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Monday, December 05, 2005

A Bigger Bang

Well I'm a little mixed-up ba-by
I don't know what to do...
Yes, my life is finally complete...

Congrats to Alice for guessing my "All mixed up" contest question correctly. She is a true GOTB reader... ;)

YES, I saw the greatest band in history "The Rolling Stones" at the FedExForum in Memphis, TN. It was the best concert I have EVER been toooooo! Ya know... if Mick Jagger was a few years younger... ;) WOW!!!
If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
I've been running hot
You got me ticking gonna blow my top
If you start me up...

Mick (first name bases here) is a remarkable, eminent, exalted, renowned, celebrated, majestic, dignified entertainer... the whole group is "bow down" worthy!!!! I can not believe that Mick is 62 years old (he is the same age as my father-in-law... and my father-in-law can't move like that and there is "no way in hell" I think he is sexy!!!) Mick was clapping his hands over his beautiful head, swiveling those yummy hips, strutting that righteous body and running from one end of the stage to the other. He is just amazing!!!! Keith Richards was just as amazing... he was kicking his legs, bending down on his knees, jumping up in the air and "making love" like a man should to his guitar... the greatest guitar performist I have seen in a very long time!!! I believe Keith (yes, on a first name bases here, as well) is around 61 or so... still damn sexy!!! To only have been a groupie back in the day... :)
You can't always get what you want, mmm!
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find, that ya
Get what you need
The show ripped open with "Start Me Up." Then the brilliant masters of rock belted out "You Got Me Rocking," "Shattered," "Tumblin' Dice," "Rough Justice," "Some Girls," "Satisfaction," "Honky Tonk Woman," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Sympathy for the Devil," "Brown Sugar," "You Can't Always Get What You Want".... I know I have left out quite a few... they played between 20 to 25 songs.
Brown sugar how come you taste so good
Brown sugar just like a young girl should

I could go on and on... but I'll shall refrain from rubbing it in to much. Let's just say... I had the time of my life!!!


But baby, I can't stay,
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin',
Roll me and call me the tumblin' dice.


On to reality....

The whole Saddam Trial is really getting to me. I do not understand why they are letting Saddam throw his "fits". PUT A DAMN MUSSEL ON THE MAN!!!!! I am sorry, but this man does not deserve a fair trial... why give him one... he never gave a fair trial to anyone he brutally killed or ordered to be killed. He deserves death immediately... a death as remorseless as the deaths he threw upon so many innocent people. To allow this man to belt out horrific outburst during this trial is a shame. He says he is not afraid of execution... then get it over with already!

The judge "is trying to be more just than justice itself. He should be putting some restrictions for the defendants and their team," Razzaq said, adding that the session only boosted Saddam's morale. "He is stronger and even looked healthier."


Back to morality...and my "TIPS OF THE MONTH"


After the breath taking concert... my friend and I went to a dive bar... and I met so many men lacking in intelligence and manners.

We had guys buying us beer after beer after beer...

TIP: Men... just because you buy a woman a beer... doesn't mean you are going to get lucky and doesn't mean that you are entitled to a dance... Just so we are clear!!!!

So... I had one guy come up and look straight at my breast and shout out "DAMN"!

TIP: Guys when trying to hit on a woman... do not talk to her breast!!!! It gets you no where very quick. We much rather have you look us in the eyes! ;) Our breast don't talk!!!!

The big question was "Are you here with anyone?"

TIP: It doesn't matter if a woman is at a bar with anyone or not. Look at her hand and if she has a wedding band on... stay the "HELL" away!

TIP: Just because a woman is at a bar with another woman doesn't make her a lesbian.

Tip: If a woman is out for a "good time"... she'll come up to you and ask! If she doesn't, she is obviously not interested... again, stay the "HELL" away.

And my number one TIP of the Month...

Tip: There is no need to be all up in a woman's space... we can hear you and see you just fine a foot away... No need to be all up in one's grill... Why must you insist on inching so close!!!!

It is amazing how many "God's Gift To Women" I met Saturday night in that tiny bar. What egos some guys have... they came off as such jerks...

Gosh... I don't miss being single at all!!!!!! (okay...maybe just a little...but just a little...)

Until we meet again....

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