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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Being Called Out...

The past few days I have had an on going discussion with Snoop Donnie Don: "Rent" Part 2. He misinterpreted a comment I wrote... he assumed something, that at the time, I thought was flat out stupid!

Just like the person who decides or discovers that they are gay, I have weighed all aspects of what I know and believe at the moment in order to carry out what I do in my daily life whether people like it or not. They have done the same thing whether I like it or not. But, I hope the homosexuals I meet in the future can be as gracious as those I have met in the past and are able to agree to disagree, to share their tears with me as well as a drink or dinner and my tears with them as I have been able to do. But, knowing what I know today as an expression of who I am in this part of my journey, I can't see how I can change my mind. I still don't think that it is the way God intended. But, the response of most people who subscribe to the "Judeo Christian" ethic is most often equally not as God intended. But, I could not sacrifice a relationship with one if given the opportunity, by harping on their choice or condition in life. Because I truly believe that the differences we share with others challenge and refine us and make us better if we have enough concern for the person and not just the label we have on them. But really, we cannot help in this life do anything but wrestle with the labels when we are confronted with them.

My comment: I look at it like this... I may not prefer the same sex, married to a different race, etc... but it doesn't mean it is wrong. Just because I don't prefer the situation doesn't give me the right to disagree with their total outlook on life. It's their life, I am not the one living it and as long as they are happy... that's all that matters. (I hate using the terms "they" and "them" so please forgive)

D.Rad's Response: I don't disagree with their total outlook, just part of it. We all come to conclusions about right and wrong. The world would not function or progress without some code of right and wrong. I find it interesting you brinterracialracial marriage into this discussion. What does that mean? I think there are some metacognitiive messages in your writing. I think it may be possible that you see yourself judgmental and really don't want to deal with that part of yourself because you hate it and want to avoid it. There is a difference between judgmental and truthful. Is it truthful to say that murder is wrong or the sky is blue? No. But if I were to say the murderer is bound to hell and everybody should love blue or they have bad taste, I am being judgmental... Just food for thought.

My Comment Back: No... that is not it at all!!!! I am nowhere judgmental in any since. I was thinking back to my post that I did regarding homosexuals and prejudice, bias and racism. That is why I tied in interracial marriages. I guess I should have referred in my comment back to my post. For you to say you think that I am judgmental and do not want to deal with it... is just flat out stupid!!! YOU are judging me! I thought you were better than that!
Oh and maybe you need to read my post
Moving at the Speed of Life...

Today I question myself... and realize... yes, I am judgmental to a degree.

Bush... I do not like him. Never have, never will. I do not trust the man. Every time he opens his mouth... all I hear is the teacher off of the Charlie Brown cartoons "Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa..etc". I feel as though he has brought this nation in to a deep sea of crap and I do not ever see him being known as "One of the Greatest Presidents Ever". He and his whole administration will go down as a big RED mark in history. F written in RED!

So by me stating these words... am I being Judgmental? Am I being prejudice against the "Stupid"? I think I am.
On to... Stanley Tookie Williams

My thoughts on the death penalty... fry the bastard. He has supposedly turned his life around. I do not believe this. From an interview I saw with the warden of death row, he has been in trouble starting fights and joining fights. Why show him any sort of remorse... he didn't show any remorse for those he killed. Just because you write a few children's books doesn't make you a "changed" man. BUT THEN THERE IS THE LINGERING QUESTION... should we play God? Well, I believe this... God gave Williams a brain, a life. Williams destroyed it by destroying someone else... he was caught... sentenced to death... and now Arnold has made it clear that Williams shall die. God works in mysterious ways.

Again am I being judgmental against "born again" murderers? I guess I would have to say... Yes, I am.

Here we go to the Rapist...

Rapists are, in my eyes, the scum of the earth. Anyone who can take something so precious from a man, woman or child by force... should live in eternal hell FOREVER. There is no excuse for rape... none! When a woman, man or child says NO... screams NO... mumbles NO... whispers NO... NO MEANS NO!!! I swear before each of you ... if any man or woman were to ever lay a sexual hand on my son... they will never live to see another day. I rather be damned to eternal hell for murder than to let the bastard roam free tormenting others. I have been put in a few situation where, at any moment, I felt as though the situation would have led to rape. Fortunately for me... they never got that far. I did have a friend that committed suicide after two of our "friends" ganged up on her and raped her! No one believed her (I did... but a majority of people did not) The bastards are still walking free to this day!!!! How can anyone do this to another human? How can you take something from your victim that is not yours? How????

YES... I am being judgmental when it comes to the dirty bastard rapist!

My judgmental prejudices do not regard homosexuality, bi-racial marriage, racism, gender bias, etc... BUT... My judgmental prejudices do regard stupid Politicians, Murdering the Innocent and Raping of the undefiled.

So am I judgmental? I have to say... Yes, I am.

Am I proud of it? No, I am not!


I called your bluff D.Rad... and you made me realize... I was the one bluffing in a certain since... I am not as PERFECT and opened minded as I once thought I was...

D.Rad said... I apologize if I overstepped my boundaries in the blogosphere, but I think it is okay to challenge and I know you are able to handle yourself, as you can feel free to challenge me anytime. But, I have a tendency to get caught up in the moment and the words and let that get in the way of what other things I read from you. When you brought interracial marriage into the same list as homosexuality, I looked at it and responded with my filters rather than yours. Now that I can rethink it, I see that it is from your open heart and love for others that you put those on the same list for good reasons while others usually don't. I think interracial marriage is a great thing. The voices (not crazy voices) I heard saying this as I was reading your comment were saying it negatively which led me to accuse you of what I did. So, I am glad you felt free to respond back to me the way you did.

Until we meet again....

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