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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

All I Want For Christmas...

I got off work a little early... I am headed to the dreaded Doctor this afternoon (yes, I'm fine so don't panic)...

I found a blood boiling story over at Sgt Hook's... check it out and tell me if your blood doesn't boil... The whole story had me angry and then I read an idiot's response (Ricland) in Hook's comment box... that made my blood boil even more!!!! ;(

On to my "Happy" Place...

I have been working really hard on my Christmas Wish List this year... So, if you love me like I think you do... feel free to send me any of the following...

By the time I get home from a long day at work, I would love to slip into these socks... You can buy them for me here.

I really need this for my reck room... PLEASE!!!! You can buy it for me here.

(No it's not a "jock strap"... it's for the women or feminine men who like to wear dental floss... You can buy them for me here Sgt Hook's Supply Room) Okay maybe this is to much to ask... so for those I have offended... sorry!

My life would be "EVEN MORE" complete if you would be so kind and give me the best Christmas present EVER.... AeroSmith and Lenny Kravitz Concert... PRETTY PLEASE!

Knabe Grand Piano in Burled Circasion Walnut Satin Finish Circa 19295'2" Long 5-Year Warranty 100% 2-Year Exchange PrivilegeReNewed - This piano was fully rebuilt and refinished.

You have to admit... I would look really, really good sitting on a bench playing one of these beauty's... A little bit of Bach or Beethoven, anyone?? Well, It doesn't hurt to dream!!!!!!


Diamonds are always a "Girls Best Friend".

Simply spectacular ...glamorous diamond necklace is a breathtaking 13-5/8 carat total weight. 105 brilliant round-cut diamonds, graduated in size, are prong-set to consummate perfection in lustrous 18K white gold. Shimmering necklace is 16-inches long and has a hidden-box clasp for added security. The PERFECT GIFT FOR "GIRL ON THE BLOG"... :)


Okay... so I may be in "YEAH RIGHT VILLE" but it doesn't hurt to hope for a special gift, RIGHT?

Until we meet again....

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