the bus ride home, Gina and he never spoke a word. She just held on to his soiled hand. The thoughts of her little boy, Thomas, kept running through her head. A tear came to her eye.

The bus stopped in front of a dingy apartment complex on the out skirts of the Lower East Side.

She and he made their way to apartment 3B. While thumbing her keys around to try to find the right key, she never let go of his hand.

10:30 pm Saturday, December 24, 2005

She ran water in the rust stained sink.

"I suppose a good scrubbing will get you clean," she assured him.

She took off his green tattered clothes and laid them on top of the toilet seat and proceeded to scrub him clean, the best she could.

"I am sorry I have no clothes for you to wear. But I know that a soldier is always comfortable in his uniform." She whispered with a smile.

She placed the tattered green clothes back on him.

6 AM Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Mommy, mommy!" Thomas yelled while swinging Gina's bedroom door open.

"Look what Santa brought me."

He held up the tattered green clothed "GI Joe" his mom brought home the night before.

"See, I told you Santa would come this year." He giggled with excitement.

Holiday Angel Tree Program

The Salvation Army

Until we meet again...

P.S.... I'll be out of town this weekend... so no posting until Monday...
FYI... The "Blog Winner Contest" will be on Monday! I can guarantee that you will not be able to google the answer. You will have to be a Girl on the Blog reader to know the answer to the question. :)

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

...wind beneath my wings

"As I put my pen to paper I was instantly struck with the difficulty I was having in referring to my Grandmother, Ruth ****, in the past tense. Her strong presence is still so vibrant, so alive. My Grandmother was a passionate woman. She was passionate about everything. She worked passionately, disciplined passionately and loved passionately. She was a simple woman with grand tastes and grand desires. She died with the family she loved so dearly, by her side."
These are the words I wrote and read at my grandmother's funeral. It's been THREE years and it is still hard to think of her in the past tense.

The disease that took her life was, Adenocarcinoma, a type of lung cancer. This disease effected my life deeply. I lost my best friend. She had NEVER smoked a day in her life... BUT... she worked in an office for 30 years that allowed smoking (thus she endured the second hand smoke). My grandmother fought this disease for 6 years... 6 of the hardest years of her life. The last 2 months of her life she spent in the hospital and nursing home. I spent those 2 months with her... almost every moment. I gave up my job, my personal life... she was all that mattered. I saw this disease take the most beautiful woman in the world and turn her into a pile of bones.

"When I conjure up a vision of my Grandmother, I see a beautiful woman... a lady. Even just a few months ago, although visibly more frail, she was still a very lovely, gracious, and beautiful woman. As she proudly showed off her silver collector spoon my husband and I brought her back as a souvenir from our honeymoon in Charleston, SC. Her intense will to live, was astoundingly evident. She showed me all of her prized possessions. She walked me down her hallway and pointed to the pictures on the wall. As she pointed to my grandfather, my dad, my mom, myself and my sisters she stated, "These are my best gifts of all." As I awed all the marvels of her endeavors, I couldn't help being struck by the sheer will of this woman... my Grandmother."

There is one moment that will not stop echoing in my mind. It was a week before her passing, she was going out of her mind. She was tearing the clothes off of her body and I was trying to stop her. She looked me dead in the eye and said "Please help me, Shayna, please." I have never felt so helpless in my life.

I did things for my grandmother that I never thought I could do for anyone. I gave her a bath, I fed her, I helped her to the rest room, cleaned her mouth, combed what she had left of her hair, cleaned her opened sores, cleaned up her vomit. I loved her and never thought twice about doing any of those task because I knew she would have done the same for me.

I witnessed her last breath... and to this day it still haunts me.

"I'm reminded of her sense of humor. An inner hilarity not always appreciated by those around her. As I've grown and matured, it was my Grandmother's humor that I most enjoyed about her. She always teased me about staying out of trouble. She would state, "I know it is hard but try." So, in her dying day I teased her the same. I told her to try to behave and stay out of trouble and she would reply with a beautiful smile on her face, "I know it is hard but I will try."

Here I am, twenty-five, a breath ago a child myself, and I feel as if I barely knew her. All my memories are kaliedescoping in my minds eye. How I wish I had many more years with her to share so many more memories. But... the memories I have are joyful and full of glee."


"I think what I inherited most was her passion and that's not so bad. Her passion for life, for music, for friendship, and for family.

I'm sad that her great grandchildren will never know her and will forevermore miss all this amazing and wonderful woman had to offer. I'll miss her eyes, full of love and compassion, her youthful exuberance in playing the piano; I'll miss her saunter, I'll miss her appreciation of the finer things, I'll miss her joy over a great bargain, I'll miss her genius of things too numerous to count...of things wiser women and men study years and still never grasp. I'll miss the warm, soft, tight grip of her hand intertwined in mine."

I have been smoke free for 5 years. It was hard to kick the habit... but well worth it. I am a huge advocate of Cancer Research. I am a supporter of RELAY FOR LIFE. I have done a number of walks. There has to be a cure out there... Please help spread the word!!!

"Two years ago, my Grandmother asked me to sing at her memorial. I just agreed because I new she was not going anywhere. Now that day has come and I can't bring myself to utter a single note. But, I will say the words that I would love to sing to her, Did you ever know that you are my hero? You are everything I would like to be. I can fly higher than an eagle, because you are the wind beneath my wings. Grandmother I love you so... you are now with the angels... teach them how to fly."

Until we meet again....

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