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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Play it again, Sam Continued...

I have decided to continue my Play it again, Sam post... one reason being, I don't think it is fare that I only picked a select few of my "Those Who Rock" ... the other being, I have really nothing to post today...

This time I am not only posting what song reminds me of you I am also putting a little twist on the whole concept... I will be including a description of what I think you look like and what kind of person I think you are... :)

So.... this shall be my Thursday post... even though I am actually posting it on Wednesday. "Hey, I am always ahead of the game"...

Esoteric Wombat ... I hear the Batman Theme running through my head... and where they say BATMAN... I hear WOMBAT!!! Perfect song for you I do believe! Okay I have seen a pic of you... well just your head. Do you still have the long hair? I picture you around 6 ft tall. Brown hair brown eyes. The artsy type. Funny as hell in a dry sense of humor way!

Sgt Hook ... I hear the Billy Ray Cyrus Song "Don't Break My Heart My Achy Breaky Heart"... No, Just Kidding... I actually hear his song... "All Gave Some"... It's actually a really good song and I have performed it several times. Okay let me give you a much sexier song... "Soldier" by Destiny's Child... :) I picture you being a brilliant minded, sexy soldier... (Guys in uniform...nothing like them) in your 40's. Between 5'8 - 5'10. Brown Hair Blue Eyes. A damn fine man who is loyal to his job and his country.

Courting Destiny ... I hear "Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton... the first song that popped into my head when reading you! I picture you as a fiery red head with green eyes. Tall and slender... what every woman wants to be and then some. A New York Yankee fan and a classy but riskay woman.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not ... I hear "Down Home Girl" The Rolling Stones ... why? I don't know... first song that popped into my head. I have only seen half your head in your little profile pic... So... I am going to say you are around 5'6. Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. Sexy school girl nerd. You do not take things to heart. You are a spunky girl that doesn't take any crap!

Leigh... The Lab "Your Every Color" Train... sounds like you... I could be wrong... but from what I've read... I think I am right! You are definitely a surfer chick full of life... I have only seen your profile pic and your child hood pic. I say your dark brown hair is medium length and you have dark brown eyes. I picture you to be like you have said before a "Nora Jones" look a like. A Cool surfer chick that I would gladly catch a wave with anytime (if I knew had to surf... remember I have to teach ya how to cow tip).

Afriend: Individual Thoughts a hard one for me... I have just started reading you just this past month... hmmmm... "If Tomorrow Never Comes" Garth Brooks... just because by reading your post I picture a man who is grateful for life but often wonders if he has done enough to make everyone happy. One who, I believe, has realized that making himself happy will make the world around him happier...alcohol and cigarettes.... I picture an older man with salt and pepper hair, green eyes and a long will to live many more years!!! ;)

Amy's... Brain Droppings "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out" Cat Stevens... why because I think of Cat's when I am clicking on the link to your blog... so I had to throw in some Cat Stevens. I picture you with shoulder length brown wavy hair. Around 5'5 . I see you maybe wearing your heart on your sleeve... you have a great love for animals... a little clumsy, I do believe... falling down the steps... :)

AverageBusinessMan "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)" Buddy Holly... I just picture you to look like Buddy Holly... a great love for your wife and kid... a laid back, fun loving type of guy who gets along with everyone!

Bee "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper... I picture you being the life of every party... the pretty girl... Blonde Hair Blue Eyed California Girl... Everyone likes and loves.

CaliValleyGirl "Good Enough For Me" Tiffany... I picture you being the fun loving, soldier girl friend... brainy and a lot of fun to be around. I picture you with sandy brown hair, brown eyes and a personality to die for. A person who is open minded and loves life... but loves her soldier more.

Eli Blake's... Deep Thought "FOOT OF PRIDE" Bob Dylan.... I picture you as a man full of knowledge and are compassionate in what you believe in. You are a one who speaks his mind and gets respect every where you go. A man people look up toooooo!!!

Chris Sapp's Many Faces "Panic Song" Green Day... I picture you as a very caring person and longing for the love and compassion you give out to be returned to you. I see you being high-strung and always wanting to get the job done. I see you as 6 ft, bald, and with the "chester" cats grin... :)

Graham's... The Cognoscenti "We didn't start the fire" Billy Joel... I picture you as a handsome man... driving the girls wild with your looks and brains... I picture you with light brown hair and blue, blue eyes... around 6 ft tall... men want to be you, women want to be with you... :)

MJ... Political Notio "Country Boys And Girls" Tim McGraw... Actually when I first started reading you,what you wrote sounded like one of my best friends. So I picture you as 6'1 brown hair and green eyes... country boy tan... cowboy hat sometimes when you are not on the job... love for your wife... true-blue to your job... You like your job but sometimes you wished you were doing something else... a perfect man to say the least... ;)

SnoopDonnieDon "Leap of Faith" Michelle Branch... I have seen some pics of you... so I will say brown hair and a goatee... You have great faith, but sometimes question the way you feel... you are searching for so many answers on why you feel the way you do... Realizing you are a normal human being will be in your future...

Miz BoheMia... "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen... it's your name that gives it away... I picture you as the cool chica... the cool mom... you don't take any crap from anyone... you could kick my ass if I let ya...LOL! Just started reading you so... my image may change... :)

The Info. Bounty Hunter "Hard to Handle" The Black Crowes... I picture being Mr. Nice Guy but when the moment is right... you can be "Mr. I'll Kick Your Ass"... you are the type that all the ladies long for... the teacher image comes to mind... except for you it would be librarian... ;) Also, I picture you as looking a little like Mark McGrath and that is not a bad thing!!!!

Sooooo... this is my picture of each of you... am I right or am I wrong? Let me know how close I am to the real thing.... Also, if you haven't already... let me know what song reminds you of me and what you picture me to be like... ;)

UPDATE: My sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby was not amused by my "Monkey" picture of him... so I thought I better make a mends... If I don't... my whistling nose and I will be sleeping in the dog house... literally...

Until we meet again....

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