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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Play it again, Sam

"Play it again, Sam" has to be one of my all time favorite lines. I always wanted to say that line... and six years ago I did, when I was performing in Franklin at a local pub (Bunganut Pig). My keyboardist name was Sam... so I couldn't help myself... "Let's play it again, Sam"...

Throughout my life music has been my "outlet"... From the time I was 3 years old until I was 23... I lived, breathed, ate and slept music. It was my passion. I came so close to making my musical dreams a reality... but I digress.

Everyone that has made a "deep impression" on my life I have "graciously" given each of them a song. So... anytime I hear a song that I have "graciously" given out... I always think of them. For example...

My ex-hubby... "I Don't Wanna Fight" Tina Turner

An ex-lover... "I Will Remember You" Sarah McLachlan

Old Spanish Teacher... "Livin' La Vida Loca" Ricky Martin

My son... "I Hope You Dance" Lee Ann Womack

My grandmother... "Wind Beneath My Wings" Bette Midler

My sisters... "Girl You Know It's True" Milli Vanilli (LONG BUT FUNNY STORY)

SOOOOO.... I thought about what song comes to mind when I read some of my fellow bloggers...

Esoteric Wombat ... I hear the Batman Theme running through my head... and where they say BATMAN... I hear WOMBAT!!!

Sgt Hook ... I hear the Billy Ray Cyrus Song "Don't Break My Heart My Achy Breaky Heart"... No, Just Kidding... I actually hear his song... "All Gave Some"... It's actually a really good song and I have performed it several times.

Courting Destiny ... I hear "Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton... the first song that popped into my head when reading you!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not ... I hear "Down Home Girl" The Rolling Stones ... why? I don't know... first song that popped into my head.

Leigh... The Lab "Your Every Color" Train... sounds like you... I could be wrong... but from what I've read... I think I am right!

I would go on... but I am so tired. Ask me what song reminds me of you in my comment box. Also... tell me what song reminds you of me.

Until we meet again....

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