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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What say you for 2006?

I went out of town yesterday and had sooooooooooo much fun!!! I can't go into a lot of detail, as of yet, because this weekend has to do with my "Blog Winner Contest" question (which will be tomorrow)... Stay Tuned!!!!!

By the way... the TITANS truly suck this year!!!! So I am now dropping them as "my team" and going for my hottie quarterback, Peyton (former UT Vols man)... GO COLTS !!!!!! You say... "You can't switch teams like that!"... Watch me!!!

The New Year is quickly creeping up on us. If you are like me, every year you ponder on the thought of the New Year's resolution and eventually come up with a lame one. My past resolutions have consisted of I'll give up chocolate, I'll give up biting my nails, I'll give up men, I'll give up chewing gum, I'll give up my road-rage, I'll give up sex for 1 year, I will lose at least 10 lbs, etc.... While my resolutions were always well intentioned, unfortunately I failed at keeping them. New Year's resolutions are made to "better a person". We leave perverse demeanors behind and try to adopt new behaviors that will help us become "a better person". With all the hoop-la surrounding these affirmations, it's easy to get caught up in it without really taking them to heart.

So I have decided to be serious this upcoming year.

My resolution for 2006... Drum Roll Please...

To stay exactly the same!!!! I vow not to change. When midnight is upon us New Year's Eve...I will remain "Girl on the Blog". I have a wonderful son, husband and family. We are completely, absolutely happy and healthy. There have been events in my life that have taught me to appreciate who I am and what I have become. Besides a few vanity pounds, I like who I am and Damn-it, I love my life! So... my resolution is to continue to "dance" every minute, every second, every hour of every day. Why change a good thing? So as I fell short of my past resolutions, this one I know I'll be able to keep.

What say you for 2006?

Until we meet again....

Just a Girl \ E.Webscapes

PS... It's always nice to have a "weekend to myself" but it's nice to come home to someone who missed me as much as I missed him!

My little "cheese head"....
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