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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The GOTB's...

I am beginning to wonder... am I or aren't I a Democrat? I have been disgusted here lately with the outburst of some officials in "our" party.

For example:

I am on the Democratic Blog emailing list... I received in the past 2 wks emails regarding the Murtha incident.

Clips from the 1st email from Tom McMahon:

Ten days ago Governor Dean asked Democrats to stand up for decorated combat veteran and Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha, who was under attack for speaking up about Iraq. More than 115,000 of you sent Murtha notes of encouragement, letting him know you would not be silent as Republicans try to score political points by attacking veterans.

Granted I do believe that the way Congresswoman Jean Schmidt went about "eluding" such crap was atrocious... BUT... I am not so sure I like the way the Democrats are trying to go about "getting back at her"...

You asked what you could do to turn the heat up on Jean Schmidt and show Republicans that questioning the service of our veterans isn't fair game. One great idea that many of you suggested was placing billboards in their home districts. So, at your suggestion, here's the proposal.
From this day forward, the Democratic Party will commit to putting up a "Shame on You" billboard in the home district of any Republican who attacks a veteran's service in order to score political points.

The first billboard will go up near Jean Schmidt's district office in Portsmouth, Ohio. The message: "Shame on You, Jean Schmidt: Stop Attacking Veterans. Keep Your Eye on the Ball -- We Need a Real Plan for Iraq".
Granted Murtha deserves nothing but respect... After all he did serve 37 years in the Marine Corps, he received the Bronze Star, two purple hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal. BUT... this whole billboard campaign has become a serious "cat fight", if you will... I feel as though I am back in high school and I am sitting back watching my football team and the opponent team fight over the football... Name calling and "calling one out" is not going to save face...

Clip of Second email from Howard Dean:

Jean Schmidt is only the latest Republican leader to cross this line of civility and respect for our veterans -- it's time to say enough is enough.

Republican leaders use these tactics to distract people from the simple fact that they have lost credibility on national security and foreign policy.

They abandoned the hunt for Osama bin Laden. They manipulated intelligence to sell the war in Iraq, and failed to plan adequately for the war before it started. They destroyed the moral authority America built up over five decades of Democratic and Republican presidents, and they alienated the universal support for our cause after September 11th.

Americans deserve to hear an exit strategy in Iraq and a plan to restore our moral leadership in the world. And questioning the patriotism of those who demand these things is absolutely out of bounds.
Although I do agree with most of this email... I still hate the "name calling" and "he said, she said" philosophy... It is so damn childish to me...

Clip of the Third Email from Tom McMahon:

This is it -- your last chance to help place billboards in Jean Schmidt's district sending her a clear message:

Granted I never did respond... I just couldn't... even though I think Jean Schmidt was way out of line... I do believe that we Democrats were going a "little over the top" with this plan...

Clip of the Fourth Email from Tom McMahon:

Unfortunately, at about 10 AM, we got two phone calls -- the first came from Lamar's Cincinnati office informing us that because of the content of the ad, they are refusing to continue to work with us. The second call came a few minutes later from Lamar's Huntington, West Virginia office, informing us that despite our signed contract, they were also rejecting our ad. This reversal came more than 24 hours after the DNC had signed a contract with Lamar, and 48 hours after they had accepted the artwork for the billboards you helped pay to put up.

So... I guess the old saying goes... "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"... Sure it's okay to be angry, sure it's okay to confront your "enemy"... but do it with class... DO NOT bow down to "their" level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Politics has turned into a colossal disfuntional virtual squabbling cycle. Control or influence of the truth, tell half-truths and unhesitatingly lie, execute the character of anyone who happens to disagree with you or your views, falsify reality to fit the storyline we want bestowed upon us. Each Political Party is Guilty of all of the above. They all have turned into behemoths. The sad thing is that any politician who speaks any sort of genuineness truths would be persecuted in today's society of animosity and hate. I guess it has turned into a "Game of Survival"... all men for themselves... What a freaking shame!!!!!

Maybe I'll start up my own Political Branch...
The GOTB's
("Getting Over The Bullshit" Party)


Also, Please Welcome one of the newest members of my "THOSE WHO ROCK" category THE INFORMATION BOUNTY HUNTER.

Until we meet again....

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