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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tag Your It!

Thanks to Sgt Hook I have been tagged...

My tag mission is to post 5 Weird Habits of mine. But you see Sgt... I really don't have any weird habits. (Although my hubby disagrees)... He has so kindly reminded me of my weird habits.

These are my hubby's top 5 Girl on the Blog weird habits... I don't find them that weird!

5) I eat cheese on everything... I mean everything!!!

4) I make up songs for my son... such as "Wake up you sleepy head, hall your hiney out of bed", "Clean up, Clean up, let us all clean up", "Tingy, tangy, tee, Wingy, wangy, wee", "Yummy, yummy, yummy let's put this goody in your tummy", "I'm going to change your diaper, cha cha cha, I'm going to change your diaper, cha cha cha" and etc...

3) When I snore (I am not aware that I do... this is just hear say from my sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby) my nose makes this cute little whistle... Whatever!

2) I belch after taking the first drink of a soda. (okay this is true and soooo unattractive)

1) I sit around in my bath towel as long as I can before I get ready for work, play... life. (this isn't that weird... I just like to be dry before I put on my clothes... that's all! :)~ )

It has been brought to my attention that I have never posted a pic of my sexy, older, perfect, laid back, no ass hubby... So here he is... Isn't he cute?!?! That's what he gets for saying I have weird habits... specially the nose whistling thing!

Part II of this assignment is to tag 5 others with it. Sorry folks, you've been tagged... blame it on the Sgt!!!!!!

The Info. Bounty Hunter
Leigh... The Lab
Alice: In Wonderland or Not

Until we meet again....

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