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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can I get a 'Snob' ?

It has been brought to my attention that evidently I am, lack of better words, a snob! I have never intended to come off as a braggart, pretender, upstart, parvenuer, elitist... but SOME people in the past three months have made me aware that "obviously" I am (no sarcasms in my writing at all...noooo).

For Example:

The day before my son's birthday, I went to the balloon store and bought 15 helium balloons. While buying these balloons I never thought of "HOW IN THE HELL WAS I GOING TO GET THEM IN MY MALIBU?!?!" Since then I have purchased a Damn Fine Ride that would have held the mass of balloons just fine... but I digress. While I was trying to cram the cluster of balloons into my car, a kind older gentleman asked if he could help me. I guess I looked like a fool in desperate need of aid. I took him up on his offer. During our struggle of pushing and pulling the balloons into my "clown car" a red Ford Bronco pulled up beside us. A thin woman, with long black hair got out & blurted "SHAYNA!" I turned to her and said "Hello" and then turned back to the balloon fight. The lady proceeded to get her child out of her vehicle. She, I guess, decided to have a conversation with my back side. My back side was sticking out of the passenger side. This woman carried on a conversation that consisted of her job, her child, her mother, her husband and then she went into questioning me. She wanted to know what I was doing... was it not obvious?She wanted to know who I married, how old my child was, where I was living, who my in-laws were, what size panties I wore (okay... she didn't ask that but I wouldn't have been surprised if she had). The whole time this conversation was going on... my response most of the time was uh-huh, really, wow, etc. FINALLY, the older gentleman (my hero) and I got the damn balloons into my ride. YES... the woman was still talking.

I believe the expression on my face must have said it all because her next question was... "You have no clue who I am do you?"

NOPE... I had NO CLUE!!!

"Well, you look so familiar, but I am not good with names." I tried to cover up.

She gave me a "GO TO HELL" look and exclaimed, "What did I expect? You didn't know me in high school either."

With that outburst she quickly snatched up her kid and walked away. Leaving me with my 15 balloons, my clown car and EGG all over my face. I felt horrible.

BUT... after months of thinking about this incident... I am just ticked off!! If I didn't know her in high school, why in the hell did she think I would know her 10 years later?


At the diner where I was having lunch today, my waitress knew who I was. Granted, she did look a little familiar, but that was it... just a little familiar.

She also questioned me about my life. I answered every question and tried to eat my meal. I guess she was hoping that I would ask her about her life, but I didn't... I DIDN'T KNOW HER.

Out of no where I heard the dreaded words, "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?"

... NOPE... I had no clue...

I felt like I was reliving the previous incident!!!

I tried so hard to be as nice as I could "You look familiar. I am just not good with names."

Again, I got the "GO TO HELL" look. She explained that she and I had Music Lit. together in 10th grade. BIG WOOPIE!!! So what!!! I barely remember who my friends were back then... How am I suppose to remember someone I sat next to in Music Lit. years ago.

I acted like I remembered "Cindy" (name was on her name tag)... and this incident ended better than the previous. She actually gave me a free piece of pecan pie.


Until we meet again....

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